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    Outdoor bluetooth speaker that runs on batteries?

    I'm looking for a good loud speaker that will run on C or D batteries (camping with no ability to recharge an internal battery). Bluetooth preferred so I won't need an aux cable. Any ideas?
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    Crash-testing lithium-ion batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, fully rechargeable, and can pack a lot of energy into a small volume — making them attractive as power sources for hybrid and electric vehicles. However, there’s a significant downside: Overheating and collisions may cause the batteries to short-circuit...
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    Is there a Bluetooth adapter that does not use batteries?

    I am looking for a Bluetooth adapter that I can plug into my speakers via 3.5mm audio jack that will use the power from the speakers instead of an internal battery supply. My basic use is my iPod's Bluetooth hooking up to it and playing music through the sound system.
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    What can I do with the use of cellphone batteries?

    Is it chemical?
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    The Department of Energy Wants To Make Better Batteries By Recreating the Manhattan P

    The U.S. Dept. of Energy has big plans. They want batteries that are five times more powerful than what we've got today, and they want them to be five times cheaper. All that in just five years. It's a tall order, but they've got a plan: recreate the Manhattan Project. More »
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    DC motors and batteries?

    I am making a robot and am going to use a 12v DC motor and the battery I am going to use is a 9v rechargeable battery, Is this suitable having a 9v rechargeable battery powering 2-3 12v DC motors. Or should I use 9v DC motors. Also approximately how fast will a 9v and 12v DC motor go. If I...
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    A poll, do you buy alkaline batteries or the cheapest kind when rechargable cannot... used in your device that? recommends alkaline.
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    Will I need 2 car batteries? (Car audio question)?

    I have a 2012 Chevy 2500 Express van that we use to haul our bikes for racing. I have a Kenwood KAC-9105D mono amp (900 watts RMS 1800 watts max) powering two 12 inch Kenwood subs. I am adding another amp (Kenwood KAC-8405 4 Channel 60 watts RMS per channel) to power all the mids and highs...
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    Math Can Make Your Batteries Charge Twice as Fast [Batteries]

    Most battery advances concentrate on improving hardware, but researchers from the University of California San Diego have developed new algorithms that can cut lithium-ion battery charge times in half. More »
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    My 1988 chev 6.2 diesel will not turn over. I replaced both batteries.?

    Can the issue be something different than a starter?
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    Mobile phone batteries and chargers...?

    I have a few mobile phones in possession... each of their chargers are provided; most of them have similar voltage output but there are some chargers with different amp output... e.g.: Samsung Galaxy S II - Output: 5v 0.7A, Samsung Galaxy Note - Output: 5v 1A. I have a multitude of battery...
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    3M's Silicon Anodes Could Boost Gadget Battery Life by 40 Percent [Batteries]

    Graphite is a common choice for anodes in Li-Ion battery systems but doesn't store much charge for its bulk. However, 3M's newly-devised electrode could boost battery life and replace the soft-carbon material for good. More »
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    extended batteries for LG of verizon won't work?

    I have purchased an extended battery in ebay but won'y work on my Verizon l charged it and still won't work.
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    Digital cameras that run on AA batteries

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    Two Bugaboo recalls, plus exploding batteries and carbon monoxide from water heaters

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    will a 200 amp alt and 2 yellow top batteries be enough?

    to power a crescendo BC5500D?? any suggestions? are u positive because i had voltage drop with one yellow top up front and stock 70 amp alt on a AQ2200. and now im up grading to a crescendo BC5500D .and the big 3 is already done. all 0 gauge. at airforce . i haven't had any problems with the...
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    Duracell go mobile charger batteries question?

    Ok if I get this and the rechargable batteries do I have to keep getting a new pair after I use the the first pair then charge it again then I have throw those away and get more? Please would help a lot best answer gets 10Points!!!!
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    Want to know all the car audio batteries that would fit under the hood of a 96...

    ...Civic.? I have Shuriken BT80 battery in my trunk and Yellow top under the hood .I want to replace my yellow top with something with more power .Need help all i know is kinetics 1400r ,Stinger V35, Xs 5100r fits the car can anyone else tell me any other brands and models
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    Do you check the batteries in your smoke detector yearly?

    Source: WYMT-TV, What is your opinion?
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    What is a good introduction for an assignment about batteries?

    I already have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to write, but if you give me any more ideas I'll re-word them and everything. I'm just really stuck on making the intro longer and making it flow a bit better. I'm not writing an essay-like thing, so there's really no story to it. It's written...