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    Early Drug Development Summit, 3-4 December 2012, Berlin, Germany

    With its 15 years conference production and management experience, WTG introduces a leading pharma event "Early Drug Development Summit" in December 3rd-4th 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The Early Drug Development Summit brings early drug developers together to discuss maximising drug investments...
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    Gay and lesbian bar in Berlin?

    Can anyone recomend me a lesbian or gay bar in Berlin?? thnks
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    Interesting topics relating to the Berlin Wall?

    I need to write a 4000 word research paper on History and I'd like for it to be related to the Berlin, for example: reasons for the erection of the Berlin Wall.
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    Interesting topics relating to the Berlin Wall?

    I need to write a 4000 word research paper on History and I'd like for it to be related to the Berlin, for example: reasons for the erection of the Berlin Wall.
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    Is it practical to fly to Frankfurt from Berlin for one day?

    I have a friend in Frankfurt who wants me to visit while I'm in Berlin. He recommended that I fly because it's only an hour. I'll only be able to visit for one day. I was told though, that it's better to take the train because it's a bit cheaper and it will end up taking the same amount of...
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    Meeting People in Berlin, Dresden, and Prague?

    Okay so I am 15 (will be 16yrs old this Tuesday) and I am going to Berlin this summer for our German class trip with EF Tours. I am the only sophomore going because I got moved up a grade in German class so my German teacher said that I am the only sophomore allowed to go. So I was wondering if...
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    What the name of this Berlin bar?

    It looked like something from the game Bioshock (from the 50's or 60's decor), also had jazz band playing in there, and very very busy. I cant remember the name of it!
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    Texas Children's Hospital Hosts North American Investigators On Berlin Heart Trial

    Investigators from Texas Children's Hospital and 16 other top pediatric heart centers in North America came together in Houston to analyze results from their 39-month national clinical trial of the Berlin Heart EXCOR® Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (VAD), a German-manufactured pediatric...
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    Cost for an apartment in Berlin Mitte-Scheunenviertel?

    I am looking for a single (studio) if possible, furnished apartment in this area. What would you say is the average cost and availability? Thanks
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    Need advice on public transport in Berlin - HELP?

    I am either traveling using a RE(regional) train, with a Connecting service, or using simply the S-Bahn service. I arrive at Schoenfeld airport, and i simply don't know what to do. They say to buy a ticket at the kiosk, and then stamp it, but i don't understand. What tickets would i buy if...
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    In one of Anthony Bourdain's show in Berlin, he met some great artists...

    ...with funny paintings. Who were they? They had some funny looking creatures painted on odd materials, found in some old place. This scene is for i don't know what reason, cut from the episode posted on the youtube. Please tell me the name of those artists, i want to learn more about them...
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    Why is New York the 'World Capital'? Why not London or Tokyo or Berlin?

    Just a curiosity i have had for a while, I live in London and have been to NYC, I know which I prefer.
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    may i enter the Berlin with my audi 2.5 diesel car?

    Hi all, I heard that the car rules changed for berlin city center. May i drive with my audi 2.5 diesel till my hotel? Thank you for any info.
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    Hi-where is anoghozo+gilzinder the east berlin habitant girls which i met 30

    years b4.? i met them going from checosalawakia to berlin and i never forgot them--but i forgot thier address--my e mail is [email protected]
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    Has anyone been to the Teufelsberg (Devil's Castle) in Berlin?

    Information on getting to the old NSA listening post is sparse. Some say that it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the S-Bahn station in Grunewald. Also how easy is it to find a gap in the fence that many talk about. Any advice on what nasties I should look out for and if it's advisable to...
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    World War II Combat Road To Berlin XBOX-ProjectX

    Category: Console-XBox Size: 652.69 MB Files: 25 (9 pars) Group: .NFO: View NFO Posted: Tue September 8th 23:43:31 UTC Download NZB
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    Berlin Tower Blasts Off Into Space [Architecture]

    I don't know if Fabian Tischer—the author of this cleverly made video that mixes architecture and space—loves or hates the Berliner Fernsehturm tower. No matter what, the fact is that he decided to launch it into space. The 365-meter high Berlin TV tower was built by the communist government...
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    Does anyone know where can I download the ringtone called Go Lights Berlin!?

    The ringtone comes with the Samsung Instinct and it is by far my favorite ringtone! However, the phone itself I didn't like, so I have anotherone now, but I would like to get that ringtone! Anyone know how?
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    Is there somewhere I can rent a bike in Berlin, Germany?

    I am in Berlin for a couple months, and would like to rent a bike for a month so I can bike around the city or to nearby places. Are there any stores you know of that allow you to buy a bike only temporarily?
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    Is it hard to fin a job in Fashion Retail in Berlin?

    I am moving to Berlin in a couple of months and I am starting to look for a job. Everywhere you look it says that the unemployment rate is really high in Berlin but does that spread across all industries? I work as a Visual Merchandiser here in London so Fashion Retail is the Field im interested...