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    Kim Kardashian's BFF Brittny Gastineau Visits Her at Hospital

    Kim Kardashian's BFF was spotted bringing her and her new baby girl flowers and presents on Saturday. Brittny Gastineau, along with her mom Lisa, extended their excitement to the new...
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    Spouse has new BFF of opposite sex.?

    Husband has befriended a married woman who starting working with him a few months ago. They now are inseperable, drinking together all the time and doing stuff, just the 2 of them. I've told both of them I am uncomfortable about the situation and they both insist it is just friendship. Her...
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    Pooch essentials: 8 must-have products for your new BFF (Best Furry Friend)

    [No message]
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    depressed & everytime i tlk to my bff about it she basically tells me to quit...

    ...whining and get over it? But yet she still wants to tell me about her problems and i help her. I'm very depressed and have no friends. Teen parent, no guy will ever want me. 5'6 & 142lbs, too fat. :/ diets suck. Idk what to do anymore.
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    I am traveling to Puerto Rico next year with my BFF. What are some deals I...

    ...can snag to save us money? Like maybe hotel and food together. Or maybe a cheap way to fly. We will be only going fir 4 days and want to save the most money.
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    Who is Selena Gomez's BFF?

    Does anyone know who Selena's best friend is?
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    Taylor Swift Tweets Photos of New BFF: An Adorable Kitten Named Meredith!

    Watch out Selena Gomez and Katy Perry: It looks likes you have some competition! Taylor Swift introduced her Twitter followers to her new BFF this week, posting a picture of her new...
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    One of my 'friends' thinks her bff 'gossips' about her?

    Okay so her name will be Sarah and Shelby I was talking with Shelby and Ellie about a boy then once they had to leave I walked over to Sarah and Audrey and Sarah always asks me ," did Shelby talk about me" and I say no I like Shelby as a friend but one day she told me to pick her or Sarah which...
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    how do u treat ur bff of the opposite sex? (need some guy perspective on this

    but girls are welcome)? im more of a tomboy type, so what do u guys like to be treated like when ur in the bff zone and no sex cause that doesnt apply to me, although im pretty sure bff is another way to say friends with benefits, and if ur a girl how do u treat ur bff of the oppsite sex, and...
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    i think me and my bff r lesbian?

    hi, some time last week me and my bff where talking and my step dad has a wooden box with girls in bathing suits and she said when i look at women like that i feel a urge and when i look at women i get tingly and have the same urge.she said really then i said yea. so will u PLESE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. K

    My Bff started a rumor about me and my crush :O?

    I told her i liked the guy and now he's gunna be hatinggg!!! Also my friend who likes me is telling every1 i like me n my crush are going out too!!!! THE Problem>>>> MY CRUSH IS GUNNA ASK ME WHY *I* TOLD EVERYONE THAT!!! PLEASE HELP IM DESPRATE FOR AN ANWSER OR 2 OR 3!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO...
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    wut does it mean when u have dreams about ur ex bff?

    so i had 3 bffs one guy friend n 2 gurls n we decided not 2 talk 2 each other anymore cause we taught it would b better 4 us so latelly every night i have a dream about one of them lyk every night in a row n it scares me
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    dreaming of my bff weird stuff?

    ok so i have a bff and i dreamed we are in some misty place high and he pushed me and i said what are you doing why are you trying to kill me? and he laughed!! then in other dream i dreamed that we were kissing omg what does that mean help well yes i like him he told me he likes me too but not...
  14. K

    me and my bff wanna make youtube videos?

    ok so me and my bff wanna make youtube videos (kinda like a vlog) that are funny and cool but we rlly hav no idea what they should be about! can u plz give some cool ideas me and my bff can do pl help us!
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    Is the BFF quiz on facebook true to its word?

    well it tells me I have all these answers, from diffrent people, like that someone think im cute, and then another person doesnt want to travel around the world with me. I didnt believe it was true, I thought it was just the computer generating random answers, so i answered 50 questions, and...
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    I can't find the BFF Quiz on Facebook!! Can you help?

    I was answering questions on facebook, its the yes or no questions with the 50 credits. i like answering those, but i suddenly lost my webpage. can you help me out, by at least giving me the link or something?
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    i am looking for a bff, 1 that can hike, thats good with tracking, great with kids.?

    Either a shepard or a doberman. Shepards can run but are prone to arthritis in their hips. The doberman can also run, but they have a short coat and can get cut running through the woods. Both dogs can protect your family, and have tracking potential. Hope this helps.
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    Does my guy friend like me?? He and my bff talk about my b00bs in science,

    is that odd? Today i found out my bi bff and my guy bff talk about my b00bies all during science class!!! i was shocked but they talk about how big they are and how soft they think they are.....also they play a game of who can touch them the most lol like my bff hugged me and put her hand right...
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    Are there any 18+ nightclubs/lounges in NYC? taking my bff out for her bday tommorow?

    Every club I've researched is either closed or raised the age to 19+. I wanna take my friend whos turning 18 tommorow clubbing. Any suggestions? :))
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    Is Taylor Swift's infamous BFF Abigail on tour with her?

    I know this might seem like a weird question, but I just went to her concert and it sparked my curiosity. She was talking at the concert about her best friend Abigail, and I was wondering who she was, so I googled her when I got home and saw some of her pics. She looks a lot like the redheaded...