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    Beats & Eats: Hoosiers Star, Big Gin, Cork Bar & Restaurant - Aug 27,2013

    Its happy hour and a sports movie icon is coming to Beats & Eats! Maris Valainis aka Jimmy Chitwood is scheduled to join Ty Ray and Nick Gelso in the "virtual lounge" to talk all things "Hoosiers." What was it like to act with legendary actor Gene Hackman? Does he still get called Jimmy? Ray and...
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    Why do teachers make a big deal about PDA?

    Me an my boyfriend were just standing close together our arms were on our bodies and not each other and the teacher tells us to stop making out. Then when my boyfriend leaves she says "thank you for escorting her to class I don't think she would've found it without you" in the most sarcastic...
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    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Vevo has signed a big deal with Samsung and

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Vevo has signed a big deal with Samsung and Apple—and may make a big announcement about an arrival on new platforms this week. Read more...
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    how can I make a big and colorful < LIKE> in face book by using < ALT CODES>?

    how can I make a big and colorful < LIKE> in face book by using < ALT CODES>? please just answer the above question.
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    Whos the foxy big policewoman on the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

    Admin assistant for Tesco my foot.. And whos the less than foxy cid man in the cancer research shop in Paisley??? Inconspicuous or what???
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    Wroclaw University Library turns to IBM big data solution to preserve European herita

    IBM and the Wroclaw University Library in Poland announced a national scientific project to preserve and digitize nearly 800,000 pages of distinctive European manuscripts, books, and maps dating back to the Middle Ages and rarely accessible to the public until now.The project, co-founded by the...
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    My girlfriend is making my lack of PDA a big deal. Is it?

    To me, it honestly feels unnatural to kiss in public and do too much besides holding her hand or holding her close to me when we are standing. But shes told me that she wants me to be more aggressive but how do you kiss someone in public if you are always walking, moving, and the times you do...
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    The American Athletic Conference website is selling Big Ten and ACC gear

    It has not been a great launch for the American Athletic Conference. UConn is a member and didn't know who was in the conference. ESPN's geography was suspect at best. At the very least, you would think the AAC itself would try to avoid any missteps and promote the heck out of their new league...
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    Suzy Favor Hamilton Stripped of Big Ten Award Name

    [No message]
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    Charlie Sheen Shows Off Adorable Kids in Twitpics and a Really Big Gun in Machete Kil

    We don't know how Charlie Sheen will fare playing the president of the United States in Machete Kills. But judging by the new poster for the shoot-em-up sequel to...
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    Does t-mobile make a big deal about bad credit? Need this answered ASAP!!?

    I'm getting a phone tomorrow from t-mobile. My dad has bad credit will that affect me getting the galaxy s4? I need help please!!! Before tomorrow!!
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    How big a tank would I need for these fish?

    5 cardinal tetra, 5 galaxy rasbora, 4 cherry barbs, 3 orange laser cory and a dwarf gourami pair
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    is this too big bike for me ?

    So im 13 and im 5,8-5,9 feet tall and im asking is 19 frame too big for me for mountain bike with 26 wheels :)?
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    How many tours has Big Time Rush had over the years?

    I have been a fan of BTR since DAY ONE! But they have not come down to where I live...not once!! And I just want to know how many tours they have had that they could have come down to my state... I think it is 3 but I am not sure.
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    If you had a sports match but have a chance to see big sporting event, which would

    you choose? I have a basketball game that I normally attend too but that day i have a chance to see the 2013 NBA draft! I always wanted to go but it's the same time as my game! I love playing basketball but I feel I can do this anytime and this chance I'm getting to see the NBA Draft doesn't...
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    New Zealand game developers conference expects big audience

    New Zealand game developers conference expects big audience Posted on 20-Jun-2013 09:21. | Filed under: News :*Gaming. Over 200 game developers from around New Zealand will descend on AUT University next Friday 28 June for The New Zealand Game Developers Conference. The conference is a...
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    Big win basketball hacks?

    I been looking everywhere for an hack any links that work i have an jail broken ipod also
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    Any big display smartphone under rs12,000?

    only,suggest nokia,htc,lg,samsung,sony phones!
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    Is my baseball bat too big for me?

    I'm 15, 5'8 and weigh 135 with a medium build. I have an easton typhoon 33 in/30 oz. I have been using this bat for a long time, and am fine with the weight, but to me it looks big when I hold it. I'm getting a demarini voodoo soon, what size should I get?
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    Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp! Actor Turns the Big 5-0

    Is 50 the new black? Hollywood's favorite actor Johnny Depp turns the big 5-0 today and in honor of his milestone birthday and good looks, the man who plays Captain Jack Sparrow has...