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    Pressure into a bigger size bike?

    I recently purchased a Trek DS 8.5 bike . I wanted the 15.5 frame, but the store clerk insisted I get the 17.5 . He said there wasn't much of a difference between the two. Only about two inch difference from the standover. I am only 5'3 1/2 feet tall. Should I have gotten the smaller one ...
  2. A

    Should we ask for bigger and better SUV'S?

    I have been searching about SUV'S. SUV'S are good for big families. Some of you all answered ignorantly to my other questions so I would like to see how you all answer to this. When making one good SUV we can all talk about It and agree on what should be done. What about a SUV about 15 or 20...
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    How can you make your breast bigger?

    Hi, I barely fit an A cup. Is there any way I can make breast bigger? Maybe by eating certain foods or are there pills or creams? Something I can do?
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    125cc sports bike that looks bigger?

    E.g. Like fatter tyres and not really skinny
  5. C

    Who's a better actor: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Who is the bigger movie star?

    I think tom cruise is the bigger star.
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    Which BMW is bigger for a Family?

    My mother would like to purchase a BMW convertible and i was wondering which convertible would be more practical to fit our family, a BMW 3 Series e46 Convertible (2001-2006) OR BMW 1 Series e88 Convertible (2007-2010) Just wanted to know which one is bigger and will fit two kids/adults in...
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    Lucic in Dumb & Dumber sequel?; Leddy gets bigger role; Bobrovsky contract talks (Puc

    Lucic in Dumb & Dumber sequel?; Leddy gets bigger role; Bobrovsky contract talks (Puc Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media. • Guess the Blackhawk. • Chris...
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    Samsung galaxy y screen lock pattern is small, how can i make it bigger?

    i have samsung galaxy young and i set a pattern screen lock. but it's a little bit small and i get it wrong 2 times or so whenever im trying to open my phone. but i can see that there is a space for the dots to go wider or bigger( stretch the dot net!) or if i can remove company's name and the...
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    Mercedes benz 300c 2011 screen too small question about upgrading to bigger screen?

    I have a 2011 mercedes benz c300. I just got it 6months ago used with 15k miles on it. I dint like the navigation screen the car comes with 5' too small. When i called mb they told me it was impossible to change and put in the retractable screen that comes with other mb models. But whe i went...
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    when should i feed my snake bigger mice?

    currently he is eating 1 f/t pinkie every 3 days I have feed him 2 in meal but I know he could possibly have eaten more because he was searching around the tank for more food I don't know how old he is I got him from petco a week before Christmas and he was small he has got quite big since then...
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    Iphone/Itouch app to make pictures bigger to smaller?

    Is there a free app in the appstore for Iphones and Ipod touches to resize images i have that are up to close to farther back? or that are to big to smaller? If so what is it called and is it free?
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    Why is Gotenks bigger than Goten and Trunks?

    Goten And trunks are both very small. But when they fuse to Gotenks, they become much bigger and taller, like tripling their size, just about as big as the adults. But both Gogeta and Vegito is just about the same size as Goku and Vegito. Then why is gotenks so big?
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    How can I make my breasts bigger?

    Hi, How can I make my breasts bigger, naturally? No implants or anything like that. Anyways, please give me some (more than one, please) tips to get bigger breasts! __________________ get boobs bigger
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    How can I get a bigger booty?

    Hi, Hey guys, I just wanted to know if you got any tips for me to get my booty bigger ( Nutrition, exercises ...). And maybe someone read one of this e-books?? I'm glad about every tip. _______________ make booty finer
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    How can I make my breasts bigger or appear bigger?

    Hi, I am just about a 34 B... But at my school all these girls have huge c's and d's and dd's... And I never show my chest off cuz simply I feel like I don't have one... How can I make my breasts bigger? Hormones? Will drinking milk twice a day help some? And what will make them appear...
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    What exercises will make my butt bigger ?

    Hi, Squats ? what will make my butt bigger ?! mt boyfriend likes girls with nice asses, and mine is so small, what exercises can i do to make my butt bigger and fuller ? my diet is incredibly restricted, im horrified of food and eating. i just want to make my butt a little bigger for my...
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    How to make my booty bigger? Lol?

    Try to that extra umph going for my shape.. Too bad genetics didnt bless also wondering if protein shakes will help.
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    Which is bigger? The iPod Touch 5th generation or the iPhone 4G?

    Yeah so, which is bigger? The iPhone or the iTouch?
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    how can i get u bigger c0ck not a chicken lol?

    read the question it exsplains all
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    whats the deal with engine sizes and motorcycles? why do people need bigger bikes?

    i have a dr200 dual sport that could go 60 on the highway with just myself just fine except that it feels a little too light and i can also go 65 on the same bike with a passenger and it feels better as far as it being more heavier and now i just got a suzuki boulevard m50 805 cc just to have...