1. D

    any one seen this man that excites all birds? is it true he cause a heatwave lol?

    where is he from?
  2. J

    Christians: Do insects, birds, animals, fishes go to Heaven or Hell?

    Or this whole concept is for Human Beings? And if they don't then it means that they have no souls. As scientists and atheists believe for us Humans and other creatures. @Shaytaan Hater - Who told you that animals don't have a free-will???!!!
  3. A

    Is it okay to feed wild birds and dove's wheat and corn mix?

    I dont have much money but the doves sit outside my window staring at me making my toast. The cheapest mix's I can find are for chickens which are a wheat and corn mix, is this okay for doves and other wild birds or will it make them get to fat in winter, or do they need higher protein etc? or...
  4. B

    birds building nests in my outside dryer vent?

    how do i get rid of them and prevent them from coming back?
  5. A

    What is this chatter that cats make when talking to birds :S?

    its really werid why do they do it >.< ?!
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    New Blogger at 10,000 birds

    Suzie Gilbert is the author of Flyaway, which in turn is a chronicle of life as a bird rehabilitation expert. And, she is the newest addition to the Beat Writer's staff at 10,000 birds. You can find her bio at the Beat Writer's Page, and starting on April 6th, she'll be contributing regularly...
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    How can I download Angry Birds on my Motorola Qliq 2 Android Phone?

    I've been trying to download Angry Birds on my Motorola Qliq 2 android phone; but whenever I search for it in the android market the only results that come up are add-ons for the game, not the game itself. Is there anyway I can download the actual game onto my phone either from the market or...
  8. J

    Feed the birds sheet music?

    Anyone know where i can download FREE feed the birds sheet music, where i don't have to download an app?
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    Looking for stuff about birds?

    All of my Bird Book Reviews are Here, and some of the reviews include broader discussions that go beyond the book, so do browse through them. Feeding Birds: Should you even be feeding the birds to begin with? Birders get annoyed at squirrels for obvious reasons. But you can be happier...
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    Dinosaur descendants are A) lizards, B) birds, C) crocodiles or D) turtles?

    (trivia question)? Or how about E) Who cares?
  11. K

    LG Ally smartphone can i download angry birds?

    So i just got a new LG verizon smartphone and was wondering if i can download angry birds on it like you can the other touch screens of do i needed a newer phone like droid or what??? can anyone help me? i have not activated the phone yet and wont until i find out if the game can be downloaded.
  12. K

    Does T-Mobile charge my Android Optimus 2X if I get free apps like Angry Birds?

    I don't have a data plan and I only use WiFi so I don't want to be charged extra.
  13. D

    If I play a game like angry birds on my iPhone does it count towards my data package?

    If I decide to play a game like angry birds or tiny wings in a place where I don't have wifi will it charge me on my cellular data package? I have Verizon if it makes a difference.
  14. I

    I have 2 pairs of zebra finch and one of the birds laid just 1 egg 3

    days ago. she doesnt seem to care about t? The birds seem healthy and active. They built a nest too but i dont think they are gonna breed cause the males are not singing. Please tell me whats happening. Thanks :)
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    Why do birds living near Chernobyl have smaller brains?

    Well, obviously it is going to be something about radiation. Check out my latest post at 10,000 Birds. Read the comments on this post...
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    New Bird Book: Birds of North America and Greenland

    Face it. Half the time ... most of the time, really ... you use your Peterson (or some other favorite "field guide") as a checklist. You see a bird and you pretty much know in your head what it is, but you need to look it up to see what the three or four similar ducks or woodpeckers or whatever...
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    The Atlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation

    How are birds related to dinosaurs, crocodiles, and pterosaurs? Where do birds live, and not live? How many bird species are there, and how many actual birds, and how does this vary across the glob? What about endemics?; Where ate the most local species found? Mike Unwin's The Atlas of Birds...
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    Throwing Darts: Angry Birds in Baltimore

    Our goal is simple: five picks per week, using the Yahoo! Pro Football Pick'Em spread. You're invited to join us in the comments, keep score, follow along. And you can throw darts at my picks too, if you want, but give a reason for your disagreement. Further the conversation, Flamingo Kid...
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    Birds and Climate Change

    When climate changes, causing habitats to move, birds can get up and fly away to a new habitat, so really, they'll be fine. Right? Well, no. Read more. Read the comments on this post...
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    what is the last update for angry birds symbian s60v5?

    i completed all the levels in angry birds 9.4 and angry birds rio ..Now i want the updated version plzzzz helppp