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    Acid, not bubbles, responsible for distinctive 'bite' of carbonated beverages

    New research from the Monell Center reveals that bubbles are not necessary to experience the unique 'bite' of carbonated beverages. Bubbles do, however, enhance carbonation's bite through the light feel of the bubbles picked up by our sense of touch. The refreshing bite of carbonation is an...
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    Why does my dog bite me?

    Whenever I'm on my phone my dog just comes up in my bed I'm petting her most of the time in the back of the ears and she turns her head around and bites my hand, kind of like one of her toys (not a mean bite) take your best guess?
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    why does my cat bite the others bottom?

    my 1 year old male cat bites my 2 year old cat after a mating attempt. this is both their 'first time' and have been attempting mating since last night. he bites her 'area' and hind leg. does anyone know why?
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    Did Spider Bite Kill Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman?

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    More Stephen Rankin Snake Bite Photos – Bear Grylls’ Producer

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    Man vs. Wild Producer Snake Bite Photo – Uncensored and Gruesome!

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    Need Help With Song Title From Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Last Bite Ad?

    I've heard this song before and I can not think of the title or who does it. The link to the ad is here The song is kinda dubstep style starts out going Heh heh heh heyyyyyyyyy. yea i actually do go out on a limb to find new music, i've heard this song before the ad, so...
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    3 Luis Suarez Bite Photos – Luis Suarez Bites Branislav Ivanovic

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    11 Funny Luis Suarez Bite Meme Photoshop Pictures

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    Aroma Could Be Used To Decrease Bite Size, Control Portion Size

    Bite size depends on the familiarly and texture of food. Smaller bite sizes are taken for foods which need more chewing and smaller bite sizes are often linked to a sensation of feeling fuller sooner. New research published in BioMed Central's open access journal Flavour, just launched, shows...
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    Does the band Snow White's Poison Bite tour?

    Like to the USA? & also i heard that theyre going to be at warped tour 2012. Is it true?
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    Should I let the dog bite the kitten?

    ok so i have 4year old chiuahua and just got a baby russian blue cat. my dog is neutered and anti social but passive agressive towards other animals. the kitten is like 5-7 weeks old and just cries eats drinks poops and stinks my whole house up like kitten litter. but the dog just nipped at the...
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    Why did he bite my nails lol?

    I've met this guy recently at school. we've seen each other 3 times and i really like him, he's 21 and i'm 20 btw. he's kinda weird but in a fun way and i'm weird too so i like him and i'm pretty sure he likes me. we talk for hours and hours and we've gotten to know each other a lot already and...
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    Why does my bird bite my neck?

    I have had my baby 9 month old conure for about a month now. She is getting very used to me, and my lovebird. She eats and drinks, and is completely normal! Its just that, sometimes she wants to come up and sit on my shoulder. I try not to let them sit there too much cause it means dominance...
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    My neighbor has this and he was holding on the lease but the dog wanted to bite

    my father in law? The neighbor was laughing while was doing that to him. My father in law was only trying to get the mail. The dog is a pitbull. Can I call the police or animal control wheb the neighbor does that again to anyone?
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    Why does my dog (Black Lab) bite down on himself just above his right rear leg...

    ...and whine several times a day.? He spins around in circles finally biting his right side (only) whines for awhile than goes about his business.few times a day. he has done this for several years now. Do you think something is bothering him or is he just a strange doggie?
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    Will smoking for 4 years with cystic fibrosis come back and bite me in the ass?

    i have cystic fibrosis, sens i was 13 i smoked weed and ciggrits, and i stoped at the age 17 im about to be 18 june 23 and im doing my treatments now and taking my meds, and the doctors says my PFT are good, i dont understand i scwerd up that much of my life up and im still healthy, does anny...
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    How can I bite this whining in the butt before it gets really bad?

    My son will be 1 in two weeks. Just the past week or so he has started to whine constantly, half of the time he just does it, I don't think he knows why. The thing is, he doesn't whine when he's alone with my husband so clearly it's a mommy thing. I can't stand it, he doesn't "talk" anymore...
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    flea bites can transfer worms to dogs and cats. if you get a flea bite can... get worms too? i have three dogs and two cats. i treat all my pets regularly for fleas and worms. i treat the fleas with "spot on" for fleas and certain worms and "frontline" (for fleas, mites ans ticks only doesn't treat worms) i treat my cats once ever 8 to 12 weeks and my dogs get...
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    Can the infection be spread through a bite?

    I had an encounter with a zombie a few days ago. Or at least, what resembled a zombie. I was at the mall. At the Apple store, actually, when I saw what appeared to be two men, lumbering around, drooling, and making loud guttural groaning noises. The features were disfigured, and it behaved...