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    Help my Sony Ericsson wt19a is blocked!!!?

    My sister was trying to trick me and changed the previous pattern but then she forgot it now I can't unlock it I didn't set up a google account on it and to top it all off I forgot my security question PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  2. H

    Extremely sore blocked ear?

    On Monday night I had a very sore ear, it didn't seem blocked though, after just leaving it for a while it finally went away. Yesterday night I woke up at about 3 in the morning with a extremely painful ear but it wasn't like the other time, it still hurt but it felt blocked aswell! I tried...
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    Youtube is blocked in my country (pakistan) how can i unblock it on Symbian S60v3

    mobile.? i need a proxy website or proxy setting or proxy software.please tell me any software or setting for youtube which can also stream videos.please.
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    How can I find if my Directv notices are getting blocked?

    I can only see 161 of 500 blocked email addresses. I need to see more especially if I blocked DIRECTV by mistake.
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    How to unblock blocked websites and youtube application on Nokia N97 Symbian S60 5th

    edition? Hi there guys, I have a Nokia N97 cell phone on which I want to use my Youtube application. Now as you all know in many countries Youtube n social networking medias like Facebook, Orkut etc are blocked by Internet Providers. Same is the situation here with me. I can unblock all sites on...
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    I have tmobile and blocked a verizon number..?

    If they text me do they get a message failed notice? Or will it look like the text sent?
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    How to download torrents if college has blocked access to them?

    I'll be going in college in couple of month and im sure they'd have blocked sites such as porn sites and torrent sites, but is there still a way around to access those sites on that blocked network. i was thinking of some ip hiding software
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    Important New Mechanism Identified In Growing New Arteries, Bypassing Blocked Ones

    Scientific collaborators from Yale School of Medicine and University College London (UCL) have uncovered the molecular pathway by which new arteries may form after heart attacks, strokes and other acute illnesses bypassing arteries that are blocked. Their study appears in the journal...
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    Pleaseeee help me with my iphone blocked :(?

    My iphone is blocked becouse i put passcode wrong many times.Iphone is disabled and it says to connect with itunes?What should i do at itunes? Please help
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    Blocked Heart Arteries May Presage Stroke

    Even if you are considered to be at low risk for stroke, having blocked heart arteries can mean you are more likely to have one, says new research published online this week in Stroke, a journal of the American Heart Association. The researchers suggest blocked arteries should be taken into...
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    College's ISP has blocked TORRENTS?

    So my college is an ISP and it has blocked connection to TORRENT, i cant access the router for port forwarding, so is there any other option to Bypass ?
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    So someone blocked me on my old facebook, why cant i add them on my new facebook?

    I can still see that the other person has a facebook, but i cant message them or see anything on their page. I got a new facebook, so why cant i message them? and can someone tell me how to please?
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    How to access blocked sites? Need help!?

    Ok so I live in uni halls and the Internet I get here doesn't allow me to access many sites. And since I now live here, far away from home, I would like to find a way to access those sites Tor programs and proxy sites didn't help me at all. I always get this message: Your requested URL has...
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    Wife blocked me from her facebook account vefication?

    How do I know if I'm no longer blocked
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    Tim Tebow?s missed block leads to a blocked punt and Dolphins touchdown

    The good thing about having Tim Tebow as a protector on punts is the Jets can run a bunch of trick plays out of that set, something they've had success with already this season. The bad part is, they have a quarterback blocking on the punt team. The Jets had a punt blocked and Miami...
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    if I blocked the heat vent to my room with a cloth and the closed vent (it did

    not block the air with just? closed vent and it was too cold in here) but had other room vents opened, will this cause my air conditioner suction line to freeze up? or is it safe to do that and the frozen line is due to something else. they both happened about the same time so I was wondering if...
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    How do I report an impostor facebook account that has blocked me?

    So this impostor opened a facebook profile with my friend's name and lots of her photos a while ago. The impostor sent friend request to a lot of people including friends of my friend and a lot of them accepted it. When my friend found out about the impostor it already had a lot of friends and...
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    i have a samsung galaxy S1 thats blocked how do i fix it!?

    its not locked to a network, which means its blacklisted this means its been reported lost/stolen its illegal for any wireless company to activate it on their network, usually they indicate this during the sale by putting "bad ESN" but basically you got ripped off.
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    Chick-fil-a gets rammed for its anti-homo remarks, and has a branch blocked from

    opening despite unemployment? Is this really happening in America? A job is a job.
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    what is the best way to access blocked websites to watch flash videos(free)? Proxy

    softwares or anything? i want to know the best way to access blocked websites to watch videos like hotspot shield. Hotspot shield would usually get the job done but i would like faster speed as it wont even play the video without buffering for a minute or two every 2 seconds. i dont want any...