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    Which is the best website to start a blog?

    I'm looking for a website that you can design it and make it look very cute. I don't like Tumblr.
  2. A

    Home Run Derby Live Blog: Robinson Cano, David Wright and Prince Fielder headline All

    Eight of the baseball’s most prolific sluggers are set to take part in perhaps the most anticipated event of All-Star week — the Home Run Derby. This year the All-Star field will be led by captains and hometown favorites David Wright and Robinson Cano, along with defending champion Prince...
  3. H

    Blog url suggestions?

    So I have a fandom blog (Supernatural) on tumblr and my url does NOT fit with my blog but i have the creativity of a stick so can u pls give me suggestions you wonderful lovely creative people.
  4. S

    How can I improve my fashion blog?

    Can you check out my fashion blog and tell me what you think of it, what you like and what I could change to make it better thanks!
  5. J

    What's a good name for a fashion blog?

    I want something fresh, new, and witty for a title I just can't think of anything! Suggestions?
  6. M

    If I wanted to write a nonfition travel book should I start with blog?

    I was thinking I could start with a blog as sort of a journal then see if anyone would be interested
  7. P

    Can my cooking blog include famous chef recipes as well?

    I am planing to start a blog on cooking. I have collected and tried plenty of recipes from my mom, grand mom, relatives and friends. but few of them are from other famous chefs and internet. can I still post them? The recipes are anyway free just like in any other blog.
  8. C

    I'm trying to think of a good blog name, any suggestions (read for more details)?

    I'm trying to think of a name for a blog that doesn't have a focused topic. It's going to more of a blog where I talk about what I want to talk about, or what the readers request (subject content pending.) So in short, it's a blog that will probably jump from topic to topic. In addition: the...
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    Would you be interested in this blog topic?

    I am a newly-wed who is living apart from my husband due to his job. I wanted to have something to turn to online with someone showing that they were in similar situations, but I wasn't able to find anything. How man people would be interested in having a blog out there about how to cope with...
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    Blog: Are Printed Cars The Future Of Motorsports?

    There’s been a large amount of yelling lately about 3-D printing, and how it’s the future of the world. Now, we’re hearing about the first car produced by the cutting-edge technique. Our friends at Wired Autopia took an in-depth look at engineer Jim Kor and his three-wheeled car, the Urbee 2...
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    Fashion blog name ideas?

    My name is Emma and my blog is going to be about fashion, beauty, life etc :) I don't know how I would describe my style and I'm really stuck for inspiration! I was thinking it should be 1-2 words to make it catchy and I could use the name emmanuelle in it :) I'd love to hear ur ideas xxx...
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    What is a good gossip blog description, similar to the one on gossip girl?

    Im writing a story...and well what is a good description for a gossip blog, similar to the one on gossip girl. "Gossip Girl here your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" mine is about celebrities, so what is one I can use, without using any of the same words in...
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    Blog: Driving In The Presidential Motorcade

    I’ve gotten to experience some amazing things in my time at Winding Road. From driving my first Ferrari, to traveling around the country, it’s been a whirlwind experience. Of all the things I’ve done, though, none would prepare me for the phone call I was about to receive.
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    How can I get recognized and promote my fashion blog?

    I just started a fashion blog and want to get recognized in the fashion blogging world. How can I do this? Missy B. fashion stylist Poor Girl Rich Closet
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    Radio Blog - Nov 08,2012

    Enjoy the show. Feel free to call in and hang out and give opinions or just to have someone to talk to if you need it. Also you can bring up a topic of discussion.Weather | News | trivia | Talk | Radio More...
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    What's your favorite technology and gadget blog?

    Hello all, I love everything about gadget & technology things and some of my friends call me techno nerd (i dont care). I want to know what's your favorite technology blog, thanks
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    mlb blog

    I am modish,wish you a happy date!
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    Blog: BMW's Performance Driving School

    In South Carolina, on the same large campus as a BMW factory and museum, there is a place where German motors scream louder than they can on any public road, and large amounts of rubber are sacrificed to the driving gods. This is the home of the BMW Performance Driving School, where past and...
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    Blog: Aston Martin Performance Driving Course

    As automotive writers, we sometimes get to drive cars we’d previously only dreamed of. Still, we’re bound by law (and in many cases by wives/girlfriends) to follow the rules of the road. That means, even if we have a Nissan GT-R or some super example of a Porsche 911 at our disposal, we can’t...
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    Tech Blog Awards 2012

    Dear Forum Members, On October 12th, the 2012 Wishfree Tech Awards will honor nominees with an accolade for being the “Best Technology Blog of the Year 2012”. Many of the nominees you will recognize others, may be less familiar. Wishfree invites you to join for Tech Blog Awards. All you have...