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    I currently have a desktop without bluetooth. Will a cheap usb bluetooth transmitter work to play my music collection wirelessly to a bluetooth enabled set of speakers?
  2. M

    Has any one used the Simvalley ELM327 Bluetooth OBD 2 Automotive Diagnostic

    Scanner for Android? What was your experience with it? was it any good or accurate?
  3. T

    What Is The Best Bluetooth Headset For iPhone?

    I'm looking to purchase a bluetooth headset that can be paired with my iphone so I can make and receive calls while driving. My budget isn't very high, i'd say around $50-$70. What bluetooth headset do you guys recommend?
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    Can I use my android phone as a Bluetooth speaker for my iPod?

    is there a way to do this? I have an HTC One which has an awesome set of loud speakers on it and I was wondering if I could use it as a speaker for my iPod.
  5. 3

    Does the app DashCommand support bluetooth on the iPhone 5?

    I want to buy a mini OBDII connecter for my vehicle. I cant seem to find a slim wifi connector so I am going with bluetooth. Is there a reasonably priced mini wifi OBDII connector out there?
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    Does the iHome wireless Bluetooth Keyboard work with the Samsung Galaxy note 8.0?

    I have a Note 8.0 tablet and Whenever I type on it I can't use the symbols such as % or @. Is there a way to use those particular keys on that particular device as well as other Android devices? I have looked online and on YouTube and there are only Apple devices.
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    I Need Help Finding this Bluetooth?

    I have a bluetooth, which I use to listen to music. However, I can't seem to pause the music without touching the phone. I need a one-sided bluetooth that has the ability to pause music without touching the phone. Is there such a device?
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    Will my app audio go through a bluetooth headset?

    I am wanting to create an Android app that will mostly be used with a bluetooth headset. What I want to know is if the audio from the app will play through a bluetooth headset and also to use the microphone on the headset for talking to the app. I would like to also have the app use built in...
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    How you connect Bluetooth portable speaker? Do I need Bluetooth some where?
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    Will headphones that support bluetooth 2.1 work with a windows 8 computer that

    supports bluetooth 4.0? I am looking for wireless stereo headphones with bluetooth to connect to my computer/PS3. The headphones I am looking at support bluetooth 2.1, and my windows 8 computer supports 4.0. will this work? will this also work with my ps3? headphones...
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    bluetooth data transmitter for flash drives?

    i have a flash drive but i don't want to directly connect it to my desktop. i am thinking of a bluetooth transmitter for the flash drive. is there any product available for that. i saw this one but i'm not sure if i could access the data when i would try to connect it to a pc. i mean, it is...
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    Has anyone ever bought an android bluetooth game controller anywehere in toronto?

    Something like one of these I've been looking for one in Toronto for emulators on my phone.
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    BlackBerry Bluetooth mini stereo speaker not working?

    The day I bought it, it worked well. The next day it died out. I thought it was the battery. when I put it on charge and took it off it still did not work. Now I just have a mini speaker that does not work. I have no idea on whats wrong with it and how to fix it.? can someone please help me?
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    I need Bluetooth help please?

    I just bought a Bluetooth for my nokia 920 the bluetooth is a Wireless Bluetooth Headset - V268 - Retail Packaging - Black it works but I can not hear my music. Why? and how do I fix it?
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    do i have to be a certain age when driving with a Bluetooth in my ear if i...

    ...already have a drivers license? on my iphone i have earphones that look like the mp3 player earphones but with a mic that i can talk.. if a cop sees me with those earphones on can i get a ticket?
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    I had someone send me some photo's via Bluetooth with their Nokia phone to

    my Windows 8 Asus netbook? but now I can't find them ANYWHERE! I know they were received because I had the little pop up that said so. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  17. L

    can you transfer games from an ipad to another with bluetooth?

    games like angry birds,temple run..........
  18. K

    I have a new ps3 and im trying to bluetooth pair my samsung p1000 tablet to my ps3

    to send music,pics,vidz etc? Every time i scan for bluetooth devices it just keeps on scanning do i need to buy a bluetooth headset for my ps3 just to send my files
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    Paring Bluetooth Phones with Toyota NSZT-W61G?

    I recently brought down a car from Japan and it features a Toyota factory fitted multi AV station NSZT -W61G. I am wondering whether there is anyone who could help me out in paring my bluetooth phone with this .
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    Bluetooth Speakers, what am I missing?

    Hello! My question its pretty simple. I bought a bluetooth speakers that I connected to my desktop computer (with windows xp sp3) using a bluetooth usb pendrive. I can hear perfectly the audio generated by the computer , ut the problem comes when I want to use the Line-in from my soundcard and...