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    Birthday Boy John Stamos Is E! News' Hottie of the Year!

    Congratulations, John Stamos!Our favorite TV uncle, who just recently turned 50 years old, was honored with a very special award from the ladies of E! News."Stamos, if...
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    Jamie-Lynn Sigler Welcomes a Baby Boy With Fiancé Cutter Dykstra

    Mamma mia!Jamie-Lynn Sigler welcomed a baby boy this afternoon in Los Angeles, her first child with fiancé Cutter Dykstra."Everyone is happy and healthy," a rep...
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    Rays ball boy makes up for errors, protects bullpen with snag of line drive

    Your browser does not support iframes. What started out as a rough night at the office for Tropicana Field ball boy R.J. Boggs, was quickly turned around by one outstanding catch that had Rays players and fans alike giving him a standing ovation. Of course we have to start with the lows...
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    I just bought a fish tank & I bought 2 Molly fish & 1 was A boy & 1 was a girl

    I just bought a fish tank & I bought 2 Molly fish & 1 was A boy & 1 was a girl the boy keeps fighting the girl? Why is the boy Molly fight with the girl Molly after she just gave birth ?? What do I do ??
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    New Device Helps 3-Year-Old Boy Hear For First Time

    The first-ever auditory stem implant in a child was recently received by a 3-year-old boy from Charlotte, N.C., named Grayson Clamp. Grayson was given the device, which allows his brain to process sound, during a surgery performed last month at University of North Carolina Hospitals...
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    POLL: Is this a nordic boy?
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    Can I play Game Boy Games on my iPhone 5 without it being jailbroken?

    I found a method on iFunny to download a GBA emulator without having to jailbreak it. Is it safe? It seemed ok, but I just wanted to make sure it was ok. Thanks!!
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    Should We Make Boy Scouts Accept Gay Scout Leaders?

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    Are the Boy Scouts of America a public or private institution?

    I know they are commonly known as a private institution but i've heard they receive government money.
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    recommend Books to read for 17 year old boy?

    I was just looking for some recommendations on some books or authors that are worth having a look at. I'm 17, don't really have a genre in mind. Please don't say hunger games or twilight. anyway, thanks in advance.
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    Game boy emulator for iPhone 4?

    I saw some people playing Pokemon on an emulator.I looked in the App Store but I couldn't find anything.Is there an emulator and if there is what's it called?
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    where can i buy A Werewolf boy DVD Region 2 blue-ray code B?

    hi, Im looking for the new Korean movie with the new actor Song Jung gi. I have been to ebay and yesasia but they only got region 3 on dvd and Code A on blue-ray. do anyone know off a place where they sell korean drama/movies for those regions (2-B)
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    Game boy advance emulator on iPad?

    Hi, I have a gba emulator on my iPod and I was wondering if you could get one on ur iPad in hd (just so it fits the whole screen and isn't stretched like an iPhone app) and if there was a way to have the screen on the iPad and then use my iPod as a controller for it. Thank you
  14. What to do when in a relationship with a taken boy?

    This is kinda long but I really need advice so please.. Ok so I've been seeinf this boy and yes I knew since the beggining that he had a gf of a few months and yes I know I'm doing wrong. But you have to understand that I am just a human. Anyway well we aren't in a "relationship" like that but...
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    What is the black american boy band? they had a driving license music video?

    there were about 4-5 guys they looked like 16-19 years old the youngest was so cute and this whole car garage thing was the music video i saw it in 2011
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    Kate Middleton Pregnant Pictures – Wants a Boy

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    Commander Chris Hadfield: Danny Boy In Space

    It's St. Patrick's Day, and while you may drinking something green, eating corned beef, or partaking in some other stereotypically festive activity, there are also people orbiting the globe in space. Well they're celebrating too. At least Commander Chris Hadfield is. More »
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    Where can I watch a werewolf boy Korean drama on my iPad?

    Since yesterday I been looking where to watch it and no luck Someone please help....I don't want any websites that I have to pay..... cause i can't pay.. I'll thank you forever
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    What are some cheat codes for the android game boy advance rom "MYBOY"?

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    im looking for a cartoon where in the beginning the boy gets his red kite stuck

    in a tree? I swear the character looked like tintin but cannot find the episode im thinking of. And none of the characters seem familiar. I also remember something about the boy ending up in a castle/mansion in the clouds... its been bugging me so if anyone knows what im talking about...