1. K

    Does anyone know how to jail break my ipad 4 iOS 6.2.1 ?

    I have a computer running windows if that helps
  2. A

    Will my hymen break if i bike ride?

    I'm a 15 year old girl (virgin) who rides my bicycle for 45 minutes everyday from about a year. Sometimes my vagina hurts or the thighs near it, but i don't know if i bled. As far as i know, i don't remember bleeding after riding my bike. I have fallen off my bike around 3-4 times. I'm scared...
  3. A

    Luke Donald gets luckiest break ? ever

    The 142nd British Open hasn't been kind to Luke Donald, who along with Lee Westwood bears the "Best Player Never To Have Won A Major" tag. Donald, the world's ninth-ranked player, shot a 9-over 80 in Round 1, which would have been worse if not for the luckiest shot maybe ever. Running along...
  4. N

    Is it possible to jail break a nokia lumia 900?

    Im desperate, I would accept any website that will let me jailbreak my Nokia lumia 900 (windows) phone . Please help
  5. M

    Help find name of old movie about a break up mans perspective?

    Seriously sorry that all I remember is that my brother told me that he like this one movie about a break up that showed the males perspective and not just the womans perspective of all the reasons why the couple breaks up. Thats it, so basically a breakup romance w/ mans perspective.
  6. J

    Is their a jail break for iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.5?

    Wanted to jailbreak my iPhone 5 , either redsn0w or greenp0isen . Any links comment below . Thank you
  7. R

    It can break without being physically handheld touched or dropped and its whole...

    ...existence gives life what am i? My friend told me this and I can't figure it out at all.... I'm usually good at this sort of stuff. Please help.
  8. V

    We Can Rebuild You (But You’ll Probably Just Break Again)

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    Tayshaun Prince dunks all over 3 Thunder players on the fast break (Video)

    When the Memphis Grizzlies traded small forward Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors in late January, one of the criticisms of the deal was that they had sacrificed much needed scoring and wing athleticism for the more virtual gain of long-term financial health. Veteran Tayshaun Prince, his...
  10. D

    how do you break a blackberry bold internally? like the harddrive, the usb port or

    the trackpad? My Blackberry 9900 is driving me crazy. It keeps glitching and freezing and turning off on its own, but then sometimes its fine. its just really annoying cause it seems like everytime im in a hurry then it stops working -_-. BUT my warrenty only covers it if the harddrive is...
  11. J

    How to jail break ipod touch 4g ios 6.1.2 without computer or downloading fes... shiz? I need to no how to jailbreak my ipod touch no computer
  12. V

    Surfer Shawn Dollar Rides 61-Foot Wave to Break World Record

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  13. H

    How hard is it to break your hand?

    How much pain? How much force? Is it hard? How is it done?
  14. E

    why do turkish men break your heart? :(?

    why do they? :( all most do (not all) is use you for sex and your body and leave you hurt in the end. im so heart broken right now :( why are they such perverts who dont care about your feelings?
  15. B

    samsung galaxy s sgh t-959 jail break help required?

    hi i m from india i use jail breaked samsung galaxy s vibrant model no sgh t959 it is from united states i do have some issues with the phone becoz it is running on 2.1 eclair o.s unable to run apps on it. i want to upgrade it to 2.3 gb or 4.0 ics is it ok to upgrade a jailbreaked phone as few...
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    Can freshman football players live on campus during summer break?

    I am a senior in high school getting ready to make that transition in to college. Just wondering Do you have to move back home during the summer break or can you stay in your dorm and participate in summer workouts?
  17. M

    Is it time to break the sippy cup habit?

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  18. G

    humerous mid shaft break?

    on Dec 9, 2012 i came off a horse and broke my humerous bone. It is a midshaft break. It was 10 days after the fall a 15 mm gap. Last xray showed 6 mm gap which was at 9 weeks. now at 11 1/2 weeks getting me scheduled for surgery. I'm nervous and never had a broken bone. any suggestions...
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    Penguins chasing NHL record winning streak; will they break Mario?s mark?

    Perhaps we’re all streaked out. Perhaps the Chicago Blackhawks sucked all the air out of the room with their 24 “having not lost in regulation and earning at least a point” game streak earlier in the season. Perhaps the Miami Heat really jaded us on winning streaks with theirs, presented by...
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    Glen Sather to have cancer surgery; Wild look to break Detroit streak (Puck Previews

    Back by popular demand, here are your Puck Previews: Spotlighting the key games in NHL action, news and views as well as general frivolity. Make sure to stop back here for the nightly Three Stars when the games are finished. That’s Michael Rapaport taking a photo of Martin Hanzal at the...