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    Breeding shire horses?

    Hi I have a shire horse at the moment and I am totally in love with the breed, in the future I would love to breed shire horses as I have read that they could all be wiped out in years to come like the Suffolk punch, I'm just trying to work out if shire horses appeal to people and what their...
  2. S

    Breeding Holsteiner mare?

    I don't plan to breed her anytime soon, but who do you think she could be crossed with? here's her pedigree German Holsteiner. She is 17 h tall, scopey. Never refuses, has a big heart. Super rideable - a beginner could jump 120 cm courses with no...
  3. G

    are there any good breeding apps for android?

    i would like to know some good breeding apps besides dragons story, monster story, or tiny monsters . please please make sure they are in the android app store. thanks!
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    Hospitals In Large Cities May Act As Breeding Grounds For The Superbug MRSA Prior To

    Hospitals in large cities act as breeding grounds for the superbug MRSA prior to it spreading to smaller hospitals, a study suggests. Researchers found evidence that shows for the first time how the superbug spreads between different hospitals throughout the country. The University of Edinburgh...
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    Good Breeding games for ipad?

    I need goog breeding games for my ipad, itouch or maybe something like running a store or collecting things or something
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    NOT breeding Leopard Geckos..?

    I have a male (I think) Leopard Gecko who is only 5 months old. I would like to get a 2nd leopard gecko, but know males don't get along (always?), and adding a female will likely breed, which I DON'T want. There are enough homeless animals. If I get a female, and pull and freeze any laid eggs...
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    Breeding Fish..........?

    Hi. I have a science fair project that is due NEXT May. I wanted to do something with fish. Maybe.. Getting a type of fish that can breed with different colors of the same species. And see what percentage of them are what color. Or... Recording certain "mutations" in various types of fish. I...
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    Breeding pairs of saltwater fish?

    Does anyone know where i could buy breeding pairs of saltwater fish? Maybe any on line stores or locally ( I live in Maryland). I've been in the hobby for a while now and would like to start breeding maybe picasso percula or bangai cardinals, something small. Any info on where i could buy...
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    What do you think of the trend toward breeding "mini" animals?

    I have seen mini pigs, mini horses and on the news this morning there were mini cows.
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    Is this weird for breeding mice? Mice breeders only thanks?

    I have some mice that have a weird behavior that I am not use to. When they have a litter they raise it like normal but they get very large for the next litter of babies and then don't have the babies at 28 days, they wait till the first litter is 100% gone. The babies are 5 weeks old when I...
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    Tiger Breeding Game Like Wajas?

    Does anyone know of a game like Wajas, where you have creatures like tigers? I think you breed them, and sell them, and stuff like that. I found it a long time ago, and can't seem to remember the name.
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    Dog breeding back yard style?

    Its people like you probably that dumped a whole box of lachbrapointers at my door step.
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    How bad do bites hurt and how often do you get bit when breeding snakes?

    So I've done tons and tons and tons of research on breeding and taking care of eggs for Cali Kings, and I own a pair of California Kingsnakes. I really want to breed them so bad, but I know that I'm going to end up getting bit, probably several times, and honestly, I'm a pussy, and just getting...
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    what is the ideal age of Lutino love bird to buy for breeding?

    I bought a pair(supposedly) of Fully grown Lutino Love bird but they were not actually a pair as they were not comfortable with each other. Now i have sold them. my question is as i am about to try again, should i go for grown up pair again? or should i go for young pairs who will take time to...
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    What is a good and safe website to buy breeding pairs of fresh water angel fish?

    I have bought a few pairs of ebay and they were great but not many for sale. thankkks for any help.
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    Irresponsible dog owners: Worst case you've seen? (NOT including breeding)?

    I was walking my dog which is around 50 lb. Upon seeing a lady walking her miniature sized chihuahau (like 4lbs) we made our way to a grassy area and paused so that she could pass by without any problems. My dog is very well behaved, but I figured that seeing as there was such a small dog, I...
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    how can i tell if my tiger barb fish are fighting or breeding?

    we got new fish tank and put some tiger barb fish in and 1 of the tiger barb fish stays around the coral we have and wen ever another tiger barb fish comes close it chases it but only the tiger barbs not any of the other fish is it a territorial thing or a mating thing?
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    Goldfish Breeding Question!?

    I have a tank with 5 gold fish in it. Two are about 3-4 inches long and then the other two are about 2 inches and the last one is about an inch and a half . I was wondering if they will ever lay eggs ? I just assume there is at least one female in there with the male fish. Is there anything in...
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    where can i buy a breeding pair of decent bettas with a credit card not a paypal...

    ...account fairly cheap? I would prefer an easy pair of crowntails to breed...I am not having luck with the male and female I bought at petco.
  20. D

    where can i buy a breeding pair of decent bettas with a credit card not a paypal...

    ...account fairly cheap? I would prefer an easy pair of crowntails to breed...I am not having luck with the male and female I bought at petco.