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    How to Recover Data from Broken iPhone?

    Is it possible to recover data from broken iPhone? 1. How do I recover SMS from broken iPhone 3g? My iPhone 3g recently broke (white screen of death) and I was wondering if there was a software i could use to retrieve the messages. I never made a backup of it, so i cant use iTunes - Will 2. How...
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    Sony Ericsson W995 Broken?? Help?

    I've had my W995 for nearly 4 years (this November). Today i slid the phone up to read a text and a 1/3 of the phone from the left side went black, i switched it off and back on and it was okay until i slid the phone down then back up, this time it went a sort of purple-ish distorted colour and...
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    How to access a Broken screen for the Nokia Lumia 900?

    I dropped my Nokia Lumia 900 into the corner of a table (I know its a weird brake, it slipped out of my hand!) and the screen has one small crack/impact in it, but the whole screen is black. I can turn it on, the windows logo, the search icon, and back arrow light up like they are supposed to...
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    Mobile phone charger broken?

    I have two chargers one usb detatchable and one regular, I alsohave two phones.. One phone can charge off both chargers from wall socket and from usb/computer One phone will only charge from the usb while in computer. Why/how is this possible??
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    AfterGlow Bluetooth is broken?

    Okay, I've had this thing for a little while and a couple months ago I was playing an online game and people starting telling me my mic was messed up and to turn it off. Well I inspected it a little and all that was coming out of the other end was static? It somehow fixed eventually though. I...
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    Where can I sell my broken old phones?

    I have many old nokia phones, a motorola razor and a bunch of flip phones. most of them are broken. but id rather get a quarter for them than nothing. does anyone know of any websites?
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    Shopping to replace my broken Bluetooth device, should I shop for a...

    ...Visor-mounted unit or in-ear model? I am shopping to replace my broken bluetooth device that connects to my Windows Touchpad. I wonder if a Bluetooth that connects to my car window visor works as good as the unit that fits directly into my ear canal...
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    How to fix a broken trackpad on a blackberry bold?

    i have a blackberry 8790 and the track pad on it has completely frozen. This has happened once before and i had to get the track pad completely replaced since it was due to water damage. This time it seems unlikely to be water damage since i have not had near water, steam etc but the blackberry...
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    If an Iphone is unlocked from Verizon to T-mobile is it Jail broken?

    I'm just curios if it's Jail broken. It has a Solavei Sim card in it which is working fine.
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    Is my Divx player broken?

    I've been trying to play movies on my Divx player but the sound just starts to sound like a broken cd. The movie keeps going but the sound just keeps looping. Is there something wrong with the movie itself or is it with my Divx? Do I need to download some codec to fix this or update my Divx...
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    My Iphone is broken!?

    I pressed the home button on my phone but im still stuck in school. :(
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    My Iphone is broken!?

    I pressed the home button on my phone but im still stuck in school. :(
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    Good news, klutzes: Apple is apparently now replacing broken iPhone 5 displays in-sto

    Good news, klutzes: Apple is apparently now replacing broken iPhone 5 displays in-store for the sum of $150. Read more...
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    Is my broken iTouch still under warranty?

    Right so about a year ago my iPod touch broke (the home button stopped working), so I got it replaced under warranty, and then the new ipod broke a few weeks later (the camera stopped working) so I got it replaced again and then argos (who I bought the ipod from in the first place) said that I...
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    It continues: Yankees lose Curtis Granderson (again) to broken knuckle on left hand

    As the old, unfortunately fitting cliche goes, Curtis Granderson and the New York Yankees can't catch a break when it comes to injuries this season. In Granderson's case, that's because he's found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time on two different occasions, and has been unable to...
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    The charger port of my HTC sense is broken. how can I get it to work?

    Everyone in my family has the same phone. Mine won't charge unless you wiggle the charger to an angle or apply pressure. My mom plugs hers in and it completely charges in an hour and mine just goes up to the yellow (less than half way) point. My mom can't fit her charger in my port, and my...
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    iPhone 3G iOS 6 Update Mishap While Jail Broken?

    I had a 3G iPhone that was jail broken with greenpois0n. I accidentally updated it while still jail broken... I was updating to iOS 6. Now, all I see when I open the iPhone (turn on) it is just the apple logo on constant loop. Apple logo flashes for about 15 seconds, then goes away for 10, then...
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    My Samsung S2 portable hard disk the port broken?

    My Samsung S2 portable hard disk connecting port inside the Hard disk was broken. I done a soldering of the port in the hard disk service center. Now the hard disk is currently working and showing the new hardware detected and Samsung S2 portable USB device inside the usb list and device...
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    My nintendo ds is broken!!?

    My nintendo ds fell in water a Long time ago but when I turn it on,It has a red light! But the screen is black? Is my Nintendo ds broke or not?
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    Blackberry curve 9320 broken?

    Hi, my blackberry is cracked a few places and looks really bad but it still works so I never thought I getting a new phone but then last night I was texting and I accidentally dropped it on my wooden floor on the side of it and it went black and it won't turn on, charge or restart? Could it be...