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    Michael Vick defends Riley Cooper after Vick?s brother Marcus put a ?bounty on Riley?

    Riley Cooper, the Philadelphia Eagles receiver who apologized for using a racial slur that was caught on video, had a bounty put on him by Michael Vick's brother, although the Eagles quarterback was defensive of his teammate. Marcus Vick, a former college quarterback and Michael's brother...
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    Philadelphia Eagles' Riley Cooper Apologizes for Using N-Word, Michael Vick's Brother

    Riley Cooper remains a Philadelphia Eagle, but he admits that he hasn't done the City of Brotherly Love (or himself, or mankind) any favors. The wide receiver publicly apologized...
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    Going on a cruise with my 19 year old brother?

    I want to go on a cruise with just me and my brother who is 19, i'm 21. Most policies are really restrictive regarding those under 21 and require them to be accompanied by someone 25 or older, or by a parent/grandparent/guardian. I'm wondering if there are any attractive options in terms of...
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    My brother drives his 2013 bmw M6 like an old woman...?

    He just got his car 2 week ago it's beautiful and from my understanding it's a beast. I don't know much about cars or horsepower or stuff like that but i think the new bmw m6's must be fast. He drives it like an old woman. He got that car because he loves the way it looks inside and out. I've...
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    bringing my 9yr old brother to warped tour?

    Im 15 nd have to watch my brother when warped tour comes around and my mom is actually okay with my bringing him. Ive never been to warped before, would it be bad to bring him with me? I mean, he actually knows a lot of the bands and stuff... but is the environment really that terrible for kids lol.
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    Is there a way my brother could still b with Verizon while I want out?

    Me and my brother got a family share plan on Verizon but I want out but he wants to stay is there a way I could leave Verizon and he could stay and if so how much will it b to cancel my phone?
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    I just told my mom and big brother that I had sex with my boyfriend?

    I told my mom and big brother that i had sex just one time with my boyfriend of 2 years and a half and I think they hate me and i feel like I hate myself and I just don't know what to do anymore.. he's the only person i've done things with but I just feel like a horrible person . by the way I'm...
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    Did anyone else think that the older brother Tamerlane Tsarnaev look kind of like...

    ...Tom Cruise in that movie? where Tom Cruise is trying to get that super battery away from the bad guys? I'm talking about the photo where he is wearing blue sunglasses and a cap
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    Playing With Fire Premiere Recap: Koch Brother Brings Girlfriend to Tears

    Playing with Fire is bringing the heat to E! The show features entrepreneurial bad boys the Koch Brothers, along with high-powered players in the New York culinary scene, like Julie Elkind,...
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    Illinois Governor Pat Quinn attacks own alma mater after it fires his brother from ho

    Everyone knows that high school sports hit close to home for most Americans. The average two-child family is likely to have at least one child who competes in some interscholastic sports in high school or middle school, a process which draws them into their own community’s sports, and often prep...
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    Poll: Do you like my brother's name?

    Ecliptor Taylor
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    my brother wants to have sex but i don't know......?

    my younger brother is 15 and he and this girl have dated for about 1 year and he is still a virgin but he really wants to have sex with her and I am not really sure if I should tell him that its ok or that he should wait and why or if he doesn't wait what are some things he needs to do
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    how can i stop my brother and my dad arguing in my presense?

    For years my dad and my brother have been arguing about stupid things like headphones and mcdonalds burgers. They don't just bicker they are actually fighting about it and they decide it's appropriate to do it in front of me. My dad grew up with fighting in his house but that's no excuse for...
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    My brother is failing some of his exams. I would like some advice on how to talk to

    him/ give him advice.? He is currently in his second year of a 4 year degree programme. A few of his friends left the course at the start of the year and he doesn't seem to be enjoying the course this year. He is recieving grant aid which he will lose if he fails the year and switches course...
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    Help me! How to make my brother happy?

    Last Sunday, I have bought a assassin creed costume for my brother, but he does not like it, he said it is so ugly, and he is unhappy two days, what can I do, it is ugly? Assassins creed 3 costume Or you have another choice to give me? The price range just like this one, thank you.
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    What made my mom do this? She called the Police on my brother just for protecting...

    ...her? Our mum is in her late 50's along with our Step-father. I'm 17 and my brother just turned 17 so soon I'll be 18. Our step-father is a drunken f*ck and we hate his guts, our mom is only with him to grab money from him. When my brother was 16 our step-father beat him with a belt and my...
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    Katie Price to join Celebrity Big Brother lineup?

    Katie Price is reportedly being lined up for Celebrity Big Brother. The model is said to be mulling over whether to join the Channel 5 series in January or next summer, according to The Sun. Price's deal with Sky TV has come to an end, meaning she is now free to star in shows on other...
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    i just found out my brother is gay, what should i do?

    so i was using my brothers iphone to go on instagram and i decided to creep on his meesages and he was texting some dude and the guy was like come over horny boy and he sent hm a pic of privates in the butt..what should i do with this info? keep it to myself/ tell my parents? talk to my brother...
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    what movie trailers were on the 'our idiot brother' redbox dvd?

    I'm trying so hard to remember what the name of the movie about a girl on a road trip with her weird friend is called, but it will just be easier to ask what trailers are on the dvd.