1. Q

    fish tank built in heater?

    i am looking for a fish tank from 5 to 10 gallons with a built in heater... any idea about that?
  2. V

    Chevrolet Corvette GT3 To Be Built By Callaway

    Chevrolet has authorized Callaway to build the GT3 version of the C7 Corvette for FIA competition.
  3. S

    What are the needed structures to be built in Davao city?

    Do I have to go the regional DOST to answer my question? To whom should I ask?
  4. A

    does Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 motherboard have built in wifi and bluetooth?

    i am about to buy components to build a new pc. And was suggested to buy Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 motherboard but cant tell if this has build in wifi and bluetooth? if not what should i buy to get wifi and bluetooth capability? does this mother board also have optical audio out jack. i would like to...
  5. W

    Has anyone built a diesel powered Porsche?

    I have a chance to buy a Porsche 924 with no engine and no rust. The rest of the drivetrain is in good shape. I was thinking about installing a VW or Audi diesel engine. Does anyone know if it will bolt to the bellhousing without much modification? If that much is compatible I can make the rest...
  6. A

    wiimote motion built in 2 in 1 and azio bluetooth with toshiba stack?

    how to get it to work on my pc? eveytime i hit add new conncetion it saids bluetooth not ready
  7. S

    Does my laptop have bluetooth built in?

    Some guy told me tht if i want to check if i hv bluetooth in my laptop or not then go to control panel then device manager-blutooth adaptor-generic bluetooth adaptor.But wen i do tht it says tht windows has stopped this device? Wht does this mean? And theres a icon on my screen named bluetooth...
  8. G

    How the US Built Its Super-Secret Spy Satellite Program

    Ethics aside, espionage is an indispensable part of statecraft. The ISR [Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance] information gathered helps steer national policy decisions for everything from mundane trade negotiations to the blackest of ops. And nowhere is this more evident than in the...
  9. R

    How many different types of transfer case model were built for the 2000 gmc...

    ...Sierra 4x4 electric push button? I replaced my transfer case on my 2000 gmc sierra cause it broke but i have put two other ones since then n for some reason when i engage the 4x4 the truck back tires n front ones dont seem to spin at the same speed. can anyone help me please.. Thanks in...
  10. J

    Should I go for a 19" or 23" Coby LCD Tv w/ built in dvd player?

    Im getting an xbox 360 and would like to know which tv size is better. Should i go for the length, or the extra $ in my pocket. ps im 14
  11. N

    Does Windows 8 Basic come with Bluetooth built in?

    I heard it's able to be enabled in Windows 8, but not any specific versions. But when I go to my wireless settings the setting to turn Bluetooth on or off is not there, but when I search "Add a device" under settings I get "Add a device" and "Add a Bluetooth device," yet the Bluetooth setting...
  12. G

    Scientists Claim They've Built a Computer That Never Crashes

    A crashing computer is at best annoying and at worst catastrophic. But now a team of scientists has developed a new type of computer that never crashes—and it relies on chaos and randomness to achieve the feat. More »
  13. C

    Smart LED TV with built in blu ray dvd player?

    I'm looking for a smart led tv with a built in blu ray dvd player. I found a Magnavox tv with a built in dvd player but the dvd player isn't blu ray and the tv is only 46". I'm preferably looking for a 55" tv.
  14. J

    how do you get sky sports and espn channels on a 42" LG smart tv, with built in wifi?

    how do you get sky sports and espn channels on a 42" LG smart tv, with built in wifi? dont ask me the model because i dont know where to look i only got it yesterday, i have gotten everything setup, emails all that. im just wondering how do i get sky sports and espn on the freeview? i have got...
  15. F

    When was the first alfa romeo built?

    by who? when? and any other cool info about the Alfa Romeo. I'm doing a reserch paper on Alfa Romeo and needed a little help
  16. C

    Apple iMac 21.5" or Custom Built PC?

    I've got enough money now to either have a custom built PC made or an apple i Mac 21.5", i don't know which one to buy, i'll be mainly using it work, Photoshop, video editing and maybe a small bit of gaming.
  17. H

    does the Think Pad T60 (2007-GDU) have a built in bluetooth?

    i have got a Think Pad T60 (2007-GDU) Professional service pack 3 and i was wondering if it has a blue tooth in it its a windows xp 32-bit. and how to turn it on if so
  18. K

    names sought for a recreation place being built?

    very confidential; but rides. with questions. School and life questions adjacent--seen while on the ride. --requires the ability to think while getting scared. names-- kevin's fun and think? think and ride? Kevin's thinking rides? think and freak learn --don't lose it scream and think...
  19. D

    What percentage of computers (both desktop and laptop) have bluetooth built in?

    I'm looking to see if manufacturing a device that relies on customers having an internal Bluetooth chip is worth it. Please provide a source of your knowledge.
  20. N

    can you use bluetooth keyboard without the dongle if there is a built in bluetooth?

    I want to buy a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet im thinking of gettting the samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 and it has a built in bluetooth but no usb port