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    Ctrl delete alt shift buttons not working?

    I was playing Sims 3 on my Gateway computer and I held the shift button to long. A pop up came up asking if I wanted to enable, disable, or change settings for my shift key. Well I ignored the pop up and then my game wouldn't let me use the delete button. So then I went to the control panel and...
  2. M

    Motorola Defy Capacitor Buttons not glowing how to Solve?

    My mobile capacitor buttons are not glowing it is really annoying.Please any one has info how to solve this or Can replacing LCD screen will solve this? http://geb.ebay.in/g/ImportHubViewItem?itemid=320910785209&T-MOBILE-REPLACEMENT-LCD-SCREEN-DISPLAY-FOR-MOTOROLA-BRAVO-MB520-DEFY-MB525
  3. K

    what is the kids name in war of the buttons that goes on the round on the bike

    to see how mcuh money they got? from the stuff they were gatherig
  4. M

    what this buttons do in my car (pictures)?

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    New Gmail Action Buttons Let You Perform Tasks From Your Inbox

    One of the smaller—but nonetheless incredibly useful—new updates from Google is "]a series of actions buttons in Gmail which will help you handle tasks without having to send more messages or leave your inbox. Read more...
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    How do I turn off the front buttons on my LG phone? Model GW370?

    I have a phone with buttons on the front and it has a slide out keyboard. I often have issues with it being in my backpack or my pocket and the buttons on the front get pressed a lot. It wastes a lot of my minutes because it butt dials and I want it to stop. Can someone help me with it?
  7. J

    My itouch sound buttons and volume won't work!! What to do?

    So I was listening to music on my itouch when the sound suddenly stopped and I tried restarting and turning it off but it didn't work and when I pressed the volume buttons on the side they wouldn't work either they would show the sound effects thing and the little sound boxes weren't there...
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    Where can you find the little facebook like buttons for web design?

    Where can you find the little facebook like buttons for web design
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    Blackberry touchpad and buttons broken!?

    My phone was on charge, and I went to us,e it and the touchpad was moving but just not selecting. I took out the battery and looked at the white water damage paper, and it was still white not red. I then put it back in and found some keys were not working so I couldnt type my password! I think...
  10. K

    I got my Motorola Razor's buttons wet and now they don't work, anything I can do?

    It's been about 23 hours since I got it wet. The battery doesn't come out (that i know of)
  11. G

    i have a 00 bmw n no manual,740il trying to figure out buttons,?

    on vent i get out side air but if i put it on defrost it blows hot air,i set temp at 80 and still only get heat from defrost............any ideals will help
  12. L

    Razer Blackwidow Alt buttons do not work.?

    My Razer Blackwidow keyboard has two alt buttons both do not work. Anyone know what I should do or how to fix it? Thanks The problem occurred before Razer Synapse 2.0, I currently have it now it does not help at all. I updated the firmware/drivers using it and both ALT buttons don't work still.
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    Verizon pushes buttons by curbing unlimited data plans

    [No message]
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    Internet Explorer - Why is my scroll bar and maximize/minimize buttons missing?

    I use a laptop (Alienware) and Internet explorer. After a recent update, when I open up internet explorer, the panel where my maximize/minimize button should be is transparent and I can't see them. My scroll bar is also missing. How would I go about returning my screen to the original...
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    Which stores can fix L+R buttons for Nintendo DSi and how much will it

    cost:GameStop, PlayNTrade,or Best Buy? I dont want to buy another DSi because my L and R buttons are broken.I forgot to put Radio Shack in the title, sorry. Will these stores fix L and R buttons, if yes how much and how long will it take to fix the buttons.If these stores cant, what stores can...
  16. J

    Are my car buttons normal or is there something wrong (link to picture provided)?

    Ok I just bought my first car ever and I'm confused with a few of the buttons. I will give you the link to the exact buttons of my car so you know exactly what I'm talking about. Basically my defroster lights are on (bottom right) and there's a YELLOW indicator. Example on picture shows the one...
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    Motorola Triumph Capacitive Touch Buttons Light Problem.?

    My Motorola Triumph capacitive buttons are not emitting light from them. Do you know how to turn this feature on?
  18. B

    the buttons of my samsung gt-b5310 does not work, neither the keyboard what...

    ...would it be? i bought the phone 7 months ago
  19. J

    iPad games that use only the gyroscope? No buttons or pressing/touching the...

    ...iPad? 10 Points 5 Stars!? I just made a virtual reality helmet for my iPad, and I would like some games where only using my head to move the iPad (the helmet is connected to my head, so if i move my head the iPad is inside it so it moves too, but i have no access to my arms while using it) so...
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    Is there any way to turn off all the stupid Tweet buttons in the new iPhone OS?

    I don't have Twitter, I don't want Twitter, and all those Tweet buttons are just taking up space and being aesthetically displeasing. Also, why is the one in Safari next to the "Add Bookmark" "Add To Homepage" and "Mail Link to Page" buttons? You can't tweet an entire webpage. That's just...