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    How do you unlock motorola dct700 cable box

    Does anyone know how to unlock a Motorola dct700 cable box
  2. Z

    My Telus Optik TV Wireless cable boxes are not working?

    We got Telus Optik TV about a month ago and it has been working great... Until tonight. I went to watch TV in my bedroom on one of the three wireless PVR receivers connected to my TV and when I turned it on I got a picture of my remote on screen with the word "Connect?" underneath it. I pressed...
  3. K

    I have An old samsung tv and how do I put basic cable on the tv?

    I put the cord thats in the wall and connected to the tv and it popped up std? Hrc? Irc which one do I push?
  4. T

    dish network rg-59/u coaxial cable?

    dish network rg-59/u coaxial cable So I have this cable and it works just like any AV cable but it is soooooo much thicker; I mean the size of it. It is like 3 times as thick as a normal AV cable. What is the difference between this cable and a normal AV cable? also, where can I buy this cable...
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    Remember Old Cable Marketplace Channel?

    I was able to find some information about it on the internet. What I wanted to know is how many people remember the 1990s version of this channel? I remember seeing South Asian programming (SBC-TV, Indian/Pakistani), real estate programs, Spotlight Chicago (Duane Dow's live bowling program)...
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    what should I do?I connect my ps3 to my samsung smart tv via an HDMI cable

    and the tv turns on and off? I dont know which hdmi input to use and what the differences are.I suspected that to be the problem.any suggestions?
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    What is the average mbps when you have a 4g internet service via a cable

    company/Dish? I'm not all that skilled when it comes to the technical details of internet service..or any technical computer things for that matter! Anyway..I'm having trouble with my internet connection speed. So I am considering switching to the Dish internet service.They have 4g internet on...
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    which get maximum speed bluetooth or data cable to connect mobile phone to... and access internet in pc? which get maximum speed bluetooth or data cable to connect mobile phone to computer and access internet in pc.iam using nokia x202 handset.and iam connect it to my pc and access internet on pc.which get maximum speed to connect phone to pc data cable or...
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    Tender issued for Tasman Global Access cable construction

    Tender issued for Tasman Global Access cable construction Posted on 13-Jun-2013 09:51. | Filed under: News :*Broadband. The three telecommunications companies (Telecom, Telstra, Vodafone) that intend to co-invest in a new submarine cable between New Zealand and Australia have issued a...
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    How to set up internet connection ( Asianet-Motorola Modem ) using cable ( telephone

    cable type ) ? I would like to connect asianet ( motorola ) modem via cable. its wifi enabled & working flawlessly that way . please help me to set up internet connection . am using windows XP .
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    Ericsson to close down telecom cable manufacturing

    Ericsson to close down telecom cable manufacturing Posted on 23-May-2013 08:46. | Filed under: News :*Broadband. Ericsson has initiated union negotiations to close down its telecom cables operation within business unit Networks.The company says a decline in the market for copper cable...
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    Nichole Cable Dead, Kyle Dube of Orono Charged with Murder

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    D771 RCA remote code for Motorola cable box?

    I bought a RCA remote control . The instruction came with no codes for a cable made by Motorola. I tried googling it but found nothing. I tried the automatic control search and had no luck either. Anybody know the code or help in finding them
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    14 Nichole Cable Photos – Glenburn, Maine Missing 15-Year-Old

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    Help with Motorola DVR cable box?

    I am with charter tv services. The old box we had had two outlets on the back. One said "To tv" the other said "cable in" and everything worked fine. I just got the newest charter cable box. It's the Motorola one. There is only one outlet on the back of it and it says "cable in" Now the Tv...
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    What cable will I need in order to listen to music on my iPad via my iPod?

    I would like to be able to listen to my music on my iPod through my iPad, is this possible? My iPad is near enough full so listening to it that way is not an option. What sort of cable would I need would a 3.5mm stereo jack plug to 3.5mm stereo jack plug work? Thanks
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    DirecTV cable modem/router?

    I'm looking for info on a good, yet inexpensive router/modem that will work on DirecTV provider. Thanks for your input!
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    what channel is tsn or espn on rogers cable?

    I live in ottawa and want to know what channel is tsn or espn on rogers cable
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    Motorola cable modem buzzing/humming?

    I have switched to comcast and purchased a Motorola SBG6580 modem. The comcast person will be here to install and connect the wires tomorrow. I plugged in the ethernet cable and the power supply to the modem but not the coax cable. The power supply has two parts to it, a cable that plugs in to...
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    i cant remove pictures from boost sanyo phone by bluetooth or data cable wht?

    my boost phone allmost new replace old i730 but still no sig. now i cant get my pictures off phone they say i have to re why spend monet on some thing that does not work all other phones will let u remove pictures whith data cable more junk