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    brand new chinese bike orion apollo rx125,fuel is leaking from carb

    overflows running or stopped.? this bike is brand new and only done 150 km so far, now I know I should just take it back to the dealer but that is 60miles away plus they are not open Saturday. the bike is a Chinese orion Apollo rx125. fuel is leaking from the overflow pipes on the carburettor...
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    what is a low carb diet?

    im 16 and i wanna lose weight and get ripped but most of the answers for healthy meals are all this complicated food which i cant buy or cook. no wonder everyone is getting fat, making healthy food is harder then even eating the damn stuff. i wanna lose like 40lbs and for exercise i skip rope...
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    5 Tips to Finally Stop Sugar Cravings And Break Your High Carb Habit

    You may think that your mid-day (and late night..and early morning) cravings for carbs and sugar have everything to do with what you eat–or overeat. But environmental and lifestyle habits play a big role too. Here are five tips to stop sugar cravings and help you stick to a healthy low carb diet...
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    How much does a boat carb cost and if i can put a newer one on?

    I have a 67 mercury outboard motor 6hp i need a new carb so i was gunna buy a new one but i dont know if u can put a newer carb on a older moter (a carb from a 2012 mercury moter 6hp) if so how much? If not how much for a 67 mercury outboard motor 6hp carb?
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    i need help fixing a 2002 suzuki intruder vs1400 Motorcycle spark and carb problem

    please help thanks? hi i have a motorcycle issue thats been giving me a headache for months now i just can't seem to figure out what the problem is and if anyone or any mechanic could tell me i would greatly appreciate it im at my wits end with it. i have a 2002 suzuki intruder vs1400GLP it...
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    which cruise line, royal carb or carnival?

    wife and i are taking our first cruise and just wanted some net feedback. Leaving from SC or FL if that matters any.
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    motorcycle 4 carb sync or jetting?

    How to know which of the 4 carbs on my motorcycle needs the rejetting or if it needs some sync?
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    where are the carb adjustments on a 1988 yamaha exciter snowmobile?

    it is burning a little lean and having difficulty maintaining idle. i know where the adjustments to each carb are but was told there are 3--anyone know anything about these?
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    Suzuki RF900 won't start... Timing adjustment? Carb Sync?

    Can't seem to get the '97 Suzuki RF900 to run... Cleaned the carburetors without synchronizing. (Don't have the tool...) I've tried spraying a squirt of Engine Starting Fluid directly down the chambers, with the carburetors off. IT REVS!! I just can't seem to get it to run/idle. I had...
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    Suzuki GS 500 carb problem?

    Hi,Just bought a 2001 Suzuki gs500 and I think the carbs are out of balance. When idling, the bike backfires (I know this because the carbs are being pushed out a wee bit and there is power loss when it happens). Wondering if it is possible to balance them out myself (if so, how is it done?)or...
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    Where can I find a carburetor kit for a 1969 Chrysler 3.5 hp. outboard. The carb is

    a Tollitson MD 124 A.? I need to buy this kit to repair my motor, fishing season is HERE. Thank You. Bernie
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    what do i need to do to run a carb on a 92 chevy truck?

    like what all needs to be done to run a carb not a tbi
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    84 honda aero 50 - gas leaking out of carb air vent tube when running.?

    The air vent 1" tube is leaking gas when the scooter runs. The gas and vacuum lines are hooked up correctly. Could it be an issue with the float sticking?
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    I need some good stew and soup recipes that are low carb. What should I cook?

    I need soups, stews and casseroles that I can make ahead, but minus the carbs. Any good ideas?
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    i have a 2003 suzuki LT-Z 400 cleaned carb and tank it is getting fire but...

    ...want start,it has not run in a year? this is a four wheeler thanks
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    Low Carb Recipes using Ricotta Cheese?

    I have been doing a low carb diet and I just bought some ricotta cheese. What are some low carb recipes using ricotta cheese that are preferrably savory?
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    CA carb legal turbo for BMW?

    I want to know if there is a california carb legal turbo for a 1998 325is BMW NOT MECHTECH!! they suck the car has the 2.8L in-line 6 and currently pretty much stock
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    Just wondering if I got a larger carb would I have to change everything else?

    Going to get a 15-19mm carb for my Cag Mini Moto and I'm just wondering would I need to increase the exhaust size and the air filter size? Thanks
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    1989 polairs 650 carb idle adjustment?

    it is a triple carb 650 have re adjusted needle valve to factory specs cant find anything about fuel/air (idle) screw except one person saying one full turn out from snug would like to hear more and make sure this is right, also says idle should be from 1500-1900rpm clutch engages at...
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    i need help adjusting my 1600cc volkswagen carb?

    its a 34PICT/3 Carburetor need details