1. K

    What are some some celebrities who could play characters in my story?

    Im writing a story and i need a celebrity to play a dad and a mom. They need to be good looking.They also need to look like parents so they cant be that young. GUY Eye color : hazel Hair color : brown OR Eye color :blue Hair color : brown GIRL Eye color : hazel Hair color : brown...
  2. R

    Give 10 hollywood celebrities you want to be chosen as tributes if Hunger...

    ...Games happen in real life? Please give the names and why you choose them.
  3. M

    which famous people and celebrities who passed away in the last 10-12 years ?

    which ones stick to mind for you the most - any of them celebs you liked ? Christopher Reeve (Super Man) and not so long ago, Legendary Larry Hagman (J.R Ewing) were two that spring to mind for me personally. Watching this video of Christopher Reeve in his wheel chair was tough though. "...
  4. L

    are celebrities livejournals real?

    is this Eric Lively's (Blake Lively's brother) livejournal/real blog from 2006? http://ericlively.livejournal.com/ It sounds like it could be real but it says "[Not Eric Lively. I'm not as reclusive. This is fake, not real, made-up, and all that jazz.]" on the user page. Are most celebrity...
  5. K

    Who are your favorite celebrities?

    TEEN celebrities only please! List them below they don't have to be in any particular order(: Please give 10 boys and 10 girls at least but if you can't list that many that's okay too but please list as many as possible it is for a project I am currently working on sorry I already asked this...
  6. N

    Do you have any information on these celebrities?

    Kylie Minogues upcoming album Lana Del Reys upcoming album Britney Spears upcoming album Lady Gaga upcoming album Ellie Goulding's upcoming album
  7. W

    Is it possible to take the DNA of famous dead celebrities (John Lennon,...

    ...Elvis, Etc...) and create clones? Can we create clones of the Beatles?
  8. C

    Do celebrities get annoyed when you act nervous around them?

    Okay, I went to a convention earlier today and I got to meet some of my favorite actors and actresses. They were all really nice. I was so nervous. I tried my best not to be but the more I tried the more nervous I got. Especially around one particular actor who I've had a fan girl crush on...
  9. D

    Is it okay for celebrities to wear last season gowns/dresses/suits on the red carpet?

    I'm just curious. And I haven't ever seen it been done before. If you have, let me know!
  10. M

    Celebrities being Punk'd?

    Which celebrity has the worst attitude when being punk'd? And who's the nicest?
  11. I

    Do you think there should be virtual celebrities?

    Like Hatsune Miku (Google her) should there be more virtual celebrities. Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when Jessica Rabbit was dancing with the human men. Do you think it is a good idea? (Im sorry if you dont understand me at all)
  12. I

    Richard gere & woody allen are two male hollywood celebrities are having

    high sexual desires? richard gere & woody allen are two male hollywood celebrities are having high sexual desire? for woody allen, i saw annie hall movie, indirectly he is using co actress for kissing scenes for richard gere, he has controversy about kissing shilpha shetty indian actress.
  13. E

    Why do we have celebrities in our universe?

    I mean I think about this a lot what's the point of having celebrities? Why are some people glorified so much in magazines, t.v., and such? I know some will say well b/c they did an amazing accomplishment or talent but so do doctors, firefighters, single mothers, and so forth. Why is it that...
  14. N

    who are some of the prettiest women celebrities?

    that no one talks about. and why do you think they are, physically speaking
  15. D

    Why do celebrities always have the most divorces?

    You know what they say, the celebs are the one who suffers the most. but if you dont get it, never mind... ok, get to the point, Why do celebrities always have the most divorces? i mean i know some dont and this does mean that ALL celebrities and rich-famous people are like this but you know...
  16. A

    Which Caucasian male celebrities have yellow or yellowish skin coloring?

    In which film, show or appearance did you first notice these celebrities' yellow-colored skin? I'm not referring to cartoon characters like the Simpsons or Spongebob or those people who have diseases like jaundice or hepatitis, but rather to people who have the coloring naturally.
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    In general, why do people dislike entertainers or celebrities?

    Just curious
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    Monday Madness: 12 Celebrities with a Black Eye

    [No message]
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    why are female celebrities considered bad but males aren't?

    female celebrities are considered as sluts and no boy wants to marry them, they just want to use them.. u knw what i mean... but there are hard dying fans for men celebrities.. idk about other countries but in india, there are fans associations, groups for men celebrities and cricketers... and...
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    Dear Celebrities, Please Stop Commenting On Other Celebrities’ Bodies

    A persistent pet peeve of mine is people publicly commenting on other people's bodies. Whether it's Chris Christie getting fat-shamed or Adele talking about Lady Gaga, I just don't feel it's fair to use a public platform to discuss anyone else's physical form, whether it's in a complimentary or...