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    Before Beyonce & Taylor: Celebs Who Shilled Soda In Super Bowl Ads

    Ghosts of Super bowl soda ads past include Paula Abdul, Elton John, Pierce Brosnan, Britney Spears and Michael Richards. But why are so many vintage Pepsi ads focused on leaders cruelly denying their people soft drinks? More » Before Beyonce & Taylor: Celebs Who Shilled Soda In Super Bowl Ads...
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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Baby: Celebs React to Couple's Pregnancy Announcement

    The end of the year has come with some big news: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby! E! News confirmed that the couple are expecting their first born, and if you're not...
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    Angus T. Jones Isn't The Only One: Other Celebs Who Speak Out About Their Religion

    Angus T. Jones may have surprised most of us with his newfound faith, but the real unexpected turn is that the Two and a Half Men star was so public about it. It's not often a celeb...
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    How Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, Tori Spelling, and More Celebs Spent Thanksgiving

    Happy Tweetsgiving! Some of our favorite celebrities took to another bird this Thanksgiving, sharing their cooking plans, preparations, table settings, and more via...
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    Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention: Celebs React to Teleprompter-Bust

    No celebrity was bigger than Bill Clinton tonight at the Democratic National Convention. "Bill, lookin good. #veganfox," tweeted Olivia Wilde, just one of the dozens of...
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    Celebs React to Neil Armstrong's Death: The Stars and the Moon Man

    When legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away Saturday at age 82, the responses from celebrities were out of this world. After all, who better to praise the moon walker than the...
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    Celebs Take to Twitter With Prayers for Usher's Stepson After Jet-Ski Accident

    Usher's celebritiy pals are taking to Twitter with their prayers and concern for the singer's ex-wife Tameka Foster's son, who is in critical condition after a Jet-Ski accident...
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    Week in Pictures: Celebs Get Festive in Red, White and Blue

    OK, so maybe we arranged them to be festive, but you can bet your booty that there will be a bunch of celebs rockin' the red, white and blue look this coming week in honor of the...
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    L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup Win: Celebs Celebrate Hockey Victory Via Twitter

    Los Angeles is definitely celebrating tonight. After 45 years of attempting to bring the Stanley Cup home, the L.A. Kings became victorious over the New Jersey Devils, beating them out...
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    Why do Hollywood celebs have small dogs like Yorkies, Maltese and Chihuahua?

    Why don't they have a German Shepherd , a Rough Collie or a Border Collie?
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    Dianna Agron, Giuliana Rancic and More Celebs Reveal Their Mother's Day Plans

    Kris Jenner and the Kardashians aren't the only ones with big Mother's Day plans. Read on to find out what some of your favorite stars will be doing today to celebrate all things...
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    How do celebs still look good and healthy when they...?

    smoke,drink and do crazy diets.Thankyou
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    Red carpet treatment for UFC on Fox: List of celebs revealed

    The Fox folks made it a point that the UFC's debut with the network was going to be treated like a big movie/television premiere complete with a Red Carpet entrance at Anaheim's Honda Center. The celebrities will start entering the arena at 4 p.m. PT. Fans are welcome. The Fox family of...
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    Celebs Tweet Reactions to Ohio Escaped-Animal Killings

    It's been a tragic scene in Ohio. After Terry Thompson opened the cages for approximately 50 creatures in his exotic-animal park—including lions, tigers, monkeys and...
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    Why do some Hollywood celebs refuse to let anyone look them in the eye?

    One story told by the very famous Charlotte Church, is when she was appearing on the Letterman show in America when she was 9, a researcher told her not to have eye contact with Tom Cruise and to always speak to him without looking directly at his eyes. she mentioned this in a lot of interviews...
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    Celebs Remember Amy Winehouse on Twitter

    The music may be over but her memory lives on. Following Amy Winehouse's tragic death Saturday at the age of 27, many of her fellow celebrities took to Twitter to mourn the loss of...
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    Neil Patrick Harris Announces Engagement as Celebs Celebrate New York's Marriage Equa

    It looks like Neil Patrick Harris is heading to the altar.* Following the New York state senate's passage of the Marriage...
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    where do hollywood celebs get palstic surgery done?

    I wanted to know as to where do the bollywood celebs get cosmetic surgery done? I would appreciate if you could provide me doctor references or clinic numbers..thank you
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    which celebrity do u think is the hottest? (female celebs)?

    Emma Watson Keira Knightley Emily Osment Selena Gomez Jessica Alba Missy Peregrym Summer Glau Cameron Diaz Miranda Kerr Katy Perry So many more.. .. Can't they all be the hottest :D?
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    for girls only: Who's the hottest in order of these 5 male celebs?

    Usher the singer, Travie Mccoy the singer/rapper, Leonardo Dicaprio the actor, Will smith the actor/rapper and Brad Pitt the actor how do you list them in order from the hottest to the least hottest my list: 1. Usher 2. Leonardo 3. Will Smith 4. Brad Pitt 5. Travie mccoy