1. J

    I have photos on my Motorola cellphone and do not know how to forward them

    to my email or download to computer? Any sites that instruct on how to ?
  2. J

    My telus cellphone isn't sending SMS am i the only one?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy ace and I live in Canada and It's a cell from telus. Now, since yesterday I have had trouble sending text messages. Either it took forever to send or it wouldn't send at all. My sister is having the same issue. I was Just wondering if someone else had the same trouble. I...
  3. R

    Making a cellphone change. Opinions?

    I'm choosing between the new HTC one or the iPhone 5. What are your opinions on both? And which should I get? Or which one would you get?
  4. K

    My friend dropped his cellphone on my Laptop?

    My friend dropped his cellphone on my Laptop and now my screen won't turn on? The rest of the laptop is running, you can hear it running, but the screen stays black. It lights up a bit but it's just...doesn't load anything. Did the hard drive break? Or the Motherboard?
  5. S

    Which cellphone to buy if im having budget of 30k inr ...not more than that?

    i need good camera and features
  6. F

    Buying prepaid cellphone to use overseas?

    So I found a phone in a store for $40 and it seemed to suit my needs, it says it comes with Boost! mobile services (I dont quite understand how that works either) but I am planning on buying this phone and then using a cellphone provider from overseas. (im currently in the USA and will be moving...
  7. E

    How can i share my videos to Facebook from my cell cellphone?

    Its already. On tube tube
  8. D

    what is the best cellphone today?

    except for samsung s4 and s3 and s3 mini
  9. C

    What are the mobile networks and corresponding cellphone number prefixes in the

    Philippines? I always get confused with the mobile numbers here in the Philippines. Can someone give me a list of the cellphone networks in the Philippines and their mobile number prefixes?
  10. M

    cellphone language automatically become chinese, how to return back to english?

    My phone language become chinese upon inserting taiwan sim. Please help how i can return back to english. Thank you.
  11. M

    What's the cost to unlock a cellphone through Telus?

    Your Open Question: Cost to unlock a phone through telus? What is the cost to have a cell phone factory unlocked through Telus? 1. Samsung SIII 2. iPhone 5
  12. M

    What's the cost to unlock a cellphone through Telus?

    Your Open Question: Cost to unlock a phone through telus? What is the cost to have a cell phone factory unlocked through Telus? 1. Samsung SIII 2. iPhone 5
  13. R

    What's the best way to deal with the remaining years of cellphone contract...

    ...when you have leave Canada? I signed up for a 3 year contract with Bell Canada. For unexpected reasons I have to move, and I have about 2 years left in my contract. As the cancellation fee is ridiculously high, I was wondering if there is any better way to deal with the rest of my contract...
  14. W

    Does my cellphone still be saved?

    My Sony Xperia V cell phone fell down the bath last December (don't ask how)! I tried to turn it on and it wasn't turning on, so I just transferred phones. Now that my iPhone 3GS is already broken and it's already been sitting for 5 months, is it still usable? I'm really out of cash (I bought a...
  15. S

    If I don't get the cellphone providers internet in my area will my phone...

    ...still be usable? I know I need to get a cellphone plan with data. I'm a college student and when I'm home I get internet fine but the college I attend is in the middle of nowhere and I doubt I will get the providers internet there. I can always connect my phone to the campus internet so I'm...
  16. H

    Is there such a thing as an audio textbook that you can listen to on a cellphone?

    such as an ebook that you can listen to in the car or on an mp3 player or cellphone? except instead of a regular book, a textbook for school.
  17. D

    Cellphone advice about a phone I just bought?

    I just recently purchased the Galaxy S4 phone yesterday and I was wanting some advice about the purchase of the phone to see if I purchased the right phone or not. I haven't really played with the phone and don't know how to work it efficiently yet because I just got the phone yesterday using my...
  18. C

    LG KG800 'slider'-style cellphone won't work with new SIM card?

    Two days ago, when I got a new account with T-Mobile, my cell phone worked great after putting the new SIM card in. Now it will only charge, but the phone won't turn on.
  19. E

    AUHSD and school cellphone policies?

    On the Anaheim Union High School District website it says that we can use our phones during lunch. My school doesn't let us use our phones. But in the school handbook the school says it will follow the districts rules on electronics does that mean I can use my phone and not get in trouble
  20. D

    Who do I have to talk to update my lg thrill 4g at&t android cellphone from...

    ...froyo to the latest update? Ok here it is im an AT&T costomer that bought an lg thrill 4g with android froyo on it but everytime I try to upgrade or am promped to do so I get rejected so who is at fault for this because AT&T points the finger at lg and lg points theres right back at AT&T and...