1. B

    how do you reset central locking for Porsche Baxter?

    After replacing the windshield, alarm and window are not working and is making two beeping sound when I try to lock it with the remote
  2. M

    Citroen C3 - Central locking gone, car won't start?

    I've had my Citroen C3 for about 3 months, 05 plate. Ever since I bought the car the central locking hasn't worked too well - I have to manually open the driver's door with the key before the central locking will allow the other doors to open. A pain in the arse but I've lived with it. At the...
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    Amy Schumer to Spice Up Comedy Central

    [No message]
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    Cheapest place to install subwoofer and amp in central nj?

    I bought a sub and amp off amazon. What's the cheapest place to get em installed in central nj? Cheapest I found is $125
  5. N

    allied power? central power? world war 1?

    As shown in the graph. Did the Allied Powers or the Central Power suffered the most casualties? total number of combatants killed 9 million total number of soldiers wounded 21 million civilians dead from disease, hunger, and other war-related causes possibly 9 million Germany and Russia...
  6. N

    Why would a Christian say that Christ is their central focus, rather than what he...

    ...taught? If a person wanted you to know something, would you -occupy yourself only with trying to understand how this person came to this conclusion rather than - acknowledge the teaching is the first option not a fallacy? (appeal to authourity)
  7. R

    Is TELUS experiencing technical difficulties in Central Alberta?

    Our telephone is not working - it hasn't been almost all day. We live east of Blackfalds
  8. S

    Is Comedy Central going to make another Ugly Americans dvd set?

    And if so When? I have been waiting a long time love the show and want to buy more than the 7 episodes out on dvd so does anyone actually know it would be appreciated
  9. V

    What is the name of that talkshow on Comedy Central?

    The host is that guy who wanted to dip his balls in Donald Trump's mouth.
  10. A

    Watch Martha Stewart Giggle While She Does Iyengar Yoga In Grand Central

    Yesterday morning, Martha Stewart took over Grand Central Station in New York City to get down on her yoga mat and demo some Iyengar. She did it to kick off her "Martha Stewart Made in America" event, a two-day extravaganza featuring speakers and merchant booths focused on American-crafted goods...
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    Nine Great Moments From Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars

    There were plenty of laughs and some strange bedfellows to be had—and all for a good cause. Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, Louis C.K., Tina Fey and Seth Rogen were among the slew of...
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    Central locking on nissan terrano locks all doors but only opens the drivers door.?

    right hand drive, checked fuses they seem ok any ideas please
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    do find comedy central roast funny?

    or is it not your type of humor. i can't stop laughing as i watch it on youtube. jeff ross is hilarious and snoop for a rapper has a job as a comedian as well snoop was awesome in that, so was carrot top im going to youtube that.
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    Can anyone recommend video swim analysis + DVD services in central London?

    Hi I'm doing a triathlon in a bit, and swimming is definitely my weakest. Can anyone recommend swim analysis sessions with video/DVD in central London? Basically I just want one session to record how I swim and tell me what I'm doing wrong - hopefully cheap as well! Thanks
  15. H

    Can spiders come in through central a/c vents when the air is on?

    I get a lot of spiders in my home (at least 2-3 a day). I've sealed all visible cracks, had the exterminator come and spray, clean/vacuum my home weekly, keep all my doors/windows shut, plus use Ortho Max bug spray all over...but I still find spiders regularly. I recently covered my indoor...
  16. G

    what good anime has a central plot and an English dub?

    i am trying to create an abridged cartoon and im having trouble thinking of a good anime to use. i need one with a central plot. and preferably one that dosent already have an abridged version. (ie. dbz, one peice, yu-gi-oh, etc.)
  17. E

    AL Central 2012 Predictions?

    Predictions and do you think the Indians can compete?
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    Stink bugs in my Central heat and air vents. HELP!!!?

    There are stink bugs in my heating/air conditioning vents. Sometimes when my heat kicks on, it smells like a foot that has an armpit and in that armpit is a sweaty stink bug butt. It's horrible and I don't want to use pesticides. This is in my vents so I won't spray any chemicals in there for...
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    my house doesnt support central heating or handheld accessories why?

    leonardo! help! i wanted to play dance on broadway! the colds alright love it! chilled right out! buggar!
  20. Y

    Dell webcam central video recording wont work. help?

    Everytime I click "switch to video chat" is says "You have not installed the "Dell Video Chat" . Do you want to download now?" when i go to download now it brings me to the dell site and i tried downloading the drivers and it still wont work. it worked fine yesterday and i even tried restoring...