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    DT Exclusive: Harry Redknapp?s failed negotiation with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy

    Spurs sacked Harry Redknapp after he and club chairman Daniel Levy could not reach an agreement on a contract extension. This comes after a season in which Spurs faded in the second half following Redknapp's tax evasion trial and his open flirting with the FA while still a candidate for the...
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    RNC Chairman Compares Women To Caterpillars; Calls Birth Control Debate ‘Fictional’

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus really, really wants all of the controversy surrounding women's reproductive rights—you know, the one that stumps GOP nominee Mitt Romney*and turns female voters off of his party—to go away. So to persuade everyone, he compared women to...
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    Dave Richards (PL chairman) says FiFA stole football?

    Funny - last time I checked, the Premier League had sold out to the highest bidder namely Sky Sports. They own them. Some people say £50 per month makes it accessible (£600 per year).
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    American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown Hails Appointment Of Former Chairman Neil

    The American Heart Association is pleased with the announcement that former Chairman of the Board Neil Meltzer has been selected to serve as a member of the National Health Care Workforce Commission. The Commission, which was created under the health care reform law, will play an important role...
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    Minister Announces Appointment Of Dr Frank Dolphin As Next Chairman Of Health Service

    The Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney, T.D. has announced the appointment of Dr Frank Dolphin as the next Chairman of the Health Service Executive to succeed Mr Liam Downey who has completed two terms as Chairman. The Minister said, "The creation of the Health Service Executive was...
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    Hypothetically, what chain of events would give Chairman Obama no other...

    ...choice but to resign? And could anything cause the Democrat (socialist) party to dismantle itself?
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    CES 2010: FCC chairman calls broadband data capacity a "looming crisis"

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    Sir Howard Stringer Is Sony Ericsson's New Chairman of the Board [Sony Ericsson]

    Howard Stringer hasn't managed to tame the 1000-armed octopus that is Sony just yet, but we like the man's way of thinking. And being named Sony Ericsson's new Chairmen of the Board (starting October 15th) certainly can't hurt the Ericsson end of things. Neither can Sony Ericsson's new chief...
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    Didn't the GOP Chairman get the memo to their internet employees yesterday?

    They realized that by going negative and running a swift boat campaign against such a popular and well liked President, they are simply ruining any chance of having a Candidate win the Next 8 years.