1. J

    What channel is Up! on Telus Optik TV?

    The GMA Dove Awards will be on Up! and I want to know if the channel is available to me.
  2. A

    what channel is animal planet on Rogers canada toronto?

    too many channels, anyone know which one is animal planet?
  3. M

    Where can I watch alice9 channel subbed?

    thanks :3
  4. M

    What channel is Pretty Little Liars on TELUS?

    There's so many channels on my TV, i have telus satellite. I wanna watch PLL tonightt!
  5. R

    Can you go check out my channel?

    I have created my own youtube channel and it will mean a lot if you went to check it out and subscribe. I'll do the same to you if you have one I promise. the link is Can you also follow me on twitter and again I promise I will do the same Link...
  6. A

    I have bought ex-military motorola 16 channel GP340 hand held radio.?

    Question; (1) How do know if they are UHF or VHF (2) Do I need a licence to use them during airsoft skirmishing?
  7. M

    Remember Old Cable Marketplace Channel?

    I was able to find some information about it on the internet. What I wanted to know is how many people remember the 1990s version of this channel? I remember seeing South Asian programming (SBC-TV, Indian/Pakistani), real estate programs, Spotlight Chicago (Duane Dow's live bowling program)...
  8. Z

    what should my youtube channel name be?

    im gonna be uploading things I like, I want to be like ISEKC but not his name. it already exists
  9. L

    which channel will drop dead diva be on tonight in the UK?

    drop dead diva season 5 which channel? and what time? .
  10. R

    How can i watch life ok tv channel live in my nokia symbian 2g mobile.?

    What is the rtsp link for Life Ok.I am using Nokia C5-05
  11. D

    What Channel Is UFC/MMA On DirecTV?

    Ive already tried google, all I get is what the channels were 5 years ago. Help!
  12. K

    Does location matter when it comes to having a YouTube beauty/fashion channel?

    I live in Louisiana and will be living here for 3yrs because my husband is in the Airforce, but I will go back to NY in the summers to visit my family. I want to create a YouTube channel about beauty and fashion. Will people watch someone who doesn't live in NY or CA year round? Do they have to...
  13. C

    Do you like my beauty channel style?

    Not exactly tutorials but they are creative fashion looks. Would love to hear some feedback.. Subscribe if you like :) xx
  14. R

    iPhone/Android Mobile Apps for youtube channel?

    I have a youtube channel, i do post videos frequently. Is it possible to make a mobile app on my brand and show my videos in the App? If so, The app should contain only videos from my channel. I also need to integrate my official Youtube and Facebook pages within the App. What I am planning is...
  15. M

    what channel is fox on dish network?

    like what number
  16. M

    What channel is TNA for Directv?

    I have been trying to get into TNA, but I don't know what channel or day it comes on. Help?
  17. L

    What channel does the tv show "Supernatural" air on directv?

    We recently got directv and I'm wondering what channel this show would be on. I live in Denver, Colorado.
  18. L

    Czech out my youtube channel!?

    I make hilarious gaming videos and i was wondering if you could watch them. Im not giving you an option though, you will watch it, you have no free will... look into my eyes... you are getting sleepy... veeeery sleepy... when i click my fingers you will subscribe... 'click' Ive just realised...
  19. S

    what channel is tsn or espn on rogers cable?

    I live in ottawa and want to know what channel is tsn or espn on rogers cable
  20. G

    Rumor: YouTube to Launch Pay-For Channel Subscriptions

    The Financial Times is reporting that YouTube will launch a paid subscription model for specific, specialist video channels—as soon as this week. Read more...