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    Is the Asda Micro USB Phone Charger compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia X8?

    I've already lost £5 due to buying the wrong charger from Maples, so please help me with this if you know whether its compatible.
  2. C

    is there a way to repair charger port on mobile?

    Okay, so my phone wont even detect the charger being plugged in unless i wiggle it around loads, then keep it held in the one place, it simply doesn't detect anything if i just plug it in and set it down on a table for example. Is there any really easy way to fix this? Do i just need a new...
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    my iphone charger won't charge my phone?

    Please Help I don't know why ! All of a sudden it doesn't charge anymore ! i tried charging from the computer with the usb still didn't work ! my sister lives in another city but she was over for some days I was able to charge with her charger it workes but mine just isn't working ?can Anyone...
  4. F

    Are usb mobile charger the same.?

    Guys..i have just purchased micromax canvas 2 plus mobile..and the thing is ..that usb charger is not separate... i mean when i want to charge the mobile i have to plug the usb cord into the charger adapter and plug into the socket..and the same usb cord when i have to transfer any files from pc...
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    How to improve solar mobile charger?

    I recently bought a small phone charger. It's not the best but I understand that because of its size it's not going to do that much. I was wondering if any of you clever people knew a way to improve it so that it outputs more power thus charging the phone. Any ideas? I'm using it while camping...
  6. J

    My iPhone 3 charger won't work?

    I have to move the charger in or move it around alot for it to charge any advice help? I've had the charger for a little over a year now
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    Which is the best portable charger for Samsung Galaxy Note (2500 mah lithium...

    ...ion battery)? Suggest me one with the highest battery capacity, where i can charge other phones also!
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    From which website should i buy best quality Solar Mobile Charger?

    i am buying from
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    Mobile phone charger broken?

    I have two chargers one usb detatchable and one regular, I alsohave two phones.. One phone can charge off both chargers from wall socket and from usb/computer One phone will only charge from the usb while in computer. Why/how is this possible??
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    Does unplugging the charger from mobile before it's full destroys the battery ?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and lots of times my battery is still at 50% or something and I have to leave and take the phone with me. So does removing it from the charger could destroy the battery ?
  11. H

    Does Virgin Mobile iPhone come with charger and earbuds?

    I just ordered a black iPhone 4S from Virgin Mobile a few days ago. It didn't include anything on the picture but the phone, so I'm wondering if it'll come with the charger and earbuds like it normally does from the Apple Store. I'm going to feel a little ripped off if it doesn't come with it.
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    i wanna buy a portable mobile charger which one to buy?

    please suggest a portable mobile charger which can charge a lot but is also at reasonable rate.please suggest.
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    mobile or lab top battery charger , use in charging chemical battery?

    dry and chemical battery are different , etc if the out put is same or + 2
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    Motorola xoom charger cost?

    I got a xoom, not the new one the old kind or should I say first one, I cant buy one on amazon or the internet, but do anyone know what store sales Motorola xoom charger, and the cost of it ?
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    Has anybody bought this mobile phone charger.?

    I normally use something called a Power Monkey from Power Traveler as a portable charger. I've misplaced it, so I bought this thing called an Energy Bar from Mobile Solutions in the mall. I think I'm using it correctly, but it didn't come with any instructions. I've looked online & also typed in...
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    solar charger for mobile, is it durable?

    want to buy
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    Which car do you prefer? Question about Dodge Charger?

    I currently have a 2009 dodge charger. My mom has a 2009 Nissan Rogue. They are both fully paid so payments are not an issue. I will have to pay my own insurance. I am a 20 year old female college student. I believe the Nissan had a smaller engine. Which one do you think is more practical...
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    brookstone mobile device charger doesnt charge? this model fell to the floor and it stopped having the capacity to charge i can still charge the battery, but when i connect my ipod to the device fully charged, it doesnt work is there a way to open it up? when i charge it...
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    Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 charger different from the S3?. I purchased S4 on

    Craigslist...? A friend of mine is telling me the charger port is different from the new S4, and not the same as the S3 therefore that my phone is a fake one. How do I find that information, couldn't find it.
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    Your iPhone Can Be Hacked With a Modified Charger

    It might pay to be more careful about where you juice up your phone—because a team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have put together a prototype charger capable of installing malware onto an iPhone. Read more...