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    What is a Christian!

    What is a Christian? (Steve Atwood) - YouTube
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    should the Christian B & B owners have been ordered to compensate that gay couple?

    should the Christian B & B owners have been ordered to compensate that gay couple? for refusing to allow them to share a double bed? i think...
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    I'm a 14 year old Christian and can't escape from the feeling of evil presence.?

    I live in a large home and my whole family is religious I'm scared because I'm almost paralyzed by the presence of evil spirits. They will not leave I will say that Jesus shed his blood for me and I am saved i will feel better but soon again I feel scared the only way I feel the most I can...
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    Why do people who claim to be Christian emphasize certain Bible passages over others?

    I am a Christian and I am sick of Christians who will condemn homosexuals yet engage in heterosexual fornication, which is also forbidden. I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle but it is not for you to judge and meanwhile you should be trying to fix the problems in your own life instead of...
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    Atheists who have family members who are Christian...?

    Did you or do you feel separated from your family members as a result of your absence of belief in the existence of the particular god they believe in? How do you personally cope with that? I feel separated from most of my family except my brother, who clearly doesn't take his belief in God very...
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    Good Christian Teen Trilogy/series?

    Good Christian Teen Trilogy/series? I am going away for three weeks and want a good, girly, christian, teen book series. I have already read The Carter House Girls (Melody Carlson) and Christy Miller books (the other series too e.g. jensen) Any ideas?? Ones that I can get at a library. :)
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    Why is it that Tim Tebow was hated on for being a Christian, but Jason Collins is

    glorified for being Homo? Things are backwards.. @"Just Be" Is Jason Collins Homosexual or Heterosexual?...PS I ran out of characters, so I couldn't put the whole word.
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    Should I get confirmed as a Christian, even though I'm not one?

    Both my parents are devout Catholics, and I'm atheist as well as gay. My mother is being extremely rude about Confirmation, telling me I "have to" do it, which is just insane because I shouldn't be forced to accept religious beliefs that I don't agree with or believe in. However, my father is an...
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    Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder is being mentored by ? Jeff George?

    In his second NFL season, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder finished 21st in Football Outsiders' opponent-adjusted metrics among qualifying quarterbacks and threw 18 touchdown passes to 12 interceptions. But more will be expected of Ponder if the VIkings are to get further in the...
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    Religion few question Christian?

    1) ive had a warm feeling 3 times one was at a revival, one was at an online church across seas, and last is through music in this language im trying to learn. Ps the church is from the place. 2) im getting draged from church kinda. From 5-10 I went to this church I stoped, came back at 17 kept...
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    Atheists: As a Christian, do you realize I love you more than I do my

    Christian brethren? It's a loving thing to do to warn you day in and day out that the wrath of God is pouring out on this nation and that your only option is to OBEY, and NOW! I spend more time with you than I do with Christians. I care for you. Edgar - Explain Sodom & Gomorrah
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    Is it okay to be half Christian and half Sikh?

    I'm a strong believer of Jesus Christ, but I'm Sikh, I believe that our Sikh Gurus' were real because we have evidence, but I also believe that Jesus died for my sins. Most of my Sikh friends' gave up their faith for Christanity, but I don't want to that, I mean our Guru's sacrificed themselves...
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    Is it possible to be gay and Christian?

    People dont choose their sexuality, therefore why is it such a problem @footnall5680 Thats because Bisexuals are a different sexual orientation. They are attracted to both sexes, homosexuals don't
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    Is Demi Lovato a real christian?

    So in a live chat from yesterday, she told that she had friends with benefits.. She has a cross on her hand, a tattoo on her feet with: Let go and Let god, she talks about God and I can go on for hours. But I just don't get it. Why would she do that? I am a real lovatic, but I don't know if I...
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    are there any christian terrorists?

    i have never seen or heard of a terroritst who is a christian or catholic
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    Is my Christian friend being a hypocrite?

    On Friday night my husband and I had a long argument with him about gays. (Note he doesn't know we're atheist). We said gays are born that way. We said they're free to live their lives as they please so long as it hurts no one else - which they don't. Our friend says being gay is a sin. Our...
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    If all r3publicans are christian rednecks from the south does that mean...?

    All l!berals are g@y African American high school drop outs?
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    Muslims, is there anything wrong with allowing Christian Churches in Saudi?

    I know Almost all the native population of Saudi Arabia are Muslims.But What about Immigrants Who wants to have a Church.. I know there are churches in other Middle eastern countries like UAE.. also Why they banned Women from driving!!
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    Atheist people in History VS Christian people in Histroy?

    1.JESUS CHRIST 2.Elder John Leland (1754-1841) 3.William Carey (1761-1834) 4.Dr. Jerry Falwell (1933-2007) 5.Rev. Billy Graham 6.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968 7.Dr. John Vernon McGee (1904-1988) 8.Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) 9.Evangelist Lester Roloff (1914-1982) 10.Evangelist George...
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    Christian looking for advice on work?

    I've chosen to live a lifestyle more of one like a pilgrim. I say that because I've shifted focus on living a life of just spreading the word on the streets. I plan on moving either every year or every other year going from one city to another or state. I have been looking at efficiency rooms...