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    Bike crankset is clicking when pedaling?

    So I just got a fixie, and I already had to replace the crankset but I got that some out of town cause I don't have a bike shop here, but now the new one is clicking when I pedal hard or resist on them to slow down, and I can't take it to the bike shop out of town, but I heard it could be a...
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    I have a strange clicking in my foot?

    Over the past few years, I have developed a weird clicking sound in my foot. I can remember a time when it was not there, but I cannot remember if it suddenly came on or was gradual. If you run your hand down the side of your foot and stop where the bone indents a bit and feels softer, that's...
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    My bike is making a clicking noise is it okay ?

    So I just got a new bike a week ago, I'm 12 years old so it's not a big bike. I think it's a medium sized mountain bike about 20" frame size (not sure thou) so I've been riding it around the area but when im riding it and I shift into gear 5 it's starts doing a light clicking noise. On gear 6...
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    My suzuki eiger 400 2004 is making a clicking noise in the front end. Why?

    had it since it was brand new and its been clicking for a couple months now. a couple of things i believe it could be is that the slip yoke is grinded up or that something in the front end is loose. The clanking sound sounds like a piece of medal hitting a hollow piece of aluminum.
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    Clicking noise in 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Dash?

    It was about 50 degrees out, and I went to start my car after it had been off for about seven hours, and there was a very loud clicking coming from the dashboard. I turned off the car, restarted it, and it was there again. I touched the dashboard, and the sound stopped, and didn't start back...
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    Mazda 3 clicking noise?

    Hi, I've been getting conflicting answers about this.. There is a noticeable regular clicking/ticking noise under the bonnet on the driver's side of 2004 Mazda 3, some people are saying this is normal with Mazda VVT, and others are saying this is the sign of a major problem with the timing chain...
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    The Surest Way to a Viral Hit: Professional Clicking By Brian Barrett Need a viral sm

    The Surest Way to a Viral Hit: Professional Clicking By Brian Barrett Need a viral smash? No point leaving it to chance. Just get Buyral on case. Their team of expert clickers will get your views up in no time; whether or not anyone actually sees it is another matter altogether. As...
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    Help me diagnose my clutch problem, clicking noise, skipping (not slipping)?

    so this is what is happening, i will break it down from starting up the car till shutting it off once i start the car in the morning, or after a very long break, the car runs fine it takes off just fine with no issues but when the car actually warms up and i go to the highway then come out of...
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    When I turn on my Ford Explorer's heater, there's a loud clicking sound under the...

    ...dash? It sounds like I put a pencil in a fan. It's really loud and only happens when I turn the heater on.
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    Random Clicking noise on my computer?

    Every now and then when I'm using my computer I randomly hear that particular sound when you click a link on Internet Explorer. It sometimes happens at every 15-30 minutes but I haven't really figured out the time interval pattern. I don't get any popups or anything though so I'm not sure if...
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    Why does my lexus gs400 make clicking noise when i gas it at 10-30mph?

    When I'm driving my Lexus gs400 around 0-40mph theirs this clicking noise that's coming from the engine. Even when i put my car on park and i gas it a bit it makes the same noise. i goes cluck cluck cluck cluck all crazy. Does anyone know whats wrong?
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    Kitten's joint making a clicking sound?

    My male kitten is about 4 months old. I noticed recently that there is sometimes a clicking noise when he moves. I don't know what joint is clicking (possibly his front leg). It doesn't last very long, just a subtle click-click. He does not seem to be in any pain from it. He's still active and...
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    our dodge neon makes a clicking noise when there is weight in trunk and making

    a left turn it sounds like its? a left turn it sounds like its coming from passenger side rear wheel
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    Why is my 1999 GMC Jimmy clicking when i try to start it.?

    It turned over but wouldn't start. Then it just quit and started clicking.
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    91 acura integra with strange clicking sound?

    Hi, I have a 91 Acura Integra with 186k plus miles 5-speed. A few months ago I started noticing this strange clicking, rocks tumbling around popping sound from the front drivers side when ever I let the clutch out, when I first noticed the sound it was really faint and hard to get it to repeat...
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    How to format my nokia 6230 phone memory by keys clicking?

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    How do i stop my nokia 1616 from clicking?

    Everytime i push a button it clicks
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    1991 Suzuki Sidekick clicking noise.?

    Hi, I've got a 1991 Suzuki Sidekick with a 1.6L engine. I went to start my car after running into a store today and it seemed to misfire and wouldnt start. After cranking it again it started but I noticed that the check engine light had come on. Didnt seem to be running badly on the way...
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    In "The Gods Must Be Crazy" movie is the guy making clicking sounds, or did they

    In "The Gods Must Be Crazy" movie is the guy making clicking sounds, or did they just do that for humor? I know some people stereotypically imitate African language by making clicking sounds, kinda like with Chinese language saying "ching chang chung" like that's what the language sounds like...
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    Why does my car's cruise control make a clicking sound when I engage it and...

    ...disengage it? I own a 2003 Honda Civic LX Coupe. Whenever I engage or disengage the cruise control, a clicking sound comes from the rear of the car. I don't know if this sound is normal, but I have only begun to notice it recently.