1. J

    How to rip DVD clips (mainly some movies) effectively?

    I have clips from a DVD that I would like to store on my computer or use in a video project.But Idon't know how exactly i can get the dvd disk movie down to my computer. I also know some dvd ripper tool can do this job. However,DVD-ripping programs found online really not exactly i...
  2. H

    In order to take clips out of a home video dvd,What should I do?

    I have a DVD which I want to take the video part out and watch on my home dvd player. What video software allows such things and any free ones? Any of your suggestions will be great!
  3. S

    How to convert dvd clips to mpegs?

    I'd like to convert clips from dvds to mpeg clips, even if it's just 10-30 second clips is there free softwar that's easy and fast to use to do this? thanks for any info.
  4. H

    How do you play a video clips or a movie (DVD) on my TV from your Laptop?

    I found out that my roomate was playing movies/shows on his TV screen while it was playing on his laptop. I think he was using this cable to hook up his laptop to this..... uh.... Device that allows him to play his music from his iPod or the TV (might need the DVD player or not). Does anyone...
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    How can I record audio clips from a DVD playing on my computer?

    Just wanted to take a little audio from one of my dvds off my computer so I can then save it to transfer it to my ipod
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    How can I record audio clips from a DVD playing on my computer?

    Just wanted to take a little audio from one of my dvds off my computer so I can then save it to transfer it to my ipod
  7. J

    Locate Each Frame-Cut HDcam AVCHD clips Frame by Frame on Mac

    Locate Each Frame-Cut HDcam AVCHD clips Frame by Frame on Mac Source: What is Frame Accuracy? MTS recordings from AVCHD camcorder are often highly compressed before stored, such a compressed movie contains key frames and non-key frames. Key frames can be displayed...
  8. S

    How to take video clips from DVD's and saving to computer...?

    I'm doing a project for my video class. I need specific scenes from my favorite TV show of which I own in DVD form. I need to know if I can record/copy/somehow get those specific scenes and save them as video clips on my computer. If there is a way (that does not involve purchasing any online...
  9. C

    How to download YouTube clips and put on DVD?

    I want to make a video clips dvd.. how? Simplify it for me please
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    Octomom Celebrates Dropped Charges with Drag Queens, Porn Clips and Breast Feeding

    Nadya Suleman celebrated her dropped child neglect charges in not ya ordinary way... The mother of 14, better known as Octomom, who was let off the hook by*the Orange County...
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    How do I convert files from a dvd and break them into small clips that I can...

    ...upload on the internet? I got some home videos converted into DVD's in a digital shop. Now I'm able to play the entire thing on my system, or open the containing folder. The video files seems to be made up 5 IFO files, and 2 BUP files. I want to edit the videos on windows movie maker or any...
  12. H

    Can I upload MP3 clips as ringtones to the Bell Samsung C414 Swift cell phone?

    I was looking to get a cell phone and I had my eye on this one... ...but I wasn't sure if I could use...
  13. U

    What does MTV call their funny little mash ups they do with clips from their shows

    to make them funny? You know how MTV takes clips from their tv shows and puts music to them and cuts the videos in a way to make the characters sound funny? What is that called? Or better yet, does anyone know the link on Youtube or something so I can watch them?
  14. L

    Anybody know where to buy Clips for Remington Heated Rollers?

    I have lost some of my clips for Remington Heated Rollers and need to get some more - anybody know where to buy them - preferably in the shops today. Many thanks in advance.
  15. L

    Who narrates the jokes on the clips for TMZ??!?

    Who is the guy talking when they show a video clip of a celebrity, and is often making fun if them? I can't find it for the life of me..a
  16. J

    How do I make a dvd that is a compilation of video clips I have scene... How can I add my own images? I am wondering if there is a program or something I need to buy. No idea even where to begin.
  17. N

    How do I record sound clips from a dvd, so I can add it to a song track?

    And what free program can I use to add sound clips of movie quotes to songs?
  18. R

    Where can i get hold of anime clips with the music removed?

    Just want to know if there are any sites I can go to to find anime clips with music removed. It's for a project. Thank you for any help.
  19. S

    Getting audio clips off of my iPhone?

    Basically, someone sent me an audio clip via SMS, and I was just wondering how to get it off of my phone and onto my computer. I know how to get clips I recorded on my phone onto iTunes, but not sure how to get clips that were sent to me on there. I've noticed I can "copy" the audio clip, but...
  20. A

    Where can we find free short 3D clips,or blue ray movies?Torrent links?

    i have a Sony bravia HX8|40 3D,without a blueray player. give details how can i run 3D on it. Give links. can usb be connected and 3d vids played?