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    Yawn In Front Of This Machine And It Will Give You Free Coffee

    Now, if I had the technology to do this kind of thing, I would make everyone either yawn in*Ann Coulter's face to receive a congratulations on reminding her she's a boringly awful human being*or yawn at a photo of a puppy and then receive a real puppy to briefly pet. These are the dreams I have...
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    Why is coffee used in some chili recipes?

    I wish to cook it for my family but am concerned about the "caffiene" content for young children. Why is coffee used? And will it matter if I removed it? Is there something I can substitute it for? Here's the link to the recipe I wished to use...
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    The Effectiveness Of Green Coffee Bean Weight-Loss Supplements Questioned

    A major ingredient in those green coffee bean dietary supplements - often touted as "miracle" weight-loss products - doesn't prevent weight gain in obese laboratory mice fed a high-fat diet when given at higher doses. That's the conclusion of a first-of-its-kind study published in ACS' Journal...
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    I’m Giving Up Coffee … Tomorrow

    It's tough to think about quitting coffee when you're so over-caffeinated. More » I’m Giving Up Coffee … Tomorrow is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
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    Coffee Drinking Tied To Lower Risk For Rare Liver Disease PSC

    New research from the US shows that regular consumption of coffee is linked to a reduced risk of a rare autoimmune liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). Study investigator Craig Lammert, a gastroenterologist and hepatologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is...
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    I put red bell pepper in my coffee? is it safe?

    I heard it's very healthy and it helps get rid of my bloated stomach bcoz of air!
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    Butter In Your Coffee: It’s A Thing

    You've used half-and-half before, so why not try butter in your coffee next? This unconventional beverage tastes great and packs a filling punch of energy. More » Butter In Your Coffee: It’s A Thing is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food...
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    Heads Up: Tea, Coffee & ‘Smoke Flavoring’ Could Be Damaging Your DNA

    Well, here's a little information to scare the caffeine addiction right out of you. A new study is out warning that coffee, tea, and liquid smoke flavoring could all be doing serious damage to your DNA. While doctors aren't warning that you should stop consuming the products all together, they...
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    Coffee Is Bad (For Me): Why I Stopped Drinking Everyone’s Favorite Pick-Me-Up

    I haven’t had a sip of coffee in about two months and I feel great. Blasphemy, I know. But coffee isn't for everybody. And for me, it was more of a trigger than a pick-me-up. Here's why I had to kiss my cup of joe goodbye. More » Coffee Is Bad (For Me): Why I Stopped Drinking Everyone’s...
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    Do you have a recipe from the Aloha Airlines magazine that featured a coffee cake

    recipe? It's a streusel coffee flavored coffee cake that was in the Aloha Airlines magazine.
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    spilled coffee on my mac bluetooth keyboard?

    I cleaned it immediately, but some buttons are not working, please help?
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    Please HELP with Green Coffee Bean Pills at GNC!?

    I have heard about this a lot. It is supposed to help you loose weight in a quick but healthier way. I went over and asked GNC them about it. The clerk said it is the "legit" kind but isn't really a fat burner, it just helps with "sugar levels" and i think blood pressure Now I am confused! Have...
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    Creative people I need your help. Need a funny way to say coffee burnt your tongue.?

    Finish this sentence in a funny way. "You take a sip of your coffee only to..." An example is "You take a sip of your coffee only to find your coffee to be 3000 degrees. But that sounds too lame. Thanks
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    Another Way Coffee Is Good For You: It Can Prevent Oral Cancers

    People who drank four or more cups of (caffeinated) coffee per day had nearly half the risk of dying from mouth or throat cancers compared to those who rarely or never drank coffee. More » Another Way Coffee Is Good For You: It Can Prevent Oral Cancers is a post from Blisstree - Nutrition...
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    Good News, Caffeine Fiends! Coffee Makes You Happy (Because Of Dopamine, Not The Tast

    Today's caffeine communiqué brings good news for coffee lovers: Apparently, your daily cup o' joe makes you happier–and not just because it tastes good. It was already known that caffeine indirectly boosts dopamine transmission (the 'happy' neurochemical) in the brain, but German researchers...
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    CHRISTIAN TRUCKERS: If I steal your thermos of coffee, am I accountable for

    you falling asleep while driving? Like, if you took out a van full of a family, would I, the coffee thief, be judged for the manslaughter that resulted? How in the heck can Heaven figure this stuff out if there are not attornies in Heaven...
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    Recall recap: Mr. Coffee single cup brewers, baby bathers, and faulty bike pedals

    [No message]
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    Starbucks Wants to Turn Its Coffee and Old Baked Goods Into Laundry Detergent [Wtf]

    Bean flavored water manufacturer Starbucks is not comfortable with just having more corners than Barksdale & Bell Associates, it wants to take over your house too—just not in the way you think. Instead, Starbucks wants to turn coffee grinds and old baked goods into laundry detergent and plastic...
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    Good News, Coffee Drinkers: Your Daily Latte May Be Helping Your Heart

    Rejoice, caffeine fiends! A new study out from the Harvard School of Public Health says that drinking coffee is good for your heart. But not too much—more than four or five cups a day might actually increase your risk for heart problems. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Afternoon Links: The Perfect DIY Iced Coffee

    • We give you: Instructions for the perfect DIY iced coffee. (Greatist) 20 ways to set yourself up for fitness success. (Zen Habits) • How a food diary helped one woman lose nearly 140 pounds. (HuffPost Healthy Living) • Fighting childhood obesity with hip hop and graffiti = awesome. (The...