1. J

    How do I modify the background color of this windows gadget? I would prefer it to be a solid black color so I could leave it on the desktop without worrying about saving or closing.
  2. B

    Can you change your iPhone 5 color?

    I bought a black iPhone 5 in december and I don't own a case. So the phone seems a little wrecked. I recently just installed the iOS 7 Beta and since then I really like the white color on iPhones. Is it possible for me to change the old wrecked outside to a brand new white outside?
  3. T

    Brand Logos Stimulate Color Memories, Study Shows

    The familiarity of popular brand logos and brand names increases the memory of color, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE. Researchers from Japan conducted two experiments with a number of undergraduate and graduate students to determine whether the memorized color of objects...
  4. P

    What color were Bon Scott's eyes?

    Please I need to k ow FOR SURE.
  5. R

    Need help choosing the color of my new SUV.?

    Hello! I am needing help in choosing the color for a new SUV that I am going to purchase today. I currently have a 2011 GMC Acadia Denali in White Diamond Tricoat which I absolutely love! Later today though, I am going to get the new 2013 Acadia Denali being that I love the new body style that...
  6. 2

    Can we change the background color of BlackBerry Q10's BBM?

    I mean I get the purpose of the black background, but I much prefer the one I got used to it which is the white one.
  7. L

    What are those handheld color detectors called?

    There are these handheld devices that you use to learn the digital RGB code of any color in real life, what are those called?
  8. Z

    What is the color code for stock radio wiring on a 1977 Chevrolet Camaro Rpo UM1?

    Specifically need the front speaker plug in, my plug has Gray Green Brown Black
  9. C

    What color rims on a 2009 Grey VW GTI?

    Would 18" white, gunmetal or black rims look the best
  10. K

    Tri color to dvd burner?

    I need a dvd burner that will allow me to plug in a tri color cable that would record what it sees. It is hard to explain, but I am trying to convert old tapes (VHS and kind put in old video recorders) at home. Device (VHS player or video recorder with tape inserted) ---TRI COLOR WIRE---> Dvd...
  11. P

    PLEASE HELP What color will my baby guinea pigs come out?

    My guinea pigs snowball and russel mated. And I know you cant choose but I kinda want to know what color the babies would be. SNOWBALL ~ Fully white, smooth haired, red eyed. Her dad was Black and white with a tiny bit of brown and mum looked exactly like her. RUSSELL ~ He's dominant color...
  12. A

    Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make Me Loose! Ladies Mouth Off On Lip Color

    Is wearing red lipstick some sort of scarlet letter? According to Keyson Crump, part of the totally whatever male peanut gallery, red lipstick is equal to loose women. After reading that rubbish, I felt the need to have women sound off here. More » Red Lipstick Doesn’t Make Me Loose! Ladies...
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    My water in my fish tank is a strange color?

    I am getting my fish tomorrow and woke up to find my fish tank with a yellowish brown color. I have been reading up on it today and i think it is being caused by the drift wood. I wanna make sure that this is safe for the fish and wont harm them in any way. Also do i need to take the drift wood...
  14. B

    Does a ski mask (blue in color) block uva and UVB rays, when I'm skiing?

    Is this a good way not to get sunburn or tan while skiing. And my cousin got burnt still while wearing the ski mask (blue ) all day, how is that possible, do the rays get through the material??
  15. A

    How do I fix the color on my dvd player?

    I have a Philips DivX DVD player and when I tried to play a movie the saturation turned everything to turquoise and red. Is it possible to fix it and if so, how?
  16. A

    names and color of ninja turtles?

    like give me the color and names of the tutles ause its on my tablet andi need all names and color of the turtles seprated
  17. S

    Which color Mustang is better?

    White with grey stripes: Grey with white stripes: or what other colors are better? I was thinking of getting white with grey stripes
  18. C

    what color will be better?

    If you can spray paint any color on this mask, what color will be better? (picture from: Bane mask )
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    Cup Color Influences The Taste Of Hot Chocolate

    Two researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford have proven that hot chocolate tastes better in an orange or cream coloured cup than in a white or red one. The study adds to recent research demonstrating how our senses perceive food in a different way...
  20. E

    whats a cool dark color for a 1995 gmc sierra 4x4?

    im planing on buying a 95 gmc sierra 4x4 but the color is all rusted and well dull and i want to pick a nice dark color that will make it look really nice and also what kind of rims or tires can i put on the truck to make it look awesome