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    Kitchen Furniture Company

    Inko is a kitchen furniture manufacturing company located in Coin, a town in southern Spain. Inko develops and designs solutions home and kitchen. Inko operates since 1998 in the beginning (called INCOSUR) catering kitchen furniture distribution furniture stores general and particularly kitchens...
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    Which company offering android mobile phones for 3d & HD Game support

    within Rs.10000/-? I am a gamer but still looking for good mobile phone within range of Rs10k where I can play Temple Run OZ, GTA VICE CITY etc games. Please also tell me the model no.
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    Can I use my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Canadian cell phone company like...

    ...Telus or Sasktel? I am currently a Verizon customer and I am going to be upgrading to an S4 most likely. My issue is that I am going to be starting school in Canada in September. I will be coming back to the US on all breaks and over summer so I need to find a way to be able to use my phone...
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    I got a job offer from bechtel company usa washington dc.i want to know. is... correct or fake.? they send me a application & interview form . and i have to complete it via email..please help me out in solving this as it is regarding my career.the number they have given me is (1)4157357155
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    I would like to purchase a iphone 5 from a different company without braking my

    T mobile Contract? Do You Know Any Phone Companies That Are Compatible With T Mobile ?
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    Need a new cell phone company.?

    whats a good cell phone company that doesnt charge you much on the bill. i have sprint samaung galaxy 2 and i live in los angeles but travel to a inudstry area in long beach for work. im a guard so i use my phone shows bars but when i try to watch anime it keeps loading every minute. i...
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    How the EIC carried out trade in India as it was a private trading company?

    Now it arises that why the british does not turn it to be theirs ? Were they reluctant to do for any political or social reason or they did not make themselves the complete confidence on them? If that why they were granted the permission by Elizabeth 1 in 1700 to go to India with their good...
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    Will another company besides Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo be able to launch a major

    video game console? In the future do you believe that a company like Sega or Apple will create a new system that could challenge the PS4, XBOX, or Wii?
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    Where does the money go when one company buys another?

    I'm talking about private companies who don't have stock so the company can't just buy all its stock and own it.
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    Iphone 5 questions?? Which phone company?

    So i'm thinking of getting the iphone 5 or iphone 4s, but i want to get one with unlimited data or enough so that i can listen to music on my rides to school on the bus(which is like a 20 min ride each way and play a few games and stuff). Also i want unlimited text and like bare min talk is...
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    Call from DOTCOM courier company ... Fishy?

    I am getting this phone call from a strange unknown courier company called DOT COM COURIERS, they say I have a courier in some person's name i don't know about, his phone is not reachable and as I am his reference (they say) they have my proper Address but in his name for Shipping. Most...
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    Meet Ava Anderson, The Teenage CEO Of An All-Natural Cosmetics Company

    Ava Anderson is a freshman at Babson College who likes playing volleyball & napping. She is also the CEO of an all-natural cosmetics company. Yes, really. More » Meet Ava Anderson, The Teenage CEO Of An All-Natural Cosmetics Company is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work...
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    Suggest a name for event management and tour travels company?

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    How can I tell if a smartphone will work with my phone company?

    I have Union Wireless, and recently broke my smartphone. I replaced it with a cheap phone, and now that I have money, I want to replace it. I've read you can buy unlocked phones and use those, but how do I know if it works with my company?
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    can you use a visa debit for getting a phone with a company such as fido telus koodo?

    cause they ask for a credit check and i dont have a credit card but i have a visa debit does that still work if i wanted to get a phone?
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    Booking software for tour/charter company?

    Hey we are looking at different software packages for tour/charter company (bus/coach) in australia. What would you recommend?
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    hired when company owner is on vacation?

    I newly landed into a new job for a week, in my dream company. Not hired by the owner ( small firm ), yet hired by a manager who took part of the owner's job when the owner is away - the owner is abroad for a vacation and will be back after a couple of weeks. Usually it's the owner that...
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    searching iphone apps development company in india?

    hello everyone.. i currently started a new company in US to provide apps for iPhone and i need to find a company in India which provides quality development for iphone apps.. any suggestion???
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    business partner and investor for future technology company?

    The business makes future devices in all forms of technology. Phones, computers, and even cars. The business will make billions putting other companies to rest since they make the same products every year, that don't progress the world or contribute to discovery.
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    If you were given all the money needed to start a IT / Tech company.....

    what company would you start...? If you were given all the workforce, money and place to start an IT or Tech company ...what would you start .... more than one company accepted ...