1. P

    Is the Asda Micro USB Phone Charger compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia X8?

    I've already lost £5 due to buying the wrong charger from Maples, so please help me with this if you know whether its compatible.
  2. A

    What other music apps are there besides frostwire and limewire that is compatible...

    ...with Ipod Classic? Arie it does make sense. I am asking: besides frostwire and limewire, what other music apps like them that go with Ipod Classic. Do you understand now? I can not get any easier.
  3. B

    is iPhone OS compatible with Windows on my PC?

    Or would Android be better
  4. C

    can you use the straight talk T-Mobile Compatible SIM Card on and unlocked...

    ...AT&T (GSM) iphone 4? can you use the straight talk T-Mobile Compatible SIM Card on a unlocked AT&T (GSM) iphone 4 theres a lot of talk about how you can do a sim swap trick but i just want to know if i can just go get the sim pop it in and it work
  5. D

    Is the BlackBerry Bold 9900 be compatible on the Wind, Virgin Mobile, and Fido...

    ...networks? Hi, I want to buy a new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and unlock it myself and then I want to go to one of the carriers: virgin, wind, koodo or fido. I haven't bought my phone yet. So, i dont know whether the phone would be compatible with those carriers. I have tried to do check online on...
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    Can a T-Mobile Compatible Straight Talk SIM access Cellular Data Network on

    unlocked AT&T iPhone? I read somewhere that you can't access the Cellular Data Network on an AT&T Factory Unlocked iPhone with an AT&T SIM due to Apple, AT&T, and/or IOS 6, but performing the SIM swap trick with a T-Mobile SIM will work so you can change the APN settings for Data/MMS. If I order...
  7. P

    Is an ATT Iphone 3GS T-mobile compatible?

    Anybody know about ATT Iphone compatibility with Straight talk by use of a SIM card? I'm not much of a techie and don't know where else to look. The Straight talk website is not helpful.Though I am aware the phone would need to meet these requirements: "T-MOBILE COMPATIBLE GSM PHONE, OR AN...
  8. J

    Aren't new versions of Android compatible with older smartphones? How's

    this different from iOS? First, I'm not the most tech-savvy person, but I'm very interested in all things tech. I'm currently researching Android smartphones and am baffled by articles suggesting the next ones will come with the next version of Android (possibly called Key Lime Pie). Why is this...
  9. L

    Why is the yahoo mail android app not compatible with my telus samsung phone?

    would really like a yahoo mail app on my phone wondering why they dont have one?
  10. A

    are lg blue ray optical drives compatible with biostar motherboards?

    when i insert dvds/cds/blue rays into it nothing pops up, but i know that it works, please help, i dont want to have to buy a new one it is a biostar smart A880GZ motherboard and a LG Black 12X BD-ROM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM SATA Internal 12X Blu-ray Combo Drive Model UH12NS29 - OEM optical...
  11. R

    Why isn't my NextBook 7" pro with Android 4.0.4 compatible with several apps?

    I have 3 different android devices: 1) LG Optimus version 2.2.2 2) Samsung Galaxy S2 version 4.0.4 3) NextBook 4.0.4 Most every app work on both my Android phones LG Optimus version 2.2.2 & my Samsung Galaxy s2 version 4.0.4 BUT not on the NextBook 7" pro which is also Android 4.0.4 several...
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    Can Samsung 8GB micro SD class 10 memory card work or is it Compatible with...

    ...Nokia C5-00(Known As Nokia C5 5mp? I Am Buying Samsung 8gb micro SD class 10,memory card For My Nokia C5-00(also Known As Nokia C5 5MP) Please Answer The Question Fast!!!
  13. M

    why is my new usb 2 compatible, usb3 3tb hard drive not work on my dvd

    player as the old one did? Do I need an adaptor
  14. N

    Does Samsung Ace Plus compatible with whatsapp in the Google Play?

    Is there any apps that doesn't compatible with this phone? I want to download apps straight away from google play. I don't want to root or download the apk file. By the way,is there an official update for samsung ace plus now?
  15. J

    make all games compatible on android?

    I have a tele epoch chaser and how can i make it compatible with all games
  16. R

    Pokewalker and DSi XL compatible?

    I use to own Pokemon Soul Silver and a DS Lite back in the day and I know that the Poke Walker was compatible. A while ago I sold both those things and realized I really missed the game so I upgraded and bought a DSi XL because my eyes are going bad and I liked the larger screen. So now I have a...
  17. J

    Are these car audio parts compatible?

    This is my first time setting up a new system in my car so here's where I need some advice. I want to know if all four of these parts are compatible with each other, I looked at the numbers and it all seems fine but I'm not sure what kind of problems I can face, if any with my choices. -Front...
  18. K

    compatible bluetooths for Galaxy s III?

    is Plantronics discovery 665 compatible with Galaxy s III smartphone?
  19. O

    Games on iphone 4 that are only compatible with it?

    I want some games that are paid and free that are fun on iPhone 4
  20. J

    Is this optical drive dvd burner drive compatible with these computers?

    At a garage sale I came across 6 Sony dw-d22a dvd burner drives. not sure if there are compatibility issues with drives thinking of installing them in the following computers: Dell Dimension 9100 Dell Dimension 2400 Dell Inspirion 530 Compaq cq5110f hp 505B Microtower PC