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    how to find the value of 'c' in regularity condition of master method?

    How do I find the value of 'c' for this recurrence: T(n) = T(n/2) + 2^n I'm getting a non constant value for c. Any help?
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    Former NBA All-Star Mookie Blaylock is in critical condition following a car accident

    One of the most memorable NBA point guards of the '90s is now fighting for his life. As reported by Alexis Steves of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, retired 13-year veteran Mookie Blaylock is on life support following a car accident in Georgia on Friday afternoon: Former NBA star and Hawks...
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    What would a Motorola i1 (locked) be worth in good used condition?

    I've looked online and can't find anything.
  4. K

    Why do i have this condition :(?

    I love to eat sweets but every time I do my throat gets dry and sore :(.
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    I have Sony Ericsson, K770i in a nice condition, Having battery life...

    ...issue, any advice? it is functioning fine, i love this cell phone, but new ones are not available in the market, And there is no replacement of genuine battery of Sony Ericsson, the Old battery has gradually decresing its life, I use gprs a lot, and when I do so, it only works for a few...
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    Where can I sell my laptop? (not in great condition)?

    It is an Acer Aspire 5535-704G32Mn, it isn't in perfect condition, the fan rattles when I have the Laptop on an uneven surface and the casing is a bit scratched up but other than that it works perfectly fine. Would I be able to trade it in at PC World? or maybe Cex?
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    Is ghost arnor a good way to keep your iPhone in mint condition ?

    I got a new phone and would like to have a really good screen protector and case. Recently, I came across ghost armor at the mall. $35 fr the whole phone to be wrapped . It's a good film but I'm WOndering what happens when you remove it after a year or so. Will it leave a sticky glue...
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    best place to buy a cheap but in good condition blackberry bold?

    i looked in ebay they r all like 98 plus
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    Not A Pre-Existing Condition: Why Body Types Don’t Make You Athletic (Or Not Athletic

    Nearly every fashion magazine features a regular spread offering to help women “Dress for Your Body Type.” They’re about finding the right jeans, or the best pencil skirt, or the optimal top for various body types: apple, rectangle, curvy, wedge, triangle, full figured, boyish, curvy, hourglass...
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    In Pediatric Kidney Transplant, Blood Condition Found To Be Highly Predictive Of Graf

    For children receiving kidney transplants, a potentially correctable blood condition present in about one in four recipients is associated with a moderately increased risk of the graft's later failure, suggesting that clinicians should weigh whether transplant is advisable when the condition is...
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    Is there a Bible verse about forgiving that does not involve any condition?

    A Christian member got into a physical fight with a stranger, in the end no one was hurt and the person has already apologized. But the Christian did not accept his apology as he reasons that it was not sincere as the person did not confess that he started the fight. The Christian seems...
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    Pregnancy As Preexisting Condition? What You Need To Know

    Last week, I was talking to my mom about why I wasn't on the pill—a subject she she feels periodically entitled to bring up—when she said: 'Well, just don't get pregnant right now. You don't have health insurance, and pregnancy is a preexisting condition, you know?' I did not know. But it turns...
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    is it worth buying an excellent condition, ipad 1 (first generation) 64 gb...

    ...wifi+3g for 370 USD? I am offered to buy an almost brand-new Ipad 1, first generation, 64gb Wifi + 3g, Jailbroken on 5.0.1 (semi-tethered), in a perfect condition plus a protective cover for 370 USD, should I buy it? Knowing that I either buy that or the Ipad 2 16gb Wifi, because that's...
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    Life-Threatening Condition In Preemies Linked To Blood Type

    Many premature infants suffer a life-threatening destruction of intestinal tissue called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Now a Loyola University Medical Center study has identified a major risk factor for NEC: Preemies with the AB blood type who develop NEC are nearly three times as likely to...
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    how a quater three legged buffalo year 2005 in mint condition?

    have a quater with a three legged buffalo in mint condition which is in kansas what the quarter worth
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    If you take your air condition vent and remove it from the dash of your car,?

    Then run that A/C vent into your breather, directing that air straight into your carburetor, would it increase your horse power.
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    Is there a condition I might have?

    I often feel like I have too much to do, even if it isn't important things (like finishing video games or watching movies) When I feel like this I find it hard to get anything done because I can't make a decision and instead I end up getting frustrated and angry. I don't know if this is linked...
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    Anyone want to buy LG Optimus GT540 thats used, but in very good condition?

    Pls go here if you are interested:
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    Unconscious Zsa Zsa Gabor Rushed to Hospital in Unstable Condition

    Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has landed in the hospital again—this time after losing consciousness at her Bel-Air home, and according to her husband, "it doesn't look...
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    C++ newbie: how can I write this condition for a do loop?

    This is probably something I should be able to figure out, but I'm a bit stuck and would be very grateful for any help from an inspired and very patient person! I have written C++ code for doing a calculation. The calculation results are stored in a vector. What I want to do next is: 1) Check...