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    New Fycompa® (Perampanel) Data Presented At International Epilepsy Congress (IEC)

    New data provides additional evidence for use of Fycompa in partial-onset epilepsy New data from 11 abstracts, including two oral presentations, presented at the 30th International Epilepsy Congress (IEC) in Montreal, Canada provide additional data on the safety, efficacy and impact on quality...
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    Should congress forfeit their salaries while they are wasting time on their

    partisan witch hunts? And pay for their silly little side show antics out of the RNC's funds instead of letting them loot the treasury again?
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    The second Continental Congress approved a ? world history quiz please help? on printed documents. colony. b.declaration of allegiance to Britain. d.declaration of independence.
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    9 must-see tweets from the Mobile World Congress

    [No message]
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    Samsung scoops GSMA Awards at Mobile World Congress 2013

    Samsung has won recognition from the GSM Association for the second year running in both the category of Device Manufacturer of the Year and Best Smartphone in the Global Mobile Awards
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    If payroll taxes are STILL going up, how exactly did this congress help the...

    ...middle class? AND the deficit was INCREASED. Boy, we need to get rid of al of these clowns in Congress. Both parties. Too bad you can't recall the president.
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    are members of Congress who are not cooperating with the president enjoying

    Obama's speaking tour? sure they'll get re elected, cause the republicans can win elections, right? like 2012, all republicans won, right? let me guess: youre ahead in the House? yeah, THAT'LL last
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    How much is it to copyright my comic books from the U.S. Congress?

    I know it's like $35 just to get stuff copyrighted now days but for artwork like comics and manga do you have to pay by page or by amount from what you send? I never got stuff copyrighted before so please let me know how much stuff to send to get it copyrighted. I'm working on a lot of comics...
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    What if a member of AlQidea was elected to congress and tried to harm America...

    ...from the inside? What if a member of AlQida secretly living in the USA was elected to congress. While in congress he was working from the inside to sabotage our economy , He blocked millions of jobs from being created at a time Americans needed these jobs to survive, What if he was fighting...
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    Why is Congress wasting Millions upon Millions of dollars challenging if...

    ...Roger Clemens lied to the grand jury? Don't we have bigger issues to deal with? Like who lie and who knew about Fast and Furious that got machine guns in the hands of cartels that already killed a Border Agent and many civilians? Just because the Dem's wanted to crucify this guy and the case...
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    The World Drug Safety Congress Americas, 17-20 April 2012, Boston, USA

    Are you fully prepared to overcome the key drug safety challenges? The 4th annual World Drug Safety Congress Americas is fast approaching and once again promises to be an unmissable event for the industry... More...
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    Does the Obama administration saying it doesn't need Congress to declare...

    ...war an act of an Authoritarian Regime?
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    why doesnt the GOP congress cooperate with obama?

    why do we have a congress that doesnt want to work with the president, at least obama stopped the economy from sky-rocketing bad. it took bush 8 years to mess up the economy, and now it is recovering from it so it will take time, please people be patient and support obama, he is trying his best...
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    Besides downgrading us, what have the tea-turds in Congress accomplished... the past 2 years? If you'd like, I can make the window bigger for you: try 4 years
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    So Obama complains about the Congress elected by the citizens to make Obama act...

    ...responsibly? And Obama allegedly taught constitutional law? Really? ugotthat - what was congress's approval rating when it was democrat controlled? better than it is now - I doubt it.
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    Should President Obama be given the power to dissolve Congress and rule by

    personal fiat? Congress doesn't do anything anyway. They've usurped too much authority from the executive branch, thereby hamstringing government. If Congress fails to pass a budget, Obama should have the prerogative to get his desired budget then implemented as a last resort.
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    I am the Angry Left. But if I was in Congress I'd still be polite.

    We know that the right wing revels in stupidity; Willful stupidity and well practiced stupidity are thought to be the way elitist anti-populous tax-the-middle-class Republicans capture support from the masses. Seems to work rather well. But increasingly this trope of (ig)noble ignorance is...
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    Congress Isn’t Actually Claiming Pizza Is A Vegetable, But Our Kids Deserve Better

    Last week, I wrote about Congress' now-famous "pizza as a vegetable" decision, which made sweeping cuts to a bill that would change the current standards of nutrition for public school lunches, and what's presently considered "healthy" for kids. Included in the cuts? Language stating that a tiny...
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    Pizza Is A Vegetable, Because Congress Says So

    There are some sections of the population who consider pizza to be a vegetable--but then again, most of them also consider recess or lunch their favorite subjects, because they are under the age of 11. So what's Congress' excuse for deciding that a meal of pizza and tater tots is nutritious...
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    Did Roger Sherman serve in the second continental congress?

    I need it for a essay please help!!!