1. J

    Yesterday i was fiddling with my cousin iphone 4,i wonder its appstore has

    more games than my htc one x+ play? Should I swap with him,his is 16gb,mine is 64gb.
  2. A

    My cousin gave me a blackberry bold 9900.can I trade it in for a samsung galaxy

    s4 or apple iphone 5? Its from t mobile.I want to trade it and pay the you have to get the phone receipt?
  3. B

    recently my cousin brought a phone from u.s to india its samsung galaxy s?

    recently my cousin brought a phone from united states its a samsung galaxy s vibrant its 1 n half yr old and its t-mobile's phone which i have unlocked it at samsung store and been using it... my problem is i do have issues with internet service its very slow is it problem occured by docomo or...
  4. S

    My cousin tried to have sex with me, and I think I gave her a roofie, what do I do?

    Well, my cousin came on to me the other day, but I can't remember correctly, I think I gave her a roofie before she did it. I had sex with her so she wouldn't be embarrassed, but she was asleep anyway so I think it's legal, right? Should I tell her? I don't think she remembers. Okay, so I didn't...
  5. A

    Where can I marry my 1st cousin?

    I'm 16 and in love with my 1st cousin. We want to get married. The problem is that we live in Texas and are positive it's illegal here. Where's the closest state it's legal so we can head there?
  6. A

    Where can I marry my 1st cousin?

    I'm 16 and in love with my 1st cousin. We want to get married. The problem is that we live in Texas and are positive it's illegal here. Where's the closest state it's legal so we can head there?
  7. L

    Should I travel with my cousin?

    Hey guys, I want an unbiased opinion so I figured, why not post on Yahoo? I went on a month-long trip with my cousin a few years ago. Unfortunately, I came back with PTSD because of the culture/poverty shock. My cousin wasn't the best travel companion, but we sort of relied on each other to make...
  8. B

    Trivia: NBA assistant/head coach who is not currently employed, and is cousin with

    A.C. Green? I think he also worked with poppovich, and Seattle,
  9. B

    Is it weird to give your cousin a kiss on the cheek when greeting them?

    Between two female (distant) cousins? We hugged and the side of her face was on my lips so I just gave her a peck. I normally only give my parents a kiss on the cheek or baby cousins, or significant other, so I was thinking 'I hope she didn't think that was weird'. lol Is it common?
  10. A

    I had a dream about my cousin saying child support; can someone interpret?

    All dreams have meanings to them and I want serious answers only. The dream took place when I was laying down in my bed looking at the wall to the left of me. My cousin came up to me while my back was turned saying: child support child support. I have had many dreams like this with my...
  11. J

    Inspire from cousin brother!

    Hi pals, I am supposing to make huge song lyrics collection. I have got this craze from my cousin brother in Boston. He has prepared a big collection of music lyrics. Actually he has diaries in which he has written the lyrics of the songs and he has 70-80 dairies approximately. This is...
  12. D

    Had a dream about dating my cousin?

    i am really a guy looking for a gf and im sad ive never had one, im a freshmen in college. i had a dream a few nights ago where i was dating my cousin (who is 16, im 19). nothing past making out happened. do you think i am worrying too much about getting a gf that its messing with my head or...
  13. M

    I got my 5 year old cousin addicted to Chewing Tobacco?

    I'm 13 and well I have been chewing for 3 years and haven't been caught by my parents yet! I have always taking a tin out of my dads roll that he buys every week and he hasn't noticed yet. A few months ago My 5 year old cousin stole some from me and I have been giving him little dips since and...
  14. W

    I am in the US. Can my tmobile smartphone send a text to my cousin in Hong

    Kong? how much per text? I don't know what cell phone company he uses over in Hong Kong. Thank you.
  15. M

    I really want to have Sex with my Cousin?

    My cousin is really hot and i have dreams about me having sex with her, I'm worried if this is a problem, she is older than me and has huge breasts, WHAT DO I DO!!?
  16. I

    how should i greet my cousin's ex wife?

    i haven't seen her since before they were divorced where I usually gave her a hug. I'm seeing her tomorrow for their kids bday party. Hug or something else. thanks so much. Makes me feel better that I can treat her like i did before.
  17. J

    My cousin's battery for her Blackberry Curve 9300 says it's completely

    charged when it's almost dead? Her battery will be dead, but the moment she plugs it in, it says it's completely charged. What is going on with it?
  18. G

    How do i know if my semi cousin in interested in me?

    well to start off lol, we are not related. my uncle remarried, a lady, and her child is a guy i get along really well with. We both live away from home, but in different states. we message each other frequently. he write to me more frequently. i did it because i was lonely and i feel he was...
  19. A

    my cousin lost his password for his psp go account and cant log on to buy more games?

    is there anyway to make a new password?, or to make a new account and keep his games?
  20. C

    weird car toook pictures of me and my cousin ?

    iwanted to buy some cigarates at the liqour box. so me an my cousin went an i had my hood on and a hat on an he didnt so some black car on back of us rolled up an started to take pictures of us. but idk why ? then they left really fast into the shopping center an we ran home . an if they take...