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    Will the warranty cover my blackberry?

    I have 24 months warranty but I don't know whether it'll cover my blackberry. I do have a major problem where my blackberry wont charge so I know it'll cover this input failure. However, the scroll button and bb menu button looks slightly worn, plus there's a bit of material snapped off on the...
  2. N

    how can i make custom cod4 cover for ps3?

    i want to make cod 4 artwork for my ps3 gamecase on what size should i print picture ?
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    Does the HTC desire X smartphone warranty cover water damage?

    My phone is water damaged and the screen is really dark, i can barely see it and i tried to change the brightness but it stayed the same. So does warranty cover the water damage or how can i find out? I don't know where to find it in the warranty statement booklet.
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    Rebel Wilson Looks Gorgeous, Topless & Literally Bubbly On First Magazine Cover

    We are fans of Rebel Wilson, as well as bubble baths, and thereby fans of this cover. More » Rebel Wilson Looks Gorgeous, Topless & Literally Bubbly On First Magazine Cover is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental...
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    Does the touch cover work on the Microsoft Surface?

    Well buying a Surface Pro and I want to know if it's worth buying the boring black type cover or getting a cool colorful touch cover? Just want to know? Hehe Thx;D
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    Kanye West Reveals New Album Cover for Yeezus

    Don't look for over-the-top graphics on the cover art for Kanye West's upcoming album. The rapper kept the concept simple for Yeezus, revealing the album's cover on his...
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    Good iPad games similar to cut the rope, where's my water and cover orange?

    I'm going on holiday thursday and want some good games for my IPad like cut the rope, where's my water and cover orange to play on the plane, either free games or 69p games preferably. not angry birds though
  8. R

    where can i buy XCM 360 B.Q cover for Philips Benq DVD drive with the unlocking kit?

    i have looked everywhere but i cannot find one well i can but it just seems like its a lil much for it. please help if you know where i can get one! THANKS! :)
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    Does the apple warranty cover a cracked screen for an ipod itouch 4G? How

    much would it cost? I bought the ipod on October 14, 2012. The screen cracked because I dropped my itouch.
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    they are going with BFs in bike? i have seen many girls sitting in a backseat of Boy's Bike, covering their face completely like terrorists so that nobody should find her. It is a bad thing going on now a days.
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    How many standard deviations of bell curve does it take to cover 85% of the data?

    I know 1 std dev=68%, 2 sd=95%, 3=99.7%...can we compute a fraction of deviations that would get you 85% of the data?
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    How can I cover up a strong cigarette odor?

    Just recently moved in with some friends of mine, and I smoke, so do my other two roommates. But one of them doesn't and he's getting annoyed by the smell. Well at 3:00 a.m. I don't exactly like getting out of bed and going to the balcony to smoke. I've tried using Smoker's candles but they...
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    Do the Samsung Galaxy Pocket & the Samsung Galaxy Y Share the same back cover?

    I recently recieved the samsung galaxy pocket and i was looking for a new back cover thing for it and i cant find any for it all i could find were ones for the Y but im not sure if they are the same size or not
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    Photo: Barry Sanders “Madden 25? Cover

    [No message]
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    Recommend me a great smartphone; which fully cover my needs? Nokia, sony, samung...

    ...or micromax? i use nokia 5233 for the past three years; but still it works awesome. So i started loving nokia. Right now everyone talking about android OS. At the same time i have heard that windows is also good. Looking to buy a smartphone which should be very fast for browsing and...
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    I Love This Girl Who Splices Herself Into Awesome Facebook Cover Photos of Movies and

    Like the wonderful Libby Cooper before her, this girl is just beyond awesome. She remixes her Facebook Cover Photo so that her profile picture pops up seamlessly in movie sequences, TV shows and video games. It's perfect. More »
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    Ideas on how to make an ebook cover?

    I am a writer and I'm posting a story of mine on Wattpad. However, I am awful when it comes to making book covers for it. My story is a paranormal suspense novel about a girl who's father died after battling a demon. Five years later, she realizes that the murder cases her mom is working on have...
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    Where can i buy a dvd cover?

    Ok so i just want the dvd paperback/cover, not the discs or case but dont know where to buy it. Any suggestions?
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    Lamborghini Veneno Breaks Cover Ahead Of Geneva (UPDATED)

    Take a good, hard look at the Lamborghini Veneno. You’ll probably never, ever see one in person. Why? Lamborghini is only planning on building three, and with a price tag of $4.6 million per car, it’s very unlikely that the Veneno owner’s club will be at your next Cars And Coffee.
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    What is the Photoshop size for a DVD Cover?

    The average DVD Cover, in pixels if you can please. Googled it but got nothing.