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    Help with creating some riddles for a Mall Scavenger hunt?

    creating a scavenger hunt for my friends and I, we're going to the mall and I was hoping for some help with riddles for random items you can find in a mall
  2. A

    How to learn creating symbian apps for phone ?

    i want to knw that which language or knowledge is require to design a symbian or java application for phone
  3. G

    Unique method for creating uniform nanoparticles

    Micrograph showing array of atoms and tetrahedral subunits in a single icosahedral Pt particle University of Illinois researchers have developed a new way to produce highly uniform nanocrystals used for both fundamental and applied nanotechnology projects. “We have developed a unique...
  4. O

    If you were creating a team to beat the Heat, what style of team would you want?

    A. A team that defers to their big men (Grizzlies) B. A team with elite defense/rebounding (Bulls) C. A team that has alot of youth and speed (Nuggets) D. A team that can score alot (Knicks) E. A team with experience and are well coached (Celtics)
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    problem creating .iso fle from a DVD? please help..?

    i use magic iso but when ever i try to create it stops at 0% and when i try to close it my computer hangs.
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    I'm looking for someone to help me in creating an online manga. Someone

    who can draw.? Need someone who can draw and would love to get involved int he creative process of the story/characters/plot. If you are even VAGUELY interested, contact me. I want to create a manga to post online, and see where it goes. Maybe nowhere. Maybe we get together and make something...
  7. J

    which is the best Facebook app for creating static html page?

    what is the best free html app for hosting Facebook company html page, which can also host images
  8. R

    Creating a Nutrition Plan?

    For one of my classes I have to fill out a nutrition plan. It lists three days with 2 snack times, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have to write down foods that fit within the appropriate guidelines for food pyramid, and calories. Does anyone have any ideas? I am unsure on how to start it...
  9. K

    best software for creating android apps?

    I want to create an android game app but I am not sure which software I should use to program it. I have programmed in java, c++ and c#. I know android programming is mostly done in java but I have only used Netbeans to program java before. Its hard to Google a question like this because...
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    Can someone help find ideas for creating a quiz?

    Pick an interesting idea.. lol Any quiz.. like the ones from quotev.. lol
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    any ideas how i would go about creating a pressurized water squirter for a 4D home... theater? usually these are installed into the railing in front of a row of chairs and squirts strong gust of air or mist into the viewers face during a movie...
  12. V

    i'm interested in creating a website and i'm confused in picking the

    topic.pls suggest a topic for me? SUGGEST A TOPIC EXCEPT SPORTS
  13. D

    Help for creating Iphone app game?

    I am looking for someone from help me develop a game for the iphone, and put it for sale, I have the idea, I just have no idea how to create one, or put it out for sale or anything. I am from Ontario Canada, If anyone is experienced and willing to help me please respond to this, thank you
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    Rumors: Model News—Bugatti Creating Yet Another Ultimate Veyron

    The world of the hypercar is an interesting place. Both impressively conscious and willfully ignorant of the volatile world around it at the same time. Consider this latest rumor from Automobile as proof of that duality—While Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren are working on mind blowing hypercars...
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    Efficient, Protein-Based Method Developed For Creating IPS Cells

    Coaxing a humble skin cell to become a jack-of-all-trades pluripotent stem cell is feat so remarkable it was honored earlier this month with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Stem cell pioneer Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD, showed that using a virus to add just four genes to the skin cell...
  16. S

    Creating a facebook account question?

    If I create a facebook account using my email, will my contacts get an email or notification saying "[name here] has recently joined facebook"?
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    Creating High-Tech Tools To Study Autism

    Researchers in Georgia Tech's Center for Behavior Imaging have developed two new technological tools that automatically measure relevant behaviors of children, and promise to have significant impact on the understanding of behavioral disorders such as autism. One of the tools - a system that...
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    Does anyone have any experience creating a 4 year workout plan towards...

    ...some kind of athletic goal? If so how did you put together your schedule? Did you have a coach help you? What was your goal? Was it difficult for you to maintain focus and what did you do to relax and refresh yourself?
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    Creating a website!? Need advice for a newbie ?

    I'm wanting to create a website of my own, example is I would like to have a full web adress eg. It also needs to be quick and easy to add new material, like a post system with the ability to go back to previous posts(just like cavemancircus) and also with...
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    BP Oil Spill Creating Diseased And Deformed Fish, But ‘Experts’ Still Want Us To Eat

    Would you eat fish that had large open sores, strange black streaks, lesions, parasitic infections, chewed-up-looking fins and gashes all over it? Those are the type of grouper and red snapper that some fishermen in the Gulf are catching two years after the disastrous oil spill--and yet...