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    Going on a cruise and forgetting clothes?

    My nan has been having a dream nearly every night lately and it's about her going on a cruise ship and relizing she forgot her clothes so she left and went and got them then got back on the ship and then relized that she forgot her shoes. What do you think this means?
  2. C

    Is the Alaska cruise from Vancouver good?

    I've been thinking of going this week, have an of you gone? If so, how was it? Pros and cons?
  3. S

    Can I bring alcohol onto a cruise?!?

    I'm leaving for a cruise to the Bahamas tomorrow with carnival cruise lines. can I bring alcohol in my suitcase? people said they don't care but I'm scared! maybe if I put it in a shampoo or water bottle or something? any input would be great thank you!!
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    Where is a reasonable hotel to stay at in New Orleans before a cruise?

    We are going on a cruise in November leaving out of New Orleans. Where are some close, but reasonably priced hotels near the port?
  5. D

    Who are all of the actors in the Cruise music video(original)?

    I would just like to know all of the actors who took part in that music video!
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    teens on cruise during school?

    Are there any teens on a cruise in may since most teens are usually still in school? my sons worry they will be the only ones!
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    what kind of security do you go through on a cruise?

    carnival cruise?
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    Pleasee help me with the cancelation of this cruise?

    Ok, this is my situation, I made the deposit ($200) for a Carnival cruise vacation, 5 days to eastern Caribbean in the Carnival Victory for Feb 3rd 2014, I just paid the deposit, could I just cancel it and get my deposit back, I have NOT signed the cruise contract yet, the thing is, my husband...
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    What expenses would there be for owning/running a cruise ship?

    Hi guys! :D For my maths assignment we have to pretend that we've brought a cruise ship and plan out the course. Anyways, what expenses would you need to consider? Think outside the box please. Like i know the basic ones like fuel, food etc but yeah please help me out. xxxx
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    Teen Club on a Disney cruise help?

    Ok, so I'm going on a Disney cruise, and I only had two tickets, I know I sound like such a loner but I'm only going with my dad because I can't bring a friend. I want to go to one of the clubs but I'm afraid I'll look like such a loser if I go alone. (I am REALLY shy and I have absolutely no...
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    Best beginner board to cruise with? Penny/Longboard etc?

    Penny? Longboard? Normal skateboard?
  12. W

    who is hotter? tom cruise or bradley cooper?

    im talking about tom cruise in his day, think top gun, mission impossible 2, vanilla sky
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    Boyfriend is taking me on a cruise but...?

    So my bf and I have been together for 2.5 years and we are going to get married sometime next fall/winter. Well my bf just got back from a cruise with his parents and best friend. And he got me the cutest summer dress! And after i took the dress out of the box, there was a folded piece of paper...
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    How do I get a job on a Cruise Ship?

    I have been trying to find out how to get a job on a cruise ship for some time and one of my friends was scammed. Does anyone know how of a reputable company.
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    Which is the best cruise for me and my family?

    I am 14,my sister is 11,and my dad is 44.We are wanting to go on a cruise but which is the best for all of us,Carnival or Royal Caribbean?I want only people that have been on both cruises to answer this.
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    who is the girl with tom cruise in 3oh 3 - you're gonna love this music video?

    anyone can answer the lead model in that video?
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    Renting a car at the Galveston cruise port?

    We're flying into Houston on August 28th. Our cruise leaves from Galveston August 31st and returns September 5th and we leave Houston September 9th. We plan to rent a car while we're there but it's all so confusing. Originally we were planning on renting a car at the airport, returning it to...
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    What should I wear on a Carnival Cruise?

    I'm going on the Carnival Pride soon, and I'm wondering what type of clothing would be appropriate. I went on their website, and they were very vague. I'm also 14, if that matters. On the first day, Boarding day, what would be appropriate? Short shorts and a t-shirt? This is my first cruise; I...
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    Is going on a cruise during a Thanksgiving holiday a good idea?

    My family and I are planning a cruise but we're not sure if we should go during Thanksgiving or Christmas. So during which holiday is best? & Is there usually a lot of people on cruises during those holiday's?
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    Is there cell phone reception on a cruise?

    i'm leaving for a cruise in a few days, and i want to know if i'll get reception or not. does anyone have any past experiences with this? I have metropcs, if that helps.