1. C

    Ctrl delete alt shift buttons not working?

    I was playing Sims 3 on my Gateway computer and I held the shift button to long. A pop up came up asking if I wanted to enable, disable, or change settings for my shift key. Well I ignored the pop up and then my game wouldn't let me use the delete button. So then I went to the control panel and...
  2. M

    I can't open Minecraft or Technic pack but I can get into CTRL+ALT+DEL. Help I...

    ...don't know what to do!? Minecraft and Technic Launcher won't work but I can still open ctrl+alt+del and other programs can still open. HELP!
  3. F

    Nothing will work not even ctrl alt del?

    When I start up my laptop, windows 7 I think 64 bit, and it starts normally but after a second I cant click anything on my taskbar and I can click the start button but nothing in it. I cant right click on the taskbar to start task manager or press ctrl shift esc. When I press ctrl alt del it...
  4. P

    Want to skip ctrl+alt+del pressing prior the windows startup?

    while starting my pc there is a screen which requires me to press ctrl+alt+del button. And then only comes the screen for password. i want to skip the first part. Should I uninstall some programs. I have HP connected remote and Cisco anyconnect installed in my PC.
  5. E

    Ny workstation is locked. when i press ctrl alt del nothing happens on my dell...

    ...laptop now what? thanks
  6. M

    Press ctrl + alt + the down key?

    You're welcome.
  7. S

    why does my alt key give alt+ctrl command?

    my right alt key works fine. but the left alt key alone gives the alt+ctrl command. the left alt alone does not work but the left ctrl alone does. and more over the apostrophe and inverted comma key is working but this is what happens. if i put just one apostrophe (press the key once) it doesnt...
  8. I

    is there any other way to start task manager (ctrl+alt+del) when the laptop freezes?

    im playing a game called Max Payne and the game freezes sometimes in a busy fight scene and the task-manager not open, i have to force my computer to shut down holding the power button...is there any other way to start task manager with out using ctrl+alt+del Im running the game that dosent...
  9. R

    xbvql is compressed press ctrl+alt+delete to restart?

    i turned on my computer and this message played out xbvql is compressed press crtl alt delete to restart what is xbvql
  10. F

    Disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart?

    I have an HP Omni 100 PC. Today i turned it on, typed in my password and everything was normal. 5 or 10 seconds later it froze for a long period of time. so i decided to press and hold the off button to turn it off. then i turned it on again, and it wouldnt let me go to the password screen. all...
  11. M

    PLEASE HELP. A disk read error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart.?

    It's a Gateway Windows Vista Home Premium desktop. I have no idea what to do. I didn't burn the recovery disk(What a Stupid chick! Ugh I know! ) I've researched it on the internet & YouTube(on my phone of course) but I would like to know anything you guys have done or if u know anything? Your...
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    BOOTMGR is compressed Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart?

    I was cleaning out my laptop and i pressed compress disc, not knowing what it did, but hoping it would clean out my computer and make it run better. It runs Windows Vista. I don't know what info to provide, but it's a.. - Toshiba Satellite A65 - S126 System Unit - Model No. PSA60U-02K015 I...
  13. K

    BOOTMRGU press CTRL and ALT and DEL to Restart problem!!?

    Hi, I have a Toshiba c660 and it's saying BOTTMRGU press CTRL and ALT and DEL to restart. But when I do that it brings me back to the same page then saying the same thing (BOOTMRGU etc) I have no recovery CD/DVD to fix it so what will I do??!
  14. J

    Disk read error occourd press ctrl + alt + del?

    My computer (acer) kept freezing and had a problem saying that windows couldnt check for updates. So i decided to restore it back to factory settings. Half way through the system restore the screen went black and said 'Disk read error occourd press ctrl + alt + del to restart. I pressed the...
  15. C

    Will they Ctrl + Alt + Del Romney before the debates tonight ?

    or will they install a whole new operating system ?
  16. N

    Spiritually Speaking If life came equipped with a Ctrl+Alt+Del feature?

    which process would you end? (Govt intrusion into my life would be my choice)
  17. T

    Question about linux (ctrl alt f2)?

    When you open a "console" widow you are running command line Linux. Linux can be fully run with out the GUI screens, in fact most servers never setup the GUI interface! The terminal "window" is very powerful and should be understood to really operate Linux to its full capacity. Try these...
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    Have you ever hit ctrl,alt and either the left ,right or down arrows ?

    i just found out it like flips your entire screen :O
  19. Y

    Skype causes my laptop to freeze and cannot use ctrl Alt Del?

    My desktop does not respond and my processor makes a "laggy" noise , I am running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit . Skype had been running fine for a while until recently
  20. L

    My Startup menu won't work unless I click ctrl,alt, and delete, help me please!!?

    Whenever I turn on my laptop, it just shows the HP logo, and on the botton left hand corner it says " click Esc for start up menu" And i would wait for hours to wait for the start up menu to show 9 the windows 7 part) but it doesn't. The only way that it would actually start is when I click...