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    I need Nokia belle custom firmware for my nokia 5800XM handset.?

    I have a Nokia 5800 XM handset which is Symbian firmware. I wanna update nokia belle custom firmware for my Nokia 5800XM. Please give me the Link ...... Thanks for advance
  2. A

    Making Windows Custom DVD?

    I have installed a custom windows edition (not an official one), but now I've lost the installation DVD. Is there a way of making one from Windows installation files? Also, what files should I copy from C:/ to a USB to be able to say "I have back-uped my Windows Installation"?
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    how can i make custom cod4 cover for ps3?

    i want to make cod 4 artwork for my ps3 gamecase on what size should i print picture ?
  4. Y

    Custom emblems on car?(pictures)?

    Would these black emblems look weird if i replaced the gold ones? I plan on getting windows tinted too Would it look weird with black rims? The car is like a golden beige color Picture of car :
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    I can't access my apps on custom android rom and I want to reset back to the stock

    rom? I am new to downloading roms and I seemed to get a little cocky and thought I can download a rom called jelly bro by euroskank. It was all going fine until when the phone (Nexus 4) restarted, I couldn't access any of my apps and I couldn't get back to the stock rom. I am really scared...
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    What's a custom ROM on android?

    I searched on the internet, but couldn't find the answer, please help.
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    handcent custom ringtones?

    i just recently went to handcent sms from the default one..i was using the ringo lite app for custom ringtones for certain people on the default messaging, but noticed it didnt work with handcent is there a way to get it to work with ringo lite or set up a way for me to give people a custom...
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    Can i install another custom rom to replace my previous rom on my samsung galaxy ace?

    I have jellyblast rom installed currently on my ace gt-s8530i but i want to install another rom.I tried going to clock work mod and clearing cache and dalvik cache and install .zip from sd card but it says install aborted. so any solutions to this. (thanks)
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    Can I buy a custom battery for my LG Lucid 4G?

    Okay the phone is really great and all but the battery life is super terrible! I have lowered my brightness to 0% even if my battery life is at 100% so the battery wont go out faster than it already does at 0. But can i buy like a custom battery for my phone so it can last longer? If so, where...
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    Does anyone know where i can get custom 3D itouch cases ?

    I have a 5th generation ipod touch and i want a 3D case but i haven't found any that I like. Is there a place/website where I can customize my own including the shape ? Thanks (:
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    How Can I Make My DVD Player Play Custom DVD's?

    Hey, I'm Using a Sony 8.5 GB DVD+RDL I've converted the videos all from mp4 to VOB, And Used winAVI for the conversion then Windows DVD Maker, It's Playing Fine in my laptop, (its new) but we have a 2 year old sony Dvd Player That Wont Reconize it, Is there a fix?? Or Buy A Newer Dvd Player
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    My phone battery sucks, but i really like this phone. Can i buy a custom longer lasting battery for my LG LUCID 4G?
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    How much do Mobile Electronics Installer / Custom Car fabricator?

    I was looking to start a career in MEI,FAB soon but was trying to find out how much I would be making yearly. I have seen that Acoustic Edge Institute offers both of this programs as one and will be looking at starting soon. I have a very strong passion for custom audio & fab; but I live in MS...
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    Snowmobile custom exhaust website?

    I have a 95 formula mach 1 and want to find a custom exhaust place for snowmobiles. Any ideas? I really would appreciate the help!
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    Where can I create/buy a custom case or shell for my Motorola Electrify M?

    Looking to design my own case/shell for my Motorola Electrify M (Xt901). So I want something with my horse's photo or my dog's photo and I was wondering if anyone made custom cases and if so what site?
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    How do i get rid of custom ios installed with the homebrew channel on my wii?

    HELP! ALL custom ios!
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    Custom ringtones on an iPhone 5 without iTunes?

    I have an iPhone 5, but my computer is so old that I can't run the latest version of iTunes on it. This means I can't sync my iPhone to my computer at all. I have a sound clip on my computer I want to make into a ringtone. It's already an m4r; I just need a way to transfer it to my phone...
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    Setting Custom Text Ringtones for Droid Razr Maxx?

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could me figure out how to set your own ringtones to the notifications ringtones i know how to set calling ones with custom but i cant seem how to set the notifications custom ringtones if someone could help i would be really happy ps this is my first phone like...
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    iTunes 11 and custom ringtones?

    I downloaded an app to create a custom ringtone, but when I went to try and upload it to my phone, iTunes 11 keeps jacking up. I can't view the apps on my phone, my songs, nothing on itunes for the computer. iTunes completely freezes up on the start-up screen showing an iPhone. I have to unplug...
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    My psp system is 6.39 pro b6. Please help me, where do i get the custom firmware ?

    I checked my psp system and it said i have 6.39 pro b6. please help me where do i get the custom firmware ? i really need it for installing cwcheat for a game. Thank you so much to anyone who helps !!