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    I need an achievement guide for the game DARK on Xbox 360?

    I know it's a smaller title and that it's hard to find anything about it, but I need a guide for the last 3 achievements that I need. I've tried Goggling it and looking, but all I can find is lists of the achievements, not a guide of how to get them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Are there any games like the dark nebula app for iphone?

    I really liked the Dark Nebula 1 & 2 for iPhone where you move the disc around through obstacles and killing enemies. Are ideas of Apps that are like that game?
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    Does a camping tent block uv rays , and does a long sleeve rash guard dark...

    ...blue block uv rays? I'll be camping 4 days entirely no inside is there Does the tent provide protection from UVA and UVB . I don't want to get tan, I'm bringing lots of 85 SPF to combat and keep my pale complexion I'm 15 I can't not go I'm going in August for 4 days Uv is very intense in...
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    DNA Damage - The Dark Side Of Respiration

    Adventitious changes in cellular DNA can endanger the whole organism, as they may lead to life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Researchers at LMU now report how byproducts of respiration cause mispairing of subunits in the double helix. The DNA in our cells controls the form and function of...
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    What is justice league dark in DC comic?

    What is this justice league dark and what is difference between justice league and dark, differentiate it and give me introduction about both teams and there members and on their work and everything.
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    What is the name of the actor who is in Zero Dark Thirty & is on Recreation & parks?

    What is the name of the actor who is in Zero Dark Thirty & is on Recreation & parks? My husband noticed he plays a comedy role on Recreation & Parks & I wanted to look up other roles he has played in but I couldn't find his name. Thank you. it's not Chris Pratt. It's funny cause I made the same...
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    Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens Debuts Dark Hair—See the Pic

    What would Lady Mary say?!* Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens was almost unrecognizable when he debuted a darker 'do and a slimdown at the*TAG Heuer Celebrates 50 Years of...
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    Has the DVD release of Zero Dark 30 been put back?

    I thought it was going to be released in a fortnight but now it is apparently June. Has it been delayed? If so, why? Skyfall was available to buy whilst it was showing in the cinema.
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    Is Transformers Dark of the Moon based on a true story?

    I know it may seem like a stupid question but I'm watching the news right now and New York still looks pretty messed up from all the robot attacks. How much will it cost to rebuild?
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    what are some dark anime opening and ending?

    give me the 20 list of dark anime of both opening and ending in 2011,2012 AND 2013...... like kamisama hajimemashita ending or ANOTHER OP AND ED....also dont give me less than 20 songs...and thanks for detail
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    is there anything that make my dogs poop glow in the dark?

    i am loking for a harmless substance that makes my dogs poop glow in the dark. i have herd there is something out the but dont know what it is?
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    Any dark or mysterious names?

    I am writing a story for English class, but I can't find a right name for my characters. I have a boy and a girl, and both characters are dark and mysterious. Any ideas? :P
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    What are fanfics like Dark?

    What are some fanfics that are similar to Dark. The one about Harry Styles and Bo. Just incase you forgot. What ever happened to the book/fanfic.
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    Dark Souls Artorios help Xbox?

    Hey guys. I'm a Soul Level 26 at the Artorios boss and I'm stuck. Can someone lay a sign near the fog gate? I will give thee a slab when the boss is over.
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    How Dark Must Dark Chocolate Be To Be Healthy?

    You hear all the time that dark chocolate is good for your health. But "dark chocolate" encompasses everything from Milky Way Midnights to Mast Brothers*artisanal, small-batch*chocolate bars. It's certainly not all good for you. So how can you tell dark chocolate duds from Dark Chocolate...
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    Where can I purchase a DVD of Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole?

    It is a documentary directed by Randy Barbato and was released in 2003. It originally aired on Showtime.
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    ! Download Zero Dark Thirty Movie In Divx Quality Visit Today?

    Hey Guys! Enjoy Zero Dark Thirty video, Here you can watch Zero Dark Thirty online with streaming video. You have also instant access to download Zero Dark Thirty in any formats such as HD/DVD/Divx/ipod etc. Download Link- http://www.moviesonmovies.com/download-Zero-Dark-Thirty-movie-10179...
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    how many chapters are in the fan fiction Dark?

    I read to chapter 47 and I was wondering if that was the end? I really hope its not cause I'm wanting more. Does anyone kknow if Hannah is still writing it? I don't think it could end just like that. HELP!
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    Health Hack: Dealing With Dark Spots On Skin

    Acne,*psoriasis, scrapes, scratches and other skin wounds can all cause what's known as post-inflammatory*hyperpigmentation -- aka*dark spots on the skin. Unlike "age spots," which are related to UV exposure, or melasma, another skin darkening condition related to hormones estrogen and...
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    Samsung galaxy s3 dark spot in a corner of the screen?

    I have a s3 that was working as usual, but the other day I gentle put the phone on a chair when I was working on a computer, nobody sat on the chair but when I picked up the phone to see the time, there was and still is a blackish purpleish...circle thing in the corner of my screen! I can see...