1. S

    Release date for ios 7?

    Day and month. Thanks!
  2. C

    when is the fate zero english dub on dvd/Blue ray release date?

    not the neon ally airing but the actual dvd and blue ray sets
  3. S

    Really want to date a young gym rat...?

    as I love muscular guys but are they put off dating an older woman ?
  4. H

    How would a celebrity date a normal fan?

    don't act like you never thought about it. like what they just see them in a crowd and chase them down? how can it happen? will it happen?? details??? would it matter if the fan is a year older?? how would you approach this issue? would this certain celebrity that i like be offended...
  5. K

    my iphone is up to date but my bluetooth is continuiously loading & my wifii

    address is missing & wont work? I have tried it all even restored my phone from an old back up as well as resetting the phone back to original settings but nothing works. wifi address is missing their is no number just N/A where the number should be. what can i do.... PLEASE HELP!!!!
  6. O

    Poll: Could you wear these shoes on a date?
  7. S

    My passport has expiry date written as 31sept instead of 30 sept (sept...

    ...has only 30 datys )? should I ignore it or make a new passport.
  8. A

    Can We End Sexism By Asking Men Not To Date Younger Women? Um—Probably Not.

    Some sort of meteor-sized mental change would need to go down to eradicate the sexism that is deeply, subconsciously pervasive in society. So, small steps, I get it. But men not dating younger women may not be one. More » Can We End Sexism By Asking Men Not To Date Younger Women? Um—Probably...
  9. M


    im 17 and i will turn 18 in 3 virgin.I am regular on my period.last month I got my menstrual cycle 6 days before the day i got my last period (like if i got my last period on the 22th i got my current period on the 15th)... this was last month. this month I got it 7 days
  10. A

    Having a hard time writing an interesting date scene?

    this is the second half of what I have so far...The first half was mainly their conversation over dinner and them getting to know each other. I feel like it's boring, I'm having a hard time making it interesting. Thoughts? The outdoor cinema was exactly the mental picture I’d always had. Rows...
  11. V

    Happy Abduction Day: Ariel Castro had Girls Celebrate Kidnapping Date

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  12. J

    How do you change the date and time on the metro pcs LG esteem ?

    I went to settings and found the date and time option but there were only 2 1) use 24 hr format 2) select date format but no automatic/manual option to change the date. I want to change it for a game. Is there an app or other option to use?? there is no option for automatic date
  13. F

    Asking a girl to go hiking as a date?

    Hello, Saturday I had prom, I took our foreign exchange student, we went with a bunch of friends and I had a great time. I was going to invite her on a second date to go hiking, but lets be honest, taking anyone up into the woods alone sounds like the beginning of a well... You get the point...
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    June Eighteen – Kanye West Album Release or Kim Kardashian Due Date?

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    Gran Turismo 6 Box Art, Release Date Leaked

    Gran Turismo 5 had what felt like a ten-year gestation. In reality, it was only about half that long, arriving in 2010, five years after GT4. It appears, if information from Italian retailer is correct, that we won’t need to wait nearly as long for Gran Turismo 6.
  16. N

    Which is best smartphone till date?

    HTC 8S,HTC desire vc , samsung grand,sony xperia S, sony xperia sl, Nokia lumia 720
  17. E

    Awkward season 3 UK air date?

    Anyone know when Awkward Season 3 starts in the UK? if it hasn't already? if it has, what time and channel? thanks.
  18. S

    is there a tweak which can fake date to specific app on iPhone?

    I would like to fake date for one specific app on my iPhone (jailbreaked). Is there any tweak (in Cydia obviously) which can fake date to single app? thanks!
  19. K

    Is 4gb date plan enough for 3 iphones?

    We are looking at At&t with 3 iphones for a 4gb plan shared amongst devices. We each use Facebook a lot, maybe watch a youtube video a few hours a day. We also check our e-mail, etc. We have Wi-Fi- at home but still use data outside of the house too. What do you think?
  20. H

    how can I date a celebrity?

    NOT exactly a celebrity but a youtuber !