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    miami things to do on a rainy day

    Friends, Suggest me what are top things to do on a rainy day in Miami? I am going to be shifted there for three months and looking for your some suggestions what to enjoy on a rainy day because rain inspire me a lot. But Miami is a new place for me. I am going there after finishing my mega web...
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    Start your day with Yoga and meditation!

    Yoga and meditation improves the mind and soul. Both Yoga and meditation are the integral part of Indian culture. While Yoga inculcates a healthy and fit body, meditation prepares the mind to be healthy. Meditation instigates positive thoughts and refreshes the mind. There are many instructors...
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    U.S. Open, Day 3: James Blake says farewell to tennis after first round loss

    ? James Blake announced before the U.S. Open began that he would be retiring, and while he didn't want it to happen in the first round, you can't help but love his effort in his five set loss to Ivo Karlovic. Blake lost in a fifth set tiebreaker, but took to the microphone to thank the fans that...
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    National Draft Day: Buffalo Wild Wings/Yahoo, a match made in fantasy football heaven

    Wings. Beer. And fantasy football ... Pardon me for slobbering like a St. Bernard. For the first time ever Yahoo Sports and Buffalo Wild Wings are teaming up for National Draft Day, an event celebrating the heart of the fantasy football picking season. This Saturday, August 24, Yahoo will have...
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    The Juice: Rangers win on walk-off home run for third straight day, sweep Angels

    The Juice returns for season No. 6! It's almost eligible for free-agency! Stop by daily for news from the action, along with great photos, stats, video highlights and more. Three times a walk-off: After going 223 games without a walk-off home run, the Texas Rangers have won each of their...
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    Day 7 of 7 Days of Sales: Best Of The Week

    Today marks the conclusion of our week-long promo sales event. To say "thank you" to our customers, here's a last-chance offer to get some of our best-selling products for your next day at the track.
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    Should i bring my best friend with me on 10 day vacation?

    In a few weeks i will be going to an RV park in Lake George called "Lake George RV Park". There is PLENTY to do there and outside the park, so that is not my concern. My big concern about bringing a friend with me is that we will be going for 10 Days. If you want to check out the amenities and...
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    Day 1 of 7 Days of Sales: Helmets

    Protect the most important racing tool in your arsenal—your noggin. Pick a helmet for your next day at the track.
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    Have to pick up driving permit the next day?

    I took my permit test today and I passed however the system went down for drivers licenses and permits and they could only tell us if we passed and couldnt tell us when the system would be back on or give us our permits till the system was up again. I had gotten a ride from my dad and he couldnt...
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    Does Roger Dunn's 90 day policy apply to shoes that have been used?

    Bought a pair of golf shoes from my local Roger Dunn. Wore them for a couple of rounds now and they are still within the 90 day window. They are a bit uncomfortable and I was hoping they would break in after the first round, but still haven't. I was thinking about just buying another pair of...
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    For bodybuilding should i go every day to gym or not ?

    I try to buid a body so i go to gym every day but somebody say me that don't go gym every day regularly..
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    It’s World UFO Day: Alien Space Junk Gallery

    Greetings Earthlings! World UFO day is upon us again. We celebrate today to commemorate the "alleged" UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico 1947. More » It’s World UFO Day: Alien Space Junk Gallery is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes...
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    Do i need to fit a workout in to another day or can i still build mass muscle from

    this? If i did Chest on monday would a 7 day rest be good? Like to do it again next monday or do muscles need to be worked in less amount of days? Or is this a good rest?
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    Recommend me a day trading/stock trading book + others?

    All right so I need a reader on futures, options, calls, day trading (and the rules PDT for example), a brief and simple run-down on everything. preferably on amazon, don't recommend me your BS sites!
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    How long should i train each day to become a professional football (soccer) player ?

    I play for a Football club but when i don't have training how long do you reckon i should train at home to become professional. i know how to juggle i can reach up to 100 max. And i'm a key player in my team because i can dribble. But i'm not good at shooting what are some things i can do to...
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    Bikini Shot of the Day: Brandi Glanville Shows Off Sexy Swimsuit in Malibu

    Brandi Glanville is certainly no stranger to showing off her fabulous figure. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it, right? Sure enough, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star did just...
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    Who should I be for Hetalia Day?

    My friends and I are huge Hetalia fans! I will be able to get a Hetalia costume in a month but I'm not sure who. I plan to celebrate Hetalia day Why I would be Hungary- my hair color(tomboy Why I would be Prussia- i am a little full o myself and I think I'm REALLY awesome Why I would be...
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    Poor Henry Cavill Had To Live On 2,500 Calories Per Day While Training For Man Of Ste

    I don't think new Superman Henry Cavill really gets the concept of a "diet." More » Poor Henry Cavill Had To Live On 2,500 Calories Per Day While Training For Man Of Steel is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental...
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    Father's Day: Find Out How Stars Are Celebrating Their Proud Papas!

    How are celebs celebrating Father's Day this weekend? "I hope she has something planned," superhot Hollywood dad Eric Dane told us of wife Rebecca Gayheart. "Hopefully I...
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    Rough day for the Rockies: Three top players, including Troy Tulowitzki, injured in o

    By the time, Troy Tulowitzki injured his ribs diving for a ground ball in the eighth inning of Thursday's game, the Colorado Rockies had to think that they were cursed. When Tulowitzki left the game, that made three Rockies stars — Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler being the other two — who had...