1. C

    Is there anything to the GOP's recent debt whining other than wanting to hurt the

    economy, and blame? the President of the United States, Barack Obama?
  2. C

    Why do conservatives want to decrease our Debt, but vehemently oppose tax increases?

    Fun Fact: You CAN NOT get rid of a debt by cutting spending alone. Unless you enjoy having no one fix roads, no public utilities, no schools at all, and no police officers, you have to raise taxes if you want a balanced economy. This something I never understood.
  3. J

    How do you think This Debt collector found my cellphone number?

    My cell phone is not in my name. Or anywhere. Yet a debt collector called me out the blue on my cell phone trying to collect on a 6 yr old debt. How'd he get my number?
  4. 2

    the conservative solution to the debt crisis always''CUT THE SPENDING''? how

    ridiculous? have a brain cell? suppose we cut all spending to 0, there is still over a trillion in debt to be paid off and that has interest that accumulates as we speak cutting the spending is not enough, at some point the rich need to be taxed
  5. T

    Book Review:Legal Debt Free Loophole the Banks Hope You... - Nov 22,2012

    Book Review: Legal Debt Free Loop Hole the Banks Hope You Never Know, written by Zen Trust, product of Peace of Mind LLC, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Subtitled: The Secret Loophole that Shows You a Legal Way to Get Rid of Your Debts (the Banks Hope you Never Find Out About) is truly a book reveling...
  6. A

    Eye-Opening Study Shows 1/3 of Young Adults Struggle With Medical Debt

    A new study from the Commonwealth Fund found that one-third of young adults ages 19-29 were struggling with medical bills or debt. The study also found that about 40% of young adults did not have health insurance at some point in 2011. While the stats aren't really surprising, it's becoming more...
  7. N

    can my mobile home be sold to collect a debt?

    I received a citation to discover assets, can my mobile home i live in that is worth 16,000 dollars be sold to collect a debt and if so can i use the wild card exemption to stop it?
  8. N

    hey democrats, how about that national debt?

    5 trillion more in 3 years. And nothing to show for it. Still got hope??
  9. NicholasJ

    What is more important the debt or child nutrition?

    To the taxpayer.
  10. I

    Do you think taking money from public schools will reduce debt? REALLY?!?

    Since it's the uneducated depending on government assistance almost all of the time.
  11. 1

    Statute of Limitations SOL on Cell Phone Debt in New Jersey - 2 or 6 years ?...

    ...(debt collection)? Statute of Limitations SOL on Cell Phone Debt in New Jersey - 2 or 6 years ? (debt collection) Why some one say 2 ? If on all contracts in NJ - SOL is 6 ? And please if you dont know - do not answer.
  12. B

    If interest is in lower debt, why not return to the pre-Regan levels of taxes...

    ...and government regulation? Prior to Ronald Regan coming to office and reducing the the tax rate, the US was the worlds largest creditor nation. When he left office, we were the worlds largest debtor nation. Given that we have seen through the Bush years, tax reductions did not spur private...
  13. K

    Can you solve this DEBT riddle?

    If your $15 Trillion dollars in debt and you spend more than you take in.... what's the first step to get out of debt?
  14. T

    When debt is assigned to fiat currency and an income tax is levied to pay the...

    ...assigned fiat debt Its called? Create cash -- fiat money Assign a debt -- to the fiat money -- Loan it to the government at interest (the debt assigned as a % ) Declare a tax on income to recover the money to pay the fiat debt levied against the fiat cash --------------------- It...
  15. S

    Why are younger people always whining about "student loans" and their student debt?

    Why are younger people always whining about "student loans" and their student debt? Seems like this generation of young people is whining more than ever about "student loan debt." Why are they such whiners? Why don't they just shut up, get a job, and pay what they owe? Why are today's young...
  16. T

    Under-Insured Adults Skip Needed Care, Struggle With Medical Debt: Affordable Care Ac

    Insured and still at risk: Number of under-insured increased 80 percent between 2003 - 2010 The number of underinsured adults - those with health insurance all year, but also with very high medical expenses relative to their incomes - rose by 80 percent between 2003-2010, from 16 million to 29...
  17. H

    How can anyone argue that tax cuts didn't cause the debt?

    Look at the numbers. It is OBVIOUS that the Bill Clinton tax rates would have raised revenue much more than the W Bush rates did. Is it just Fox News talking points regurgitated by those too dumb to care that their facts are not in synchrony with reality? Or is there something I missed...
  18. T

    Medicare's Problem Only Solved By Raising Country's Runaway National Debt?

    The Medicare Trustees Report today informed that its outlook has worsened over the last year because the economic recovery has been weak. The Trustees explained that there are still "challenges" for securing the long-term health of the Medicare program. In fact, its Hospital Insurance Trust will...
  19. T

    Liberals: Do you acknowledge that we have to have a surplus to pay down this debt?

    And the entire budget will be consumed by Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the interest on the national debt by the year 2040? So why can't we cut spending?
  20. M

    Will i be in really bad debt if i buy a lamborghini gallardo?

    I am a 22 year old in college so i obviously can't afford one right now but i am on my way to open up a business in my 30's. What if i make about $110,000 a year and buy a used Lamborghini Gallardo for about $101,000 in ''CASH''...not going to borrow money from the bank.... I will also try to...