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    The $12,900 Hermès Basketball & 13 Other Examples Of Offensively Priced Designer Spor

    The $12,900 Hermès Basketball & 13 Other Examples Of Offensively Priced Designer Spor To celebrate the reopening of the Beverly Hills boutique, Hermès has crafted exactly two blue basketballs for the hilarious price of $12,900. “It represents the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that...
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    Designer Isaac Mizrahi Explains Revelation Of Eating Disorder

    "I loved thin models. Then all of a sudden... it struck me that there was something wrong. Like, the more I dieted, the more weight I lost, somehow the fatter I seemed to get to myself." More » Designer Isaac Mizrahi Explains Revelation Of Eating Disorder is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on...
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    Lemongrass Ants, Deep-Fried Locusts & BBQ Tarantulas: The Designer Dining Bug Craze

    Lemongrass Ants, Deep-Fried Locusts & BBQ Tarantulas: The Designer Dining Bug Craze Well, I do need to be more more open-minded, I suppose... More » Lemongrass Ants, Deep-Fried Locusts & BBQ Tarantulas: The Designer Dining Bug Craze is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work...
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    imagine fashion designer military style?

    no matter what t shirt i chose it always says im wrong and im really getting frustrated
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    Girls: Would you be attracted especially to a fashion designer?

    I am not gay. Saying that because people associate fashion-designing with homosexuals.
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    im 17 years old looking for fashion designer internship in kuala lumpur, malaysia.?

    really have passion and love for fashion!!! hope to gain more experiences!!! your response is much appreciated!!!! thanks :)
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    Polish Designer Updates Bugatti Type 57 Atalante

    While the Type 57 Atlantic gets all the press (they’ve gone for between $30 and $40 million at auction), the Atalante, a coupe that followed the Atlantic but used a single-piece windshield and lacked a roof fin, are nearly as rare (only 17 were produced). Now, an intrepid Polish designer, Pawel...
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    Would you please show your fashion insight and tell who is the designer

    of this dress? the pic link is I will appreciate your answers
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    How can I become a fashion designer?

    Hi, ive been thinking a lot of my future I want to be a fashion designer i.e have my own brand name and own it. I know it will be hard but where do I start ? And when? And I also want to own teen vogue (the magazine industry) but I dont know how it will happen. Any Ideas ? (:
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    I have store online,there are many cheap knock off designer clothes,shoes,handbags.

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    designer bags wholesale

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    latest designer Salwar kameez shopping

    Hello Everyone If you Want to Buy Salwar Kameez online then i want to recommend a shopping website to everyone ,i think this website is really well to buy latest collection of Salwar Kameez, Sarees, Jewelry and many more things . There you see the latest collections of Designers like Manish...
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    Can a fashion designer or at least someone good with sketches help me with this...

    ...project ?Needd serious help !!? We have to make a dress about the opera house during the baroque period , where the back of the dress refers to the industrial backstage with its dullness and the front part refers to the front stage with its colors and ornaments , so can anyone draw me a...
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    designer women bags

    more and more cheap bags wait for you!
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    Which Gossip Girl Star Scored Some Incredible Designer Swag?

    We know that stars get killer VIP perks, but this one takes the cake! In fact, it's so extravagant, it's enough to drive any celeb head over heels. One Gossip Girl star...
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    Why do ppl waste money towards food when theres designer clothes and high...

    ...end gadgets which are much more ? when they are much more worth your money i mean i know you have to eat but why waste 20 dollars towards briskets and popane and stupid stuff like seasonings and oven and stove foods and meat when you can buy tv dinners getr almost same thing and roman noodles...
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    Designer Dog Kennel Club?

    So while looking up norfolk terrier x poodle mixes (since I'm convinced thats what my dog is and I wanted to compare him to pictures of norfolk poodle crosses) I came across the 'Designer Dog Kennel Club.' I mean are they for real? Do they actually think mutts can have a breed registry? I have...
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    Latest trends and designer brands?

    My mum is treating me to loads of new clothes and I wondered what is in fashion other than chinos atm, and what are the latest brands? and could you send links please if you can!xoxo
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    What Designer Handbags should I buy?

    I bought a Michael Kors handbag that I like very much, but I don’t know if I should return it because it does not have a zipper top. It just has a clasp on it which is fine but it is so easy to pull things out of it. There is a Coach purse that is about the same price with a zipper top...
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    What you need to Be a fashion designer ...?

    Hi I am 13 years old and I wasn't to be a fashion designer when I grow up. I just want to start now and practice to draw clothes. I just don't know what you need , cause I have absolutely have nothing . And also if you recommend any videos on how to draw fashion please add that . Thanks.