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    Whats the best way to learn develop android games for noobs?

    I have no experience, where can i get started to learn all codes lines? And create small games too.
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    How to learn android ??Actually i am an mechanical engineer ..i wanna develop

    android apps.i donno any program? how to learn android easy?as i am an beginner
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    Researchers develop easy and effective therapy to restore sight

    Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed an easier and more effective method for inserting genes into eye cells that could greatly expand gene therapy to help restore sight to patients with blinding diseases ranging from inherited defects like retinitis pigmentosa to degenerative illnesses of...
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    the government should not develop laws to control future genetic research and

    genetic technologies.beacause? Please give me some arguments on why the government should not develop laws to control future genetic research and genetic technologies.
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    Engineers Develop More Sensitive Electronic Nose

    Swedish and Spanish engineers have created a system of sensors that detects fruit odours more effectively than the human sense of smell. For now, the device can distinguish between the odorous compounds emitted by pears and apples. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV...
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    can i develop muscles with low muscle tone?

    i have a condition where i have very low muscle tone and im wondering if i can develop muscle ??? soo does having low muscle tone prevent muscle from forming..????
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    Up To Half Of Gestational Diabetes Patients Will Go On To Develop Type 2 Diabetes

    Women who were diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy face a significantly higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the future, according to a recent study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM).. The...
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    How to develop android apps on Windows 8?

    I would like to develop android applications on Windows 8. Is there any software development kit for Windows 8? Do I have to install Ubuntu?
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    How long does it take for a girl to develop Sculiosis? Idk if I spelled it

    right lol...? Okay so last year, I'd carry my backpack on on shoulder, on my right one.. So i start school at 8 and get out at 2:45 so class is like. 51 minutes .. Ithink. So between 5 minute classes changes, I have my backpack on.. And this year ive been doin the same. Andsometimes even if im...
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    Develop your own t shirt A different trend and it is #LINK1# attractiveness

    In general personalized t-shirts are really t- #LINK2# shirts. Though there are more t-shirts such as polo shirts #LINK3# which might be usually applied to-tops are typically the most popular. #LINK4# The reason being these are comfy and individuals will use them a great deal. #LINK5# People...
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    How long should i give him to develop his sense of humor?

    okay so last night i went on a date with this guy (we recently just met so i don't really know much of his personality yet) it was a great date, we went out to dinner and then went mini golfing.he was a complete gentleman,was incredibly sweet and is just a generally really attractive guy and...
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    What age do you think people begin to develop an interest in dating/sexual relations?

    Bonus Question: How much of an impact do you believe our culture has one people's views on sex? 2nd Bonus: With how difficult it can be to get pregnant(watch a video on reproduction or take a biology course) how is it that the birth rate is so high? Jess, If I may ask, involved in what exactly?
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    Scientists Develop Technique to Erase Your Fears [Science]

    Fears are formed when we associate things with a strong, negative emotional response. Now, a team of scientists have developed a technique which lets them erase new emotional memories from the human brain—which could make it possible to wipe out your fears for good. More »
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    Bid To Develop Anthrax Vaccine To Counteract World Bioterrorism Threat By Cardiff Sci

    A team of Cardiff University scientists is leading new research to develop a vaccine against anthrax to help counteract the threat of bioterrorism. Working with scientists from the Republic of Georgia, Turkey and the USA, Professor Les Baillie from Cardiff University's School of Pharmacy and...
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    UMass Amherst Chemists Develop Nose-Like Sensor Array To 'Smell' Cancer Diagnoses

    In the fight against cancer, knowing the enemy's exact identity is crucial for diagnosis and treatment, especially in metastatic cancers, those that spread between organs and tissues. Now chemists led by Vincent Rotello at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a rapid, sensitive...
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    Can an information technologist develop future technology?

    Hello, I'm thinking about majoring in Information systems or Information technology, and I was wondering if a person can develop new forms of technology with an information technology/Information systems degree like: Ipod, Ipads, Iphones (etc) Can a person work for Apple if they have an...
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    Studying How Antimelanoma Immune Responses Develop During Disease Progression

    In many types of cancer, activated immune cells infiltrate the tumor and influence clinical outcome. It is not always clear where these cells are activated, but results reported in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, indicate that in a subset of patients...
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    Why People Can Develop Life-Threatening Allergies After Receiving Treatment For Condi

    The finding could lead to the development of a diagnostic test to determine drug hypersensitivity. The study published in the journal Nature, revealed how some drugs inadvertently target the immune system to alter how the body's immune system perceives it's own tissues, making them look foreign...
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    Different Mechanisms Of Pain Discovered Which Suggest New Strategies For Drug Develop

    Researchers at the University of Leeds have found a previously unknown mechanism through which pain is signalled by nerve cells - a discovery that could explain the current failings in the drug development process for painkillers and which may offer opportunities for a new approach... More...
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    Scientists Develop Antidote For Cocaine Overdose

    Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have shown that an injectable solution can protect mice from an otherwise lethal overdose of cocaine. The findings could lead to human clinical trials of a treatment designed to reverse the effects of cocaine in case of emergency. Cocaine is involved...