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    Vampire Diaries fans, what do you make of this new development?

    Vampire Diaries fans, what do you make of this new development? Are you glad Stefan is moving on with this new lady friend, or do you think he needs to make room for a certain blonde in that bed of his? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.
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    Ancient viruses that function in early human development may play role in cancer

    A study published in the July edition of Genome Biology says genetic matter, previously ignored by the scientific community, may play an important role in cancer. The study by the St. Laurent Institute, a non-profit medical research institute focused on the systems biology of disease, a...
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    Technology, Research, and Development jobs in the future?

    I'm in quite the dilemma in choosing what field to go for. I have a great opportunity in the chemistry field, but I'm not sure how the future holds for chemistry or if the salary would be satisfying enough. I think that future technology and development would be fun to be a part of. Taking a...
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    Researchers Are Working Towards The Development Of Photo-Sensitive Drugs

    The scientific cooperation between chemists, biotechnologists and physicists from various Catalan institutes, headed by Pau Gorostiza, from the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), and Ernest Giralt, from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), has led to a...
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    Brain Development Affected In Male And Female Offspring Of Stressed Male Mice

    Sperm doesn't appear to forget anything. Stress felt by dad - whether as a preadolescent or adult - leaves a lasting impression on his sperm that gives sons and daughters a blunted reaction to stress, a response linked to several mental disorders. The findings, published in a new preclinical...
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    Molecular Motors May Become Jammed, Playing A Role In The Development Of ALS

    Slowdowns in the transport and delivery of nutrients, proteins and signaling molecules within nerve cells may contribute to the development of the neurodegenerative disorder ALS, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. The researchers showed how a...
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    New Season Of Arrested Development Fuels Portia de Rossi Surgery Speculation

    In the new season of Arrested Development, it's hard not to notice how different Portia de Rossi's character, Lindsay Bluth, looks. More » New Season Of Arrested Development Fuels Portia de Rossi Surgery Speculation is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness &...
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    Strong Support For The Ongoing Development And Implementation Of Regional Systems Of

    An integrated system of stroke care delivery in Ontario, Canada, has resulted in fewer deaths from stroke and fewer discharges to long-term care facilities because of better access to optimal stroke care, according to a study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Stroke is a...
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    Arrested Development Cast Spills Five Hilarious "Spoilers"—Including What's in David

    Arrested Development Cast Spills Five Hilarious "Spoilers"—Including What's in David Step aside, Jon Hamm. You aren't the only man packing something totally obvious inside your pants, mmm-kay? We sat down with the Arrested Development cast to sleuth out...
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    Class Of Drugs Discovered That Could Lead To The Development Of A Silver Bullet For C

    Researchers at USC have found that a class of pharmaceuticals can both prevent and treat Alzheimer's Disease in mice. The drugs, known as "TSPO ligands," are currently used for certain types of neuroimaging. "We looked at the effects of TSPO ligand in young adult mice when pathology was at an...
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    How much time take to learn java programming for android apps development?

    I am student of CSE. I have basic idea of programing C but haven't c++. Now i want to learn java programing. anyone can help me to give your experience. How much time take to learn java programming for android apps development. I'm serious to learn java. Thank U :)
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    What is human development index (HDI) trends?

    I understand what HDI means for a country but what is the trends ? Or what is it ?
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    Android Apps development vs other platforms?

    hey all i wana knw that why is android app's development is more in demand rather than any other platform.. any suggestion to blogs to read??
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    Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer

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    How Precise Chemical Modifications Turn Genes On And Off During Early Development --

    A large, multi-institutional research team involved in the NIH Epigenome Roadmap Project has published a sweeping analysis in the current issue of the journal Cell on how genes are turned on and off to direct early human development. Led by Bing Ren of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research...
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    Arrested Development Season 4 First Look: Watch the Trailer and Try Not to Blue Yours

    It's the final countdown. Arrested Development makes its highly anticipated return into our lives on Sunday, May 26. And for those of you who failed math class, yes, that's just...
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    searching iphone apps development company in india?

    hello everyone.. i currently started a new company in US to provide apps for iPhone and i need to find a company in India which provides quality development for iphone apps.. any suggestion???
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    Analysis Shows Cancer Biorepository Speeds Clinical Trials, Drug Development

    Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center say identifying and selecting participants for phase II cancer clinical trials from a centralized warehouse of patient-donated biological data expedites participant accrual, reduces trial size, saves money, and may speed test drugs through the drug...
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    New Data On Impact Of Daylight Exposure On Eye Development

    Two new studies add to the growing evidence that spending time outdoors may help prevent or minimize nearsightedness in children. A study conducted in Taiwan, which is the first to use an educational policy as a public vision health intervention, finds that when children are required to spend...
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    In the Movie 'Precious' use Carl Rogers theory of personality development...?

    Using the concepts: phenomenal field, conditions of worth, unconditional and conditional self regard and the actualizing tendency to analyze Precious Jones personality. Does she move towards self-actualization? (please help)...