1. L

    Should I let my computer die or use ctr+alt+del to close a crashing program?

    I was working on a paper and, like an idiot, failed to save. Now Open Office isn't responding, and it hasn't for an hour, so I guess it's not going to. In the past, when my computer has died (but I wasn't having issues with a crashed app) it has given me the option to recover my work when I...
  2. G

    Dexter Cast Reveals Who They Want to Die in the End

    Tears and hugs and emotional high fives. Not exactly the sendoff you might expect for a totally gruesome show about a serial killer! But such was the case for Showtime's Dexter, which...
  3. B

    So how is Hip-Hop a trend that will die out like Disco...?

    ...when it's existed since the 70s? Oh right, favorite Led Zeppelin song? You can trace the origins of Rock in the 50s and the origins of Hip-Hop in the 70s. Tell me how the latter is a trend please. Thank you. I wonder if a certain Punk reviewer can answer this question, hmmm... @venomous...
  4. L

    Why Did My Guppy Fish Die? Pregnant?

    I have a 50L tank with 3 guppies and 3 corydoras cat fish. I am unsure what sex my guppies are. The water quality is fine, I do regular water changes and my other fish look healthy and are swimming around as usual. I woke up this morning to find the smaller of my guppies dead. I had noticed...
  5. T

    New Research Reveals Terminally Ill Willing To Talk About Where They Want To Die

    A study undertaken by a team from Marie Curie Hospice Edinburgh, published in British Medical Journal Supportive and Palliative Care, has revealed new insights into the preferences and wishes of people with terminal illness.1 The research, which looked retrospectively at the case notes of 1127...
  6. T

    Genes That Control Whether Tumors Adapt Or Die When Faced With P53 Activating Drugs

    When turned on, the gene p53 turns off cancer. However, when existing drugs boost p53, only a few tumors die - the rest resist the challenge. A study published in the journal Cell Reports shows how: tumors that live even in the face of p53 reactivation create more of the protein p21 than the...
  7. K

    Why does leonardo dicaprio always die in the romantic movies he stars in?

    My friend said its because he's a hot shot with the ladies and when he dies every girl crys? But is it this I'm just wondering because its 3movies I've seen now and he's died in all of them. Titanic , Romeo&Juilet & The Great Gatsby, hes probably died in more aha. But the fact is before I even...
  8. B

    How does one overdose on tobacco and die?

    What would be the most effective way for someone samson: gross!! lol
  9. T

    How long does it take an iphone 3 to die completely?

    heres the story, I downloaded this app called cocoppa (stay away!) and it made my phone get this white screen. I try to shut it down but nothing happens. I suppose my only hope is to let it die. Unfortunately, I had charged my phone to a whopping 100% before this operation took place, so my...
  10. ConanEdogawa

    How long does it take for a fish and squid to die when it has been decapitated?

    I've seen videos of fish and squid heads still moving, even though they were decapitated and the gills weren't connected to the fish/squid (indicating that it couldn't breathe). Are they still actually conscious or are they just spasming post mortem? No. I'm asking 2 questions in one. How...
  11. T

    Which names trend do you think will die first?

    The -tons ex. Kengsington, Carlton, Braxton, etc The -aydens ex. Brayden, Hayden, Rayden The last names as a first name ex. Harrison, Levine, Cohen The girl A names ex. Alileah, Aura, Aria, Ava, sooo many more The "unique" spellings ex. Luekiss, Elyzabyth, Madessyghne, Raygun The girl's...
  12. M

    What Is The Real Reason Why These Famous People Had To Die?

    I've heard many rumors on conspiracy death. Like they were set up...... Martin Luther King Malcolm X JFK 2 Pac Biggie Michael Jackson Whitney Houston
  13. A

    Torrent for A good day to die hard?

    Can you help me out with an English language torrent of the fifth die hard movie, A Good Day To Die Hard?
  14. P

    I'm such a bad person! I deserve to die.?

    I hate things I do. I just want to be good. I can be so mean sometimes. I'm a really nice person, but sometimes if I haven't slept well; I can get very cranky. Sometimes I get depressed. My depression turns into angry. Im just disgusted with myself. How do I allow myself to be mean to people...
  15. B

    in vampire diaries in ep 4x16 i keep hearing rumors that Damon going to die in

    that ep but? But my question is where is people hearing these rumors at and where the source they got it from? cause all I'm finding is forums where people talk about it? I keep hearing hes die in that episode or 4x14 and come back in 4x16 and be human form and something about he will see Alaric...
  16. S

    How likely is it to die in your sleep from letting a 14oz. propane heater run...

    ...in a closed in room overnight ? My electrics off and you can see your breath in my house its so cold. I'm desperate but i don't want to risk my life. please help? How likely is it for my blood oxygen levels to be contaminated from carbon monoxide within a few hours or overnight /both? answers...
  17. A

    If a pastor prays for someone to die - isn't that the same thing as an act of murder?

    basically a pastor is nothing more than judge, jury and executioner - and they have authority over the people who are in their congregation. I have seen several churches where a person was sick, the pastor prayed for the person to die, then they died. As far as I'm concerned the pastor...
  18. L

    did jesus christ die on a cross?

    or a stalker?
  19. S

    Does Lady Dedlock die in Bleak House?

    im wondering cos on IMDB it says that Gillian Anderson is only in 14 episodes out of 15 of the 2005 adaptation that i may watch cos she is my favourite actress and i studied the novel at school but didnt finish the end of it
  20. S

    What is the title of the book about a girl who can't die because her

    mind is put into an android? I can't remember the name of this book. It's a teen book about a society that scans people's minds into a chip and then inserts it into androids so the people won't die. The protagonist doesn't want to come back to life anymore but they have her chip stored somewhere...