1. J

    Whats the difference between Exhaust Manifolds, and Headers?

    I'm confused as to what the difference is between these two. I googled glasspack headers because my dad has them on his 69 Nova and they looked like a regular exhaust manifold. I looked under the Nova up to the engine and couldnt determine if I was seeing a manifold, or headers for the life of...
  2. F

    Difference between blue ray and dvd player in laptop?

    i am going to buy a laptop. i have 2 choices with almost same specifications but difference is in there player 1 have blue-ray player and 2nd has dvd player. I love to watch movies so please tell me which is good and why? Thanks.
  3. J

    Worshippers of Jesus Christ, can you detect a difference here in what Paul is saying?

    Acts ch.15,v.26 Men who have given up their lives for the ... Name of Jesus Christ. (vs. ...given up their lives for ..Jesus Christ) What is the difference between giving up their lives for the Name of Jesus Christ. And giving up their lives for Jesus Christ. What is so significant in this?
  4. P

    Vin Diesel, Paul Vincent & The difference between fraternal and identical twins?

    Okay so Im currently watching The Pacifier and Vin Diesel's nationality was making me curious so I got on google and attemped to search for my answer when some other question popped up, so I clicked that instead... So apparently Vin Diesel has a 'Fraternal twin' named Paul Vincent. I looked "vin...
  5. L

    What is the difference between Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Pro Update DVD ?

    I wanna buy Windows 8 Pro for my laptop (it currently has Windows 7 Home ..). Do I have to buy Windows 8 Pro DVD or Windows 8 Pro Update DVD ?
  6. R

    what is the difference between e-groups and newsgroup?

    I feel both are same , but I have found them as different topics in my sons textbook
  7. G

    Difference between Ipod Touch and iphone 5?

    My sister has the IPod touch 5 in black, I was holding it, it feels good in the hands if i get the iphone 5 will it feel the same in the hands or should I just get a iPod touch, I just got my IPod touch 4th gen last month so I don't know
  8. K

    Whats the difference between bluray dvd and high definition dvd?

    When I buy a dvd I'm confused on which ones better. I want the one that makes the pictures and graphics and color way nicer. Or ones with speacil edition just to b sure is the speacil edition extra or longer parts of movie added? Also what is a really good dvd player that makes the dvds come...
  9. A

    What is the difference between Eagle Satellite and Dish Network?

  10. I

    Will upgrading my car stereo system with these really make a difference?

    I want to upgrade my car stereo system, but don't know if it will make a noticeable difference. I drive a Hyundai Sonata 2005 and it has some pretty crappy speakers, at least by my standards; with absolutely no bass and very staticy at higher volumes. I've chosen what I think will be a decent...
  11. M

    What is the difference between a quadcore and an octacore in the samsung s4?

    I heard the octacore is better...but how so? The octacore supports 1.6 ghz and the quad supports 1.9 ghz
  12. M

    what is the difference between an I-pad, PDA and a I-pod and a smart phone?

    i am quite confused. so far i only use an i-phone .
  13. S

    Difference between snowmobile two stroke oil and regular two stroke oil?

    Can i use two stroke Castrol super snowmobile oil in my weed whacker its a 26cc homelite, brand new, takes 50:1 and the same mixture ratio is provided on the back of the bottle. it also doesn't say not to use it in weed whackers so what's the difference?
  14. J

    What is the difference between blue layer,silver layer and golden

    layered Dvd...Please answer!!! :-D? I want to burn a ps2 iso in one of them please tell me which one's best for ps2 to read...i have ps2 slim..
  15. G

    Sum 41: Makes No Difference

    Chances are you're still tired of hearing Fat Lip from way back in the early 2000s, but don't let that ruin Sum 41 for you. Their best song came before all that. Those of you who were into Dave Mirra's Pro BMX 2 mayknow where I am going with this, but the rest of you are in for a treat. Read...
  16. S

    what is the difference between extruder machine and pelleting machine in floating

    fish feed mill? what is the difference between extruder machine and pelleting machine in floating fish feed mill? are they same machine? please help me.
  17. B

    What's the difference between messianic Judaism and Christianity?

    I want to know what the difference is I've been wondering for awhile now.
  18. J

    what is the difference between blueray hd and normal dvd's?

    as in if i am watching a movie in dvd and blue what difference would i see.
  19. K

    Does it make a big difference to use tennis shoes for hiking?

    I'm going to be hiking a mountain or two on Hawaii and I will also be walking around the Big Island. I was wondering if it will make a big difference if I use tennis shoes for hiking? I'm not sure if hiking will be fine without buying hiking shoes. Suggestions and any other advice will be gladly...
  20. A

    difference between motorola xt910 and the xt912?

    i thought that xt912 was the maxx version. think moto misled us with false ads. i had my phone for 2 yrs thinking it was 4g lte capable. android core - someone told me that only that only the cdma version is the only one that has 4g lte capability. ( i believe he is a xda developer) can you...